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Bonus Round 1: Memory

Bonus Round 1: Memory

Let's start our summer by looking at the past—things that happened in canon, or maybe in an AU, or maybe just as wishful thinking...

This round is CLOSED as of 7PM on June 9 EDT. Late fills may be posted, but they will not receive points.

Please read this whole post before commenting to ensure that your team gets the most points possible. (There are changes from last year!)

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    • Your prompts can take the form of recalling canon facts/events ("Remember when Nozomi and Eli got parfaits after school?"), non-canon events ("Remember when Megumi and Jin met at the Tadokoro Family Reunion?"), or somewhere in-between ("Remember when Bokuto and Kenma first met?"). Headcanons and AUs are welcome!
    • Your prompt MUST include some kind of relationship. (This is not the sports anime gen olympics.) Platonic relationships are indicated by an "&" between the names (e.g., Rei & Nagisa). Non-platonic relationships use "/" (e.g., Rei/Nagisa). Please don't say "Any pairing," either!
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PROMPT: Team Aldini Takumi/Yukihira Souma

[personal profile] ohmamori 2016-05-27 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
Oikawa Tooru/Iwaizumi Hajime, Haikyuu!!

remember that time when tooru agreed to marry hajime as kids
(remember that time hajime made good on his proposal)
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FILL: Team Chihayafuru, G

[personal profile] rosebrook 2016-05-27 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
no tags, 514 words

Normally when the two of them would hang out in the park, they would practice with Toru’s volleyball together. He got it as a birthday gift earlier that year and wanted Hajime to learn the game along with him. Hajime would usually energetically attempt to return the tosses Toru gave him (even if he missed and fell on his face a lot of the time), but this afternoon was different. Hajime was spacing out a lot more than usual and Toru began to notice after the third time the toss sailed straight over Hajime’s head with no effort of a jump. Toru came back with the ball he and gave his best friend a concerned smile as he patted him on the back.

“Ok that’s enough for now Iwa-chan. It seems like you aren’t having fun right now. I thought volleyball was something we both liked to play. Maybe I was wrong,” he sighed, obviously disappointed at the situation.

Hajime’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “That’s not it Toru! You didn’t do anything wrong and it’s not volleyball. It’s just…” He took a deep breath and seemed to struggle to continue with his thoughts. “This morning, I overheard my mom saying she only talks to her childhood best friend a couple of times a year when they used to see each other at school every day. That scares me. I don’t want that to happen with you. If growing up means that I can’t talk or play with you anymore, I’d rather us be eight years old forever.”

Toru giggled at his best friend’s statement, but immediately stopped when he saw tears begin to well up in Hajime’s eyes. “I’m sorry Iwa-chan, but it’s not possible to remain eight forever. Everyone needs to grow up.”

Hajime grumbled and looked away. “I know that Toru. It just still makes me upset. I feel like my parents only seem to have time for each other and no one else and I know that I’ll always want to hang out with you…” Hajime’s eyes widened and he turned to face Toru with a new smile on his face. “That’s it! I figured it out!” Hajime shouted and grabbed Toru’s hands in his own. “We need to get married when we grow up. That way we’ll always be able to stay together!”

When Toru didn’t respond, Hajime felt the tears begin to form again. Why had he said something so embarrassing that would make Toru never want to look at him again? Hajime looked down at the ground and was seriously considering running away from this situation and locking himself in his room until Toru magically forgot about this conversation.
Toru picked that exact moment to pick up Hajime’s head and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

“Sure thing Iwa-chan. Let’s get married.”


Neither of them had mentioned the elementary school engagement until right after their graduation from Aoba Josai.

“Iwa-chan, when we go to college, you should be my boyfriend so that we can properly be engaged.”

“Sure thing Toru. Let’s get married”
Edited 2016-05-27 03:59 (UTC)
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[personal profile] persephonali 2016-05-28 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
no major content tags, word count: 666

“Hey, Hajime!”

Iwaizumi sighs and stomps around, cheeks puffed up. He has a hand furled on his hip, stance wide. It’s the perfect petulant child stance, and it’s something he’s perfected throughout the years, being friends with someone like Tooru. He’s learned to not let Tooru get away with anything, to not let him step all over him, even if it means bristling at just a greeting.

“What do you want, Tooru?”

“Hajimeeee, don’t be mean already!” Oikawa is tugging on his arm, already next to him. “It’s barely even after noon!”

Iwaizumi huffs, looking to the side. “Whatever, Crappykawa.”

“Hajime!!” Tooru’s face pops in front of his, eyes wide. “That’s a swear!~ Your mom would be mad.”

“She’d understand if she knew it was for you.”

“Nuh-uh.” Oikawa grins. “Your mom loves me!”

Hajime can’t deny that, and his brow furrows further. “What do you want?”

“Fine, if you’re going to be mean, Iwa-chan…” Oikawa sticks out his tongue. “So okay, do you know why your mom and dad live together?”

“Be…because they love each other?”

“Well duh, Hajime!” Oikawa rolls his eyes. “But like, do you get how they’re together?”

“They’re husband and wife, right?”

“Yes!” Oikawa’s eyes are shining. “When you really, really love someone, and you can’t imagine your life without them, you marry them! That means you promise to be with them forever.”

“Hm.” Hajime looks to the ground and kicks a pebble mindlessly.

“Betcha didn’t know that, huh?”

“Nah, I didn’t.”

“I wanna get married someday!” Tooru spins in a circle, arms out.

“Well you’re gonna marry me, right?” Iwaizumi is blushing, rubbing at the back of his head, lip out.

Oikawa stops suddenly and jerks towards Iwaizumi. “Iwa-chan, do you mean that?”

“Well yeah…” Hajime’s flush deepens. “I mean, we love each other, yeah?”

“Yeah!” Oikawa grabs Iwaizumi’s hand. “I love you, Hajime!”

"I mean I can't imagine being without you, as annoying as you are." Iwaizumi realizes they're now holding hands, swinging their arms back and forth.

"Mean, Iwa-chan!" Tooru laughs. "Well, as mean as you are, I guess I don't think I could live without you..."

"Dumbass, you wouldn't last a day without me."

"So mean!"

"So marry me."

"Okay, Hajime. One day, I'll marry you."


"Hey, Iwa-chan."

"Hm?" Iwaizumi barely looks up from his book, but there's a slight incline to his head.

"Do you remember when we were kids?" Oikawa snuggles up to his side, clutching at one of his arms.

"What a loaded question," Iwaizumi looks up in thought, his glasses perched down on his nose. "Of course I remember."

"Yeah, but like," Oikawa squeezes his arm. "When we were young, and hung out like every day."

"Ugh, how could I forget?" Iwaizumi takes off his glasses and sets his book aside. "Worst days ever."

Oikawa looks up to protest, but Iwaizumi is grinning down at him. Oikawa sputters for a moment, cheeks pinking before slapping Iwaizumi's chest lightly. "Iwa-chan!"

"Of course I remember," Iwaizumi repeats. "I decided I loved you that summer when we were ten. Maybe eleven, who knows?"

"Iwa-chan..." Oikawa whispers it this time. "Is that when?"

"Right, I proposed to you that summer, huh?" Iwaizumi wraps his arm around Oikawa. "Or I guess, I promised to propose."

"Hm, you did, Iwa-chan!" Oikawa regains his posture, pretends he's only remembering now. "I guess that means you're stuck with me forever!"

"I can think of worse fates." Iwaizumi kisses his forehead. "I suppose I should do it properly though, right?"

"Do wha-" Oikawa watches Iwaizumi get down on a knee and his breath hitches.

"Hey, Oikawa," Iwaizumi takes his hand in both of his. "Marry me, okay?"

"Okay." Oikawa breathes.

Iwaizumi stands up and takes his face in his hands and kisses him sweetly.

They part a few moments later, lips tingling.

"Good." Iwaizumi mutters. "Because I can't imagine living without you one bit, just like you said."

They start to kiss again, and don't stop for a very long time.
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FILL: Team Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou, G

[personal profile] miyukitty 2016-05-30 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
1068 Words. No Major Tags.

FHQ AU, which is waaay off the beaten path, I'm sorry xD;;


It was summer when he first met the little prince. He was playing in the woods outside of the village after finishing his chores. Iwaizumi liked to catch beetles there, when he wasn't fishing in the river. He couldn't find any beetles today, which was disappointing, but he supposed something must have scared them off.

All of a sudden he heard something too: a wailing noise and a crash, as a small body burst through the foliage and careened into him.

Iwaizumi stared at tiny nubs of horns barely visible through the boy's wild crop of hair. He'd never met a demon before, let alone one of the Seijou royal family.

He had expected something… grander.

Red eyes overflowed with tears as the boy sobbed inconsolably into Iwaizumi's shirt. Small fists clutched at the fabric like a lifeline, tugging at him beseechingly.

"I'm lost, I don't wanna be alone anymore, I hate it out here! There's bugs everywhere and they're scary and gross and no one will help me go home! Take me home!"

He frowned at the petulant kid currently saturating his shirt with snot and tears. Iwaizumi was no fool.

"Everybody knows demons play tricks. That's why no one wants to help you. What makes you think it has to be me?"

The princeling raised his pale face. He was streaked with dirt, tears tracking down rivulets through the grime. He pouted, lower lip quivering dangerously close to a sob.

"It's not a trick, I promise! It just! It has to be you! I know you, I mean – I've seen you, in my dreams. I know you."

"I don’t know you," Iwaizumi growled. The hair on the nape of his neck prickled uncomfortably under the demon's unblinking stare. "Go away," he added, in case it wasn't clear.

But the boy shook his head mutely, refusing to accept the rejection. Even when Iwaizumi tried to shove him aside or wrestle his grip off the shirt, the demon clung to him, wailing, and would not be shaken. He only consented to let go if he could hold Iwaizumi's hand instead.

"Just for a minute, and then you have to go away," he tried to stipulate.


They walked hand in hand through the forest for hours. Iwaizumi hoped his parents weren't worried that he was missing. (Or maybe he hoped they would find him and save him from this pest, even if it cost him a lecture.)

"You're really annoying," he informed the demon for the third time that afternoon. "No wonder no one from the castle came looking for you."

"You're my knight in shining armor," the prince sniffled, then broke into a wobbly hopeful smile. "I've seen it!"

Iwaizumi spluttered.

"Don't say dumb stuff like that!"

"Like what?" the demon asked, tilting his head.

"Like… like saying you know what's gonna happen. It's a trick. Stop it."

The prince scrunched his face into a pout. Iwaizumi wasn't easy to impress, even if he was just a simple village boy. He swung their clasped hands back and forth, and then gasped when an idea occurred to him.


"I told you not to call me that."

"Iwa-chan, I can just show you what I've seen so far," the demon grinned.

"No," Iwaizumi protested, but the prince gripped his hand tighter. Where their palms touched, he could feel an unfamiliar heat gathering, a tingle beneath his skin.

He chanced an uneasy glance at the boy's face. The prince's eyes were closed, eyebrows drawn in intense concentration, sheen of sweat beading up on his pallid skin. His breath caught in his throat, and for the first time that day, Iwaizumi felt a tinge of fear.

This was magic. He had never seen a demon's magic before. He thought maybe he should run away, if he wasn't so curious to see what the prince wanted to show him.

Then images flashed before his eyes. They were scattered fragments of color, memories that hadn't happened yet, jumbled all out of order. They began to take form in his mind, something like a daydream, except he could still feel sweaty fingers clutching his hand, anchoring him to the present.

Iwaizumi saw the demon's coronation in all its glory, the rise of Grand King Oikawa. He saw himself, older and stronger, clad in armor and accepting a mighty broadsword on one knee. He saw the boy prince crying in his tower because he was alone, so alone, and he would make them love him the way he deserved to be loved. He saw a conquest of fire and steel, with himself astride a warhorse, leading the charge as the King's champion.

He saw glimpses of things he was perhaps too young to understand – a betrayal, a promise, a broken heart; felt his young soul swollen with love, searing with rage, wracked with grief.


Iwaizumi didn't realize he was crying until Oikawa hugged him.

"Don't cry, Iwa-chan," the prince snuffled pitifully, on the brink of tears again himself. The prince's skin felt cold and clammy now, and his shoulders were trembling from the effort he spent.

Iwaizumi bit his lip, disoriented and a little queasy. The shadows were lengthening in the forest. He didn't want to be caught out after dark. How long had he been standing there?

"I'm not crying! I… I do know you," he mumbled finally, sounding surprised by his own statement. "I mean. I'm gonna know you. You're… you're really important."

"Uh-huh!" Oikawa brightened, nuzzling closer against Iwaizumi's chest. "You're my knight!"

"You're… my king," he continued in that dazed tone.

"You're mine, Iwa-chan… You love me," the demon whispered, laying his head against Iwaizumi's heartbeat.

The boy swallowed around the lump in his throat, and blinked slowly. Demons play tricks to get what they want, wasn't that what he'd been told? He didn't know how long he'd been in the forest now. He wasn't sure he even knew the direction the castle was in anymore.

But Oikawa promised it wasn't a trick. And perhaps Iwaizumi was a fool after all, because he trusted him.

"Yeah," he exhaled, finally wrapping his arms around the prince, his prince, and hugging him back. "Yeah, I'm gonna marry you someday. That way we'll always be together. I won't let you be alone again."

Oikawa squeaked happily in agreement, and squeezed him tighter than ever.

"Okay! 'Til death do us part...!"
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remixed fill!

[personal profile] tripsh 2016-08-18 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)
hi hi! i also remixed this fill for you here
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[personal profile] tripsh 2016-06-08 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
no tags
650 words

"Do you wanna get married?" Iwaizumi asks, quiet one afternoon under the summer sun. They're five, and have spent all day at the park near their houses. Tired of running, they had collapsed into the grass and just laid side by side, trying to catch their breath.

"To who?" Oikawa asks, turning his head to look at Iwaizumi, eyes mischievous.

Iwaizumi sighs, sighs because he knows that Oikawa knows what he's talking about, knows exactly who he's asking, but just wants to make him say it. Oikawa Tooru is a brat. Iwaizumi's learned this in their whole lifetime as friends, but still gets a little annoyed by it sometimes. Still, he can't imagine his all of five years without Oikawa Tooru in them, so he accepts the tiny bits of grief and annoyance he has to deal with sometimes.

The good largely, vastly outweighs the annoying, anyway.

"Me." Iwaizumi sits up now. "Do you want to get married to me, Tooru?"

(Oikawa's brought this up before--more than once.

When they're watching TV one day, a wedding on the screen before them: "Iwa-chan? See that? That's what people do when they want to spend forever together!"

When they're four, at the park, Oikawa's confident and sure declaration to his mother: "I'm gonna marry Iwa-chan one day!"

When they pass a little shop on a trip their parents take them on, one of those machines that dispense toys in front of them: "You should buy me a ring, Iwa-chan.")

Iwaizumi--while never against the idea--has definitely warmed up to it as time has passed. It's about time he acted on Oikawa's hints at what he wants.

"Of course I'll marry you, Hajime." Oikawa's toothy grin is bright as the summer sun when he looks over at Iwaizumi, when he takes his hand in a promise.


"Hey, Hajime," Oikawa says from his place on their bed in their apartment. "Remember when we were five?"

He snorts, poking his head out of the bathroom. "That's kind of broad, Tooru. A lot happened when we were five."

"Okay, let me rephrase. Remember when we were five and you asked me to marry you."

Ah, that. Iwaizumi could never really forget that. Something that had seemed such an insignificant proposal so long ago, a game rather than a reality, has grown into so much more over their years together. Dating in high school and throughout college, moving in together after finishing. Their easy and lifelong friendship so seamlessly translated into more, into this that Iwaizumi can't imagine anything but that now.

He can't imagine any of this without Oikawa. Doesn't want to imagine what life'd be like without him.

Besides, Iwaizumi's been thinking a lot more about that proposal, on that day nearly twenty years ago. He's been thinking about it as something they could make a present reality rather than a promise exchanged by two children in the past.

"How could I forget? We bought plastic rings and everything. I've still got mine."

"How sentimental." Oikawa's laughing, teasing, but Iwaizumi knows for a fact that he still has his too. They're the same here.

He finally sits down on the bed in front of Oikawa, takes his hand in his. Without really thinking about it--like they're words so natural and part of them that they're meant to be said right here, right now--he says, "Do you wanna get married."

Oikawa's smiling, nearly tackles Iwaizumi back on the bed in a tight hug--his answer. He's laughing through teary eyes, echoing his same words as all those years ago. "I'm sorry, to who?"

"Me, you idiot." But Iwaizumi's laughing too, smiling as he presses their foreheads together. "Do you want to get married to me, Tooru."

"It's always been a yes, Hajime. You know that." Oikawa kisses him, hard and passionate--filled with love. "Are you gonna buy me a real ring this time?"

"That I can do."
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FILL: Team Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru, G

[personal profile] kiyala 2016-06-09 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
no tags
word count: 694

The first time they talk about it, they're both four years old and Tooru has just recently come home from attending his cousin's wedding in Fukui.

It's all he can talk about, wide-eyed and fascinated, and Hajime listens to him, the way he always does when Tooru comes to him with something new and interesting.

"They get to be with each other forever!" Tooru tells him, spreading his arms out to either side as if he can encapsulate just how much time that is. "Because they love each other! And now they get to live together and see each other every single day and they don't even have to go home when it's late and they get tired!"

"I guess that's pretty cool," Hajime allows, "but we have sleepovers sometimes too, you know."

"Yeah, but," Tooru pauses for dramatic effect, even as a four-year old. "This is like. A sleepover forever."

Hajime's eyes go wide. "Whoa."


"Okay." Hajime nods. "Okay. So let's get married then, yeah? So we can have a sleepover forever too."

Tooru nods enthusiastically. "Yeah. It'll be great!"

"Hey, Hajime," Tooru says, when they're ten years old, and Hajime can hear the laughter in his voice.

They're both lying in their futons in Tooru's room, because Hajime stayed over to watch movies. He shuts his eyes, like he just knows what's coming next.

"Yeah, Tooru."

"Remember when we were kids?" Tooru asks. "And you wanted to get married so we could have sleepovers forever?"

Hajime kicks out, satisfied when he connects with Tooru's leg. "Shut up. We were kids. I didn't know what getting married meant, back then."

Tooru dissolves into laughter, until his mother pops her head in to scold him and tell him to stop, and to let Hajime sleep.

They're fifteen years old and crowded into Hajime's bed, watching a livestream of the men's volleyball at the Olympics, on the brand new laptop he got for his birthday. Tooru is tired, but he's forcing his eyes to stay open. His head keeps leaning towards Hajime's, resting against it briefly before Tooru wakes up enough to jerk upright again, over and over again.

It's a special kind of torture, when Hajime's just learning what it feels like to have a crush on his best friend.

"Hey," he says, shuffling so he's a little more comfortable, and so that Tooru can lean against him a little better. "You're not going to learn anything from watching this if you're so tired. We could sleep now, and watch a replay of the match tomorrow morning. You're staying over at my place after all."

Tooru yawns, and doesn't even both covering his mouth with a hand. "I'm fine."

Five minutes later, he's asleep on Hajime's shoulder. Hajime is too tired to move Tooru to the spare futon, so he lies them both down in his own bed, curled around each other so they fit.

His heart doesn't stop racing for what feels like hours. The next morning, he feels utterly exhausted, but Tooru's attention is on the volleyball game, and he doesn't notice.

At eighteen, Tooru and Hajime move into a small apartment together.

It doesn't have a lot of space, but that doesn't matter. There are two bedrooms, a common area, and they're both so used to sharing their lives that they doubt that it's going to be much of a problem anyway.

The first night in the new apartment, Hajime lies awake in his bed and thinks, like a sleepover forever.

At twenty, they move into a better apartment, with two bedrooms again, but with a bed set up in only one of them.

Hajime pulls Tooru into his arms, feeling his face burning as he says, "Look, maybe it doesn't count when we've already been living together for the last two years, but we promised each other that we'd have a sleepover forever, didn't we?"

Tooru's eyes go wide. "That was—"

"Sixteen years ago," Hajime finishes, rubbing the back of his neck. "Pretty embarrassing that I still remember it, huh? But um. Anyway."

Tooru catches him before he can even kneel, and breathes out, "Yes."
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Re: FILL: Team Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru, G

[personal profile] mousapelli 2016-06-11 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
this is my favorite out of all of these fills. it's so CUTE. I love the sleepover forever idea, and how their idea of solving a problem is "i won't have to go home at the end of the night." Cuuuuute.