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Bonus Round 1: Memory

Bonus Round 1: Memory

Let's start our summer by looking at the past—things that happened in canon, or maybe in an AU, or maybe just as wishful thinking...

This round is CLOSED as of 7PM on June 9 EDT. Late fills may be posted, but they will not receive points.

Please read this whole post before commenting to ensure that your team gets the most points possible. (There are changes from last year!)

  • Submit prompts by commenting to this post! You prompt should consist of one scenario beginning with the phrase "Remember when", along with any ship/ot3/etc. from our list of nominated fandoms.
    • Your prompts can take the form of recalling canon facts/events ("Remember when Nozomi and Eli got parfaits after school?"), non-canon events ("Remember when Megumi and Jin met at the Tadokoro Family Reunion?"), or somewhere in-between ("Remember when Bokuto and Kenma first met?"). Headcanons and AUs are welcome!
    • Your prompt MUST include some kind of relationship. (This is not the sports anime gen olympics.) Platonic relationships are indicated by an "&" between the names (e.g., Rei & Nagisa). Non-platonic relationships use "/" (e.g., Rei/Nagisa). Please don't say "Any pairing," either!
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Prompt: team Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

[personal profile] hqqt 2016-05-28 11:58 am (UTC)(link)
Oikawa Tooru/kageyama Tobio (haikyuu!!)

Tags: minor consent issues

Remember when Oikawa had to grab kageyama by the chin and kiss him to get his point across
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Re: Prompt: team Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

[personal profile] intricacies 2016-05-28 08:18 pm (UTC)(link)
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Re: Prompt: team Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

[personal profile] hqqt 2016-05-29 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
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Re: Prompt: team Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

[personal profile] kazuyas 2016-05-29 02:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[cracks knuckles] this is next on my hit list
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Re: Prompt: team Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

[personal profile] hqqt 2016-05-30 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
oh ho! ovo!!
prompto: DNA ※ MSW work of art in the making (DNA ※ MSW work of art in the making)

FILL: Team Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun, G

[personal profile] prompto 2016-05-29 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Warnings: None? Kissing?

I think this fell more into fluff afjasjf
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Re: FILL: Team Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun, G

[personal profile] hqqt 2016-05-29 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)


I love it oh my goodness

prompto: DNA ※ MSW work of art in the making (DNA ※ MSW work of art in the making)

Re: FILL: Team Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun, G

[personal profile] prompto 2016-06-01 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
SJSJDDS yaaay glad you like it! \o/ ❤❤
catlarks: (SASO: Cards)

[personal profile] catlarks 2016-05-31 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
THIS IS SO CUTE GOD DAMN, also your expressions are EXCELLENT? How smug Oikawa looks in the third panel is delightful. ♥
prompto: DNA ※ MSW work of art in the making (DNA ※ MSW work of art in the making)

[personal profile] prompto 2016-06-01 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
kazuyas: (saso!!)


[personal profile] kazuyas 2016-05-30 05:56 pm (UTC)(link)
minor consent issues as stated in the prompt, references to oikawa's [now in the past] knee problems.
924 words.

it is the night before the final match of the interhigh preliminaries. three years ago, in his third year of high school, if you'd told him that he would spending tonight helping kageyama tobio refine his toss, he would have laughed.

and yet.

he glances at the clock (11:37), and then back to tobio.

"you need to rest."

"tomorrow's the last match," tobio says, "i can't."

"well then i need to rest," he says, rubbing a hand over his face. it's not a lie—they've been at this every night for three nights.

the determination on tobio's face is something oikawa recognizes, something he sees in the mirror everyday. it's been his crutch for years—but it's also been his handicap. even now, he can feel the echoes of pain in his knee.

but he won't admit to that aloud, isn't ready yet for tobio to realize how deep his concern goes.

thankfully, he doesn't need to obfuscate to be insistent—he already has that in spades.


oikawa puts his hands on his hips. "tobio, i'm tired, and i told the manager we'd lock up before it got too late."

in truth, he'd told the manager no such thing, had pulled in a favor after leveraging his years of free coaching for the lil tykes program, all so tobio could get in his late night practice. when asked why he couldn't practice at karasuno, tobio had given him some excuse about his captain not wanting him to practice too late, about not wanting to keep hinata that late, and then—looking away and mumbling, so much so oikawa had to strain to hear—something about wanting to get oikawa's feedback.

whatever it was he and tobio were (and oikawa still doesn't know what to call tobio, because what do you call your former kouhai that you used to resent and now end up kissing everytime you see him if just to wipe that silly scowl off his face), it's apparently enough for him to fold and agree to help him.

but helping him means knowing when to stop, too.

"just a few more," he says. "please."

oikawa takes in the tension in tobio's shoulders, the edge to every word that comes out of his mouth.

you've beaten everyone there is to beat, tobio. shiratorizawa. datekou. wakutani. nekoma. seijou.

objectively, there's no reason for tobio to be so worked up. but oikawa knows better.

he sighs, making out all of this to be more of a burden than it is, and shrugs. "i suppose a few more couldn't hurt." he lobs the ball into tobio's waiting toss, waiting until the very last second to call out: "position two."

it's a test of reaction time, and despite all of tobio's nervousness, he still manages to get it near-perfect.

and that clinches it, really. "there's nothing more i can tell you right now. not anything that can be fixed overnight."

"so there is something?" tobio asks, whirling to face oikawa. every feature in his face is drawn tight with concentration. oikawa finds himself subduing the urge to reach up and ease the furrow in his brow with his thumb.

"i'm not going to tell you only to have you worry about it all night and all through your match tomorrow," he says, arching a brow.


oikawa puts his hands on his hips, staring tobio down. "no, tobio. the best thing you can do right now is sleep."

tobio doesn't waver, red coloring his cheeks but eyes staying fixed on oikawa's. "this is important. i have to get this right—"

"you already do."

"i don't, not like you do—"

oikawa draws in a sharp inhale. ah. that's what this is.

wanting oikawa to practice with him leading up to the match that will decide whether they go to nationals—it was never just about giving feedback.

knowing, now, what he's dealing with, his course of action is much clearer. oikawa takes tobio's chin and brings his lips to his.

it doesn't have instant effect he was hoping—tobio somehow manages to keep talking against his lips for a full second before he realizes what's happening, before wrapping his arms around oikawa's waist and kissing back.

oikawa pulls away after a moment, and sees frustration still etched in tobio's face, though the red on his cheeks has deepened in color for likely different reasons. "i thought we had established that you don't have to be me to still be the best setter in the prefecture?" he says. he pauses and then adds, with a smile: "at the high school level, of course."

tobio grumbles. "you're trying to distract me, oikawa-san."

oikawa hums. "is it working?"

tobio groans and drops his head to oikawa's shoulder. "oikawa-san is so confusing."

"i am being perfectly upfront with you," he says. "you're ready. you don't have to copy every single thing i do, tobio-chan." it's something he says fondly, now. "flattering though it may be."

tobio straightens, his hold on oikawa falling away so he can cross his arms. "that's not the confusing part," he grumbles.

"that's funny, considering i've had to tell you at least six times and you still don't seem to get it."

tobio mumbles something.

"sorry?" oikawa asks, leaning in, still smiling.

"it's the kissing part," tobio repeats.

oikawa sighs, pretending it's an expression of impatience rather than fondness. "only you could be confused by that, tobio."

"what is that supposed to mean?!"

he wraps his arms around tobio's neck. "do i have to kiss you again so you can figure it out?"

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[personal profile] hqqt 2016-06-26 10:34 am (UTC)(link)
takes this ship with me and weeps over it. why are they like this. why doesn't oikawa just use his words?

this is so good and nice, thank you!!
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FILL: Team Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, G

[personal profile] sotongsotong 2016-06-08 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
minor consent issues, ambiguous relationships, 690 words (sometimes i wonder where i try to go with oikage because they're so complex, i hope this makes sense ;;;; lyrics at the bottom from "Streaming Heart" by DECO*27)

It’s like this: sometimes they don’t know if they’re in love, or if they’re just out for each other’s throats.

Sometimes, Tooru thinks, he feels a warmth, from under his skin burrowing its way to settle amongst the curvatures of his ribs; it lays there content, happy. It doesn’t want to be disturbed.

But, then, there are days when bridges burn, and spite is thrown all into the air: Tooru is its trebuchet, and he wants all these feelings out.

(Tooru wants none of them.)

The universe has a set a loop around them, and its gravitation feels endless, Tooru’s falters are endless, Tobio’s eyes are endless.

Their mistakes towards each other, too, are endless, yet they keep making them anyway.


It’s like this: one day Tobio and him sit side by side, and Tooru tries to make something out of this.

(Out of them.)

“Truth or dare,” he breathes, shutting his eyes thinking of curtains drawing closed and windows unlatched to open.

(It’s a cycle; they’re a cycle.)

Tobio stops and starts; it’s too much of a mirror of themselves, and Tooru starts laughing. He’s not sure if he’s doing it because it’s actually funny or if he just wants to fill the bubbles of silence in between.

“Truth.” The younger boy finally settles on this, straightforward as an arrow as ever.

Tooru grins. “Why are you always fighting with vending machines?”

There’s a long-suffering sigh before a sheepish mumble of, “Because of milk flavours. I always press the wrong one.”

“Then, don’t press the wrong one. Press the right one instead, Tobio-chan.”

Tobio squints at him, muttering, “You won’t get it until you see it happening, Oikawa-san.” His eyes snap down to Tooru’s mouth. “Your turn.”

He doesn’t intentionally mean to lick his lips. It just happens. “Truth. My eyes are up here, by the way.”

The boy’s face doesn’t change at his provocation. He’s sincerely almost disappointed by it; it seems that Tobio has learned of pokerfaces as well. “What am I to you, Oikawa-san?”

That takes the wind out of things, just a bit. It makes his smile sit a little more wobbly. “A brat, always. Truth or dare?”


“Do you think we’re both better off lonely?”

“I don’t know,” Tobio hesitates, “I hope not. I do like Oikawa-san quite a bit, after all.” The boy’s lips lift at the tail-end of his words. “Even when you try to make me hate you.”

(It’d be great if Tooru actually succeeded, truly.)

Tooru’s shoulders sag, he looks up to the skies, mentally counting the clouds while wondering aloud: “Honestly? I want to get rid of this love, but—“

He comes up short. Shrugs. “Sometimes, we’re happy too. “

Things become quiet; Tooru wants to hide and lie, but, where will that take them?

Where can they even go?


Tooru blinks out of his musings, eyes widening at the determination set everywhere on Tobio’s face. They’re not even on the court, it’s just them. “What?”

The other boy's gaze doesn’t waver, like he’s finally found a goal and he’s going to get it. “Pick dare.”

He’s taken aback, but relents anyway, sucking in a breath as he softly repeats, “Dare?”

“I dare you to kiss me.”

Tooru narrows his eyes, hissing, “What are you trying to do here? What are you trying to prove?”

“I’m trying,” he begins, and Tooru’s heart drops, “to make you prove yourself to you.” Tobio leans closer, and their breathing smothers everything in between. “So, kiss me, and you’ll find out, Oikawa-san.”

(Which one is more of a losing game: running ahead of Tobio or running away from him?)

Fine!” Tooru spits it out like poison, like it could finally separate Kageyama Tobio from one Oikawa Tooru, and—

And when he grabs Tobio’s chin and kisses him, he wants to cry.

Because it still proves nothing.

for a like-minded pair who are no good alone,
being together is what grants happiness
but coming to hate the connection which was made
saying “you’re better off alone”
these feelings which just can’t be settled
What conclusion will they arrive at, I wonder?
Edited 2016-06-08 18:48 (UTC)
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Re: FILL: Team Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, G

[personal profile] hqqt 2016-06-26 10:08 am (UTC)(link)
wails gently

I am so fond of this. these two are such beautiful disasters and it's wonderful.
intricacies: (Default)


[personal profile] intricacies 2016-06-09 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
no content warnings; 556 words.
indulgent olympics!au. posting from mobile so sorry for any formatting issues.

“Tobio-chan, don’t be an idiot,” Oikawa says as he closes the hotel door.

He can see Tobio grit his teeth as he half-limps to the bed, settle down on the elaborately patterned blankets and needlessly hard mattress. Oikawa can feel practice wear down to the center of his very own bones, almost aching and cracking under the weight of his own skin. When he catches Tobio’s gaze on his own knee, now free of the brace that had been there in their high school years, he narrows his eyes. Things aren’t as bad now as they were back then.

“You need to rest, Tobio. Don’t overdo it,” Oikawa says as he steps into the room. On the chair in the corner of the room rests their uniforms: bright and red, like the blood simmering in their arteries.

“But Oikawa-san—"

“Don’t be an idiot,” Oikawa repeats. He kneels in front of Tobio to check the boy’s joint for any obvious bruising, presses roughened fingertips into the groves and curves of that knee. In it he can see his own, tendons stretched to the brim, almost breaking.

He leans forward and presses a soft kiss to the top, as if the touch can mend all that has been severed. Then, he follows with low whisper of, “don’t be like me."

Tobio’s face flushes a delightful red, and Oikawa delights in the new color as he stands up, crawls between Tobio’s legs. He parts them with his hands and a whisper in Tobio’s ear, indulging himself in the way that Tobio shivers against him.

“Oika— wa— s—"

“Why?” he asks lowly. His breath tickles the shell of Tobio’s ear and the rest of Oikawa’s words taper off to a soft hum. “If you’ve been watching me since middle school, then you know what happens. So why?"

“I—“ Tobio sounds almost indignant. Oikawa lifts his head as Tobio turns his away, eyes almost glaring holes into the wall. “I— need to win. Be a part of this team."

Oikawa straightens up and stares down at Tobio. He can still see the desire to win embedded in Tobio's being, stronger than anyone, maybe even himself—and he can sense his own pettiness threatening to break the maturity it's veiled in. He's twenty-three and Tobio is twenty-one, but he supposes six years isn't enough to kill off the immaturity of youth. Not all of it.

"This again?"

"I didn't— Not like that—"

Oikawa cuts him off, lips on Tobio's, a little rough and a little forceful, pressing him into the bed with his fingers capturing Tobio's chin, until the folds are heavy underneath Tobio's torso. When Oikawa ends it, the distance between them is nothing more than a few millimeters, breaths melting into each other's skin.

"We," Oikawa exhales, so quietly that he wonders if Tobio hears it. Tobio stiffens.


"We." Oikawa only presses a fleeting kiss to Tobio's lips, stilling while Tobio trembles underneath him. There's a part of Oikawa that still wants to tease, push, like when they were younger. But Oikawa knows better. They're on the same side of the net, chasing after the same things—and if Oikawa cannot pull the team together because he hasn't made it higher on the team hierarchy yet, then he can at least keep Tobio together. "We."
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[personal profile] hqqt 2016-06-25 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
aaaaahhhhh. I'm dying and also dead. darling idiots that never entirely change and just keep ending up where they were. at least this time they have each other.