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Ohhhhhh my gosh I love this so much, it's spot on what I imagined for this premise and you pull it off so well. I love Celestino's quiet, beleaguered resistance, how he's kind of resigned to the situation but also determined to endure; it makes the moment where he wonders when he got so uptight, and that snapshot image of Celestino dancing at Woodstock in the rain, ring especially true.

I'm also so fond of the fact that Celestino cards Chris and that he really did lie about his age and his name really is Christopher and not Christophe, ohhhhhh I love how hard he's trying, this impertinent, unapologetic boy!! (and may I just say, your characterization of BOTH of them is a delight.)

I love Celestino's "I'm showing him what he's getting into" kiss and him wondering if HE'S the one in over his head, and BOY OH BOY, I love the last line about the waterbed, that is so very eighties. As is all the fashion, I'm forever delighted that of course you went above and beyond with all the fashion details, SIGHS SO FONDLY.

I love this fic so much thank you again for writing it for me!!

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