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Lira ([personal profile] catlarks) wrote in [community profile] sportsanime 2017-06-07 08:04 pm (UTC)

I adore this, to the surprise of no one, because I adore everything you write. I love the way you use language and the sorts of imagery you construct; the room swimming in chiaroscuro patches, gravity like an old coat, and the top surrendering to torque in particular were lines and images I really enjoyed.

And you know I love forward, blustery Miyuki so of course I love him playing things off with a joke about stripping, and I adore him trying to put the moves on Shunshin. Who is wonderful! I love that he uses a mechanical reader, that even in this context you evoked his identity as the clockwork pitcher and painted such a succinct picture of his precision and professionalism.

And of course I love the ending thought, that the price for this magic has to be something Miyuki doesn't want to give, it's perfect.

Thank you for writing this for me!

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