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FILL: Team Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, M

Ship: Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Major tags: Sexual content (references only)
Other tags: Pre-canon
Word count: 903

This turned out more quiet than originally intended. I ended up focusing on Take On Me and the drawing in the video more than anything else.


"Hold still," Christophe says and bends over Victor, one hand spread flat on Victor's belly.

They're in a hotel bed with the sheets crumpled around them and even with the air conditioning on high, the room smells like sex and sweat and every city they've been in together.

Victor stretches, toes pointing and arms hooking up to grip the headboard, making a noise that's too loud to be a sigh but not quite enough to be a groan.

"Still, I said." Christophe pinches Victor's thigh. He's already touched every bit of Victor's skin this weekend: the hollows in his hips, his blue-veined wrists, his cheeks raspy with stubble.

"That's not helping." Victor flips his hair back, then blows at a piece that's stuck across his eye. "You're not a helpful person." He raises his head and parts his lips, showing the tip of his tongue to Christophe.

"I'm going to need an energy drink, a hard nap, and a cocktail before I'm ready for more," Christophe says, but he still leans down and puts his tongue against Victor's, a few teasing licks that nearly, nearly make him flare up again.

Victor cranes his neck for more but Christophe sits up again. Victor's head drops back against the pillow. "Okay, I was bluffing." He crumples up his lip into half a pout. The strand of hair is still clinging to his forehead. "I want to order room service."

"I called down when you were in the shower," Christophe says. "They're bringing it at five." He bends over Victor again. "So hold still for me."

Victor gives one more fidget, a shake of his hips that ripples out through the rest of his body. Then he lies still.

Christophe draws his finger along Victor's eyebrow, pulling back the loose piece of hair, and looks for a moment at the smile in Victor's eyes. Then he picks up his marker and starts to draw.

He's been sketching since he was a child. He likes the way his mind shifts when he's drawing and how it helps him to see. Sometimes Christophe does sketch Victor, if he'll stay still for long enough for Christophe to put the lines down, then leave Christophe to remember later how the light and shadows fell.

But right now, Christophe is putting the lines down on Victor, holding his skin taut with one hand, stroking in the long stalk of an iris along Victor's naked thigh. Victor is relaxed under his hands and Christophe concentrates on the shape of the leaves.

The first flower was a joke, a rosebud scribbled onto Victor's back while they were playing. Victor snatched the marker away and signed his autograph across Christophe's chest, just high enough to show under his v-neck and wet enough to smear onto the sheets when Victor pushed him down.

The second was on purpose, a stiff lily opening on Victor's abdomen, not quite a nice as Christophe would have liked, but all that Victor would wait for.

This year, it's an iris. A tall purple iris that Christophe has drawn over and over on paper and twice onto his own thigh. It reminds him of Victor's short program costume last year, regal and curving gracefully.

"I'm going to do the blossom now." Christophe switches pens. He looks up at Victor.

"It tickles," Victor says. He looks a little bored but he holds his position, like he's in the make-up chair or being styled for a photo shoot. "I want to see."

Christophe draws in the blossom with quick light strokes. It comes out pretty well, delicate and smoothly shaped, and he wishes he could shade the petals, add some finer lines. When he's done, he leaves his palm against Victor's belly for a few more moments while the ink dries.

"Can I see?" Victor raises his head and half sits up.

Christophe catches Victor before he creases the wet ink and holds his hips down. "You are never patient," he says and thinks about all the times that's been a good thing. Victor pulling him into a cab to go to a club. Victor pressing up to him for a kiss. Victor pushing him down onto the bed.

When he's counted sixty, he lets Victor go. Victor gets up and goes to the mirror. Christophe can see him all, front and back, and he wishes Victor would just stop so Christophe could put down the lines of his body, fill in the light and shadows.

"It's beautiful," Victor says and the hint of surprise in his voice should annoy Christophe but instead it warms him.

Christophe gets up and stands behind Victor, chin on Victor's shoulder and arms around his chest. "It is," he says.

"I'm going to get it tattooed on." Victor touches one of the petals.

Christophe holds his breath but it doesn't smear. "Sure you are," he says.

"Really, I will!" Victor catches Christophe's eye in the mirror and smiles. "I'll send you a picture."

"Maybe I'll get one too," Christophe says. "Of your smug face."

Victor turns in Christophe's arms and puts out his tongue again, touching it to the corner of Christophe's mouth.

There's a knock on the door. Christophe steps back. "Room service."

Victor hands Christophe a robe from the back of a chair. "I hope you ordered the duck."

"Just like last time," Christophe says and goes to open the door.

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