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FILL: Team Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, T

Ship: Inui Sadaharu/Kaidou Kaoru
Fandom: The Prince of Tennis
Major Tags: Violence, Animal Abuse (though the animal is the aggressor)
Other Tags: Nobody is hurt, Bears, Camping, Canon Already Did It
Word Count: 1736

This is the fastest fill I've ever written. I hope you like it, Mels! ❤️

(And, Takamura, I thought of you.)


Kaidoh Kaoru liked bears. He liked polar bears the best but he liked other bears a lot too. They were majestic and interesting and nobody messed with them. Sometimes, when Kaidoh was frustrated with the irritations of daily life (which included Momoshiro) he wished that he were a bear. Nobody would bother him and he could go live alone in the mountains.

Only he didn't quite want to live alone in the mountains, because there was something Kaidoh liked more than bears. In fact, if he were quite honest, which was something he always strove to be, something he even liked more than tennis. Or, rather, someone.

Kaidoh liked Inui-senpai.

He liked Inui in several different ways. He respected him as someone who was a year above him in school and in the tennis club. He appreciated him as someone who helped Kaidoh to train and develop his tennis skills. And he like-liked Inui. Like, like-liked him a LOT.

Kaidoh wasn't quite sure if Inui like-liked him too. He thought probably not, since usually Inui seemed to just say weird stuff right out in the most embarrassing way, instead of implying it or maybe writing it in a note that the other person could read. But Inui also went about things in a convoluted way sometimes in order to get data or try a complicated plan. So Kaidoh couldn't rule anything out.

He just went quietly about his daily, sometimes irritating, life, like-liking Inui-senpai but keeping it to himself so he wouldn't be a burden to anyone.

One day, Inui put his hand on Kaidoh's shoulder (which happened quite frequently and which Kaidoh enjoyed a lot). "Kaidoh," he said (which he also did a lot). "Do you like camping?"

"Yes," Kaidoh said without thinking about it too much, even though he'd never actually been camping before. But it seemed like the kind of thing he would enjoy.

"Good!" Inui said and smiled at Kaidoh, which made Kaidoh's heart go thump. "I thought we could do some mountain training since it's right before Nationals. I borrowed a tent and some other gear from Tezuka. And I bought a Kindle book about telling poisonous and edible plants apart."

"I can bring some food," Kaidoh said because as much as he liked Inui-senpai, he was not completely confident in Inui's ability to tell poisonous and edible apart, based on the effects of the health drink he made everyone in the club consume. Also, what if the Kindle battery ran out?

Inui squeezed Kaidoh's shoulder and went off to talk with Tezuka. Kaidoh felt so happy that he only yelled at Momoshiro three times the whole rest of the day.


The mountain camping spot was very beautiful and also very secluded. Kaidoh helped Inui set up the tent. He didn't tell Inui that Tezuka-buchou had given Kaidoh some verbal instructions on tent operation but it was a good thing he had since Kaidoh was able to keep the tent from collapsing over their heads. Inui-senpai was of course very smart but sometimes he didn't follow other people's instructions as closely as he expected them to follow his.

They did a bunch of running on mountain paths and racquet swings and stretching (which Kaidoh always liked the best, since it included a lot of hands on shoulders). Then Kaidoh got out the food he had packed, before Inui could suggest doing any foraging.

It was getting dark and they were both tired. Kaidoh was enjoying sitting by their small fire while Inui recorded data in his notebook and told Kaidoh about the various constellations they could see now, so far away from the city.

Then Kaidoh looked at the sturdily set up tent and began to get nervous. Because even though it was called a "two-man" tent, it was quite small. More of a "two-man-squished-together" tent. And because of Kaidoh like-liking Inui-senpai so much, he wasn't sure he'd be able to handle being squished together with him all night long. Not without wanting to do like-like things, for example, hugging or kissing.

"Maybe one of us should keep watch at all times," Kaidoh said.

Inui looked up from his notebook. "I don't think there's anything to keep watch for," he said. "And we won't get our optimal number of hours of sleep if we each have to stay awake part of the night." He looked at his phone. "In fact, our scheduled bedtime is in ten minutes. Although, I think I will go to bed now; a few extra minutes will be beneficial."

"I think I'll stay up until the scheduled time." Kaidoh was hoping he could stretch it out until Inui was asleep, then just sleep out here by the fire. Or at least keep watch for a bit until he was less nervous about their potential squishing.

Inui headed into the tent. Kaidoh could see how much room he took up; his feet were even kind of stretching the tent material at the end because he was so tall. Kaidoh poked the fire with a stick and decided he would wait at least an hour, if Inui didn't make him go in before that.

Five minutes later, Inui started to snore. He was pretty loud, actually, so Kaidoh was thinking maybe he should have gotten his earplugs out of his pack before Inui dropped off. But at least he didn't have to go squish nervously with Inui yet.

Twenty minutes later, Kaidoh heard a growl.

At first, he thought it was just Inui's snoring escalating. But the timing was off and there were definitely two different noises going on. Then he wondered if it was his stomach, since Inui had made him eat a weird looking plant he'd come across while they were hiking.

But then something crashed through the bush and came out by the tent. A bear. An actual bear. An actual bear by the actual two-man tent that Inui-senpai was sleeping inside.

Kaidoh's heart hammered against his ribs. His vision narrowed. His whole body filled with fear and rage. He jumped to his feet and grabbed the nearest big object, which happened to be a tennis racquet. He yelled, "YOU STUPID BEAR, GET AWAY FROM INUI-SENPAI." Then he charged over and hit the bear right on its snout with all the strength he had.

The bear reared up and Kaidoh hit it again, two-handed backhand, right under its chin. The bear roared.

Kaidoh roared back. He took another swing, right on the bear's ear. If he had to, he was going to beat the bear to death right here.

But the bear backed down and loped away.

Kaidoh stared after it until it was gone. His vision cleared and the racquet slipped out of his hand. His knees buckled and he slumped to the ground just as the tent flap opened.

"Are you still up, Kaidoh?" Inui said. "Were you doing vocal exercises?" He struggled out of the tent. "Do you want a snack? I have some of the chicken croquettes in case we need a midnight snack."

Kaidoh tried to speak but his throat was too dry. He swallowed and tried again. "You had food in the tent?"

"It's quite delicious!" Inui took a bite of a croquette. "Please thank your mother for me."

"There was a bear," Kaidoh said. "I..." He held up the tennis racquet, which turned out to be Inui-senpai's and which Kaidoh could see was now bent a little. "I used this."

"I remember," Inui said. "When we were at the training camp before the Kantou finals. That thief in the bear suit."

"No," Kaidoh said. "There was–" And he wanted to explain but all the huge relief of Inui being there and alive and non-bear-mauled flooded over him and for the second time that night, he moved without thinking.

He jumped to his feet and charged over and grabbed Inui-senpai around the chest and squeezed with all the strength he had. And if he said, "You stupid Inui-senpai," it was probably muffled by Inui's flannel mountain sleep shirt.

After a few seconds of squeezing, Kaidoh felt Inui squeeze him back. And his heart pounded so hard, he was sure the ground was shaking.

"I wasn't going to say anything until tomorrow," Inui said. "But I didn't just ask you up here for mountain training. I wanted to tell you that I–"

And before Inui could say anything right out in a super embarrassing way, Kaidoh raised his head and just smashed his mouth against Inui's mouth, which was probably not any more subtle and which also Kaidoh had no idea how to do correctly.

When he'd finished smashing, Kaidoh pushed his head back against Inui's shoulder. He kept hold of Inui and fortunately Inui didn't let go either.

"Yes," Inui said and his voice cracked, which Kaidoh had never heard it do before. "I wanted to tell you that I like you. Like, like-like you."

And it was so embarrassing but also Kaidoh felt so warm and happy that he didn't care. Didn't care at all. And if the bear came back, Kaidoh would fight it all over again and he would win, every time, because he was the luckiest person in the world right now.

"Um," Kaidoh said. "You probably shouldn't keep food in the tent."

"Then let's finish it now." Inui led Kaidoh back to the campfire and they ate the croquettes while holding hands.

Kaidoh made sure they washed off their hands. He hung the rest of the food up in a tree quite a ways away from the tent. If it couldn't smell food, the bear would leave them alone.

"We can do more kissing tomorrow and figure out how to do it correctly," Inui said, which was incredibly embarrassing but also something Kaidoh looked forward to very much. "We can just squish up tonight."

So they squished up together in the tent, Inui's arm around Kaidoh's chest, and Kaidoh still felt nervous and didn't really get much sleep, only partly because of Inui's snoring, but it was okay, all okay, really incredible okay. He even still liked bears, though maybe not the bear that had tried to eat Inui.

And in the morning, he'd apologize for wrecking Inui's racquet.

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