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Re: FILL: Team Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, T

Oh definitely! It's the reason why I'm a multi (and crack) shipper by default now. :D My favorite one is Inui/Kikumaru, primarily because I used to roleplay and was fortunate to meet the most amazing Inui muses. I also like Inui/Tezuka, Atobe/Tezuka, Momo/Kaidoh, Atobe/Hiyoshi, and Yanagi/Kirihara. But then because of the number of characters, the friends I've met, and depending on my mood, I get obsessed with the most random combinations sometimes like Sengoku/Atobe and Tezuka/Kajimoto. Or I'll revisit old favorites like Akutsu/Dan, Mizuki/Yuuta, and Atobe/Tezuka/Sanada. So, I'll try anything PoT-related, really.

One of my favorite stories is your Atobe/Momo! I don't think I'll ever be able to replicate the feeling I had when I tried the pair for the first time, and found myself convinced because you portrayed them perfectly. Like, I wish there were more stories centered on the ship, but then I personally don't know how I would write them convincingly.

I fell in love with Chris all over again because of how you write him! And my god your Celestino is the sexiest. How did that even happen?!

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