dear creator: femslash ex 2017

Aug. 16th, 2017 04:43 pm
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Hello! I'm so happy that we've matched with each other!

I'm okay with receiving any rating and any medium! Honestly I'm also happy with receiving, like, any femslash content at all so I'm going to start with my hard nos. I do not want to receive:
  • student/teacher aus. peer tutors are fine.
  • trans characters in sexual situations
  • infidelity/cheating/ntr
  • pregnancy

As far NSFW goes, you can find my likes/dislikes here.

To reiterate, you're free to go wherever your heart takes you, but here are a couple prompt ideas for each of the ships I requested! Warning for potential spoilers for Persona 5.

  • an au where instead of akira, makoto is the one who approaches hifumi in the church wanting to learn shogi
  • an au where hifumi's mother has a palace and she ends up becoming one of the phantom thieves

  • where when in ann's social link shiho says "i love you" she means it as a confession and ann takes it as such
  • au where shiho decides not to transfer to a different school and ann helps her deal with the consequences

  • reenacting a scene with each other from a shoujo manga (or..... Another kind of manga)
  • as a reward for her years of service, erina lets hisako be in charge for a day

  • megumi manages to make a dish that pleases the god tongue
  • i just? love how erina supports her and i want them to teach each other

  • neither of them joins aqours and they both just become devoted fans of the seven girls that do
  • hanamaru is ruby's guardian angel. ruby wants to be friends with her, wings or not.

  • the two of them sparring or playing rooftop tag. i just. love them being happy together sobs.
  • one of them gets injured during a mission and the other one patches her up

Again: to like super hella reiterate. I am happy with receiving anything besides my DNWs!

Rare Male Slash Exchange Fill

Aug. 14th, 2017 09:12 pm
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Fanart, created for the [community profile] raremaleslashex!
For [personal profile] broadbeam! :D

Title: We Are a Hurricane
Fandoms: A Redtail's Dream, Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Joona Kuikka/Lance
Rating: G
Content Notes: No warnings apply

Upon landing in Hokanniemi, Lance flirts up a storm! For once, it actually gets him somewhere.

two fluff pieces! )

Also on: tumblr | AO3

Femslash Ex '17

Aug. 13th, 2017 06:56 pm
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 Dear Author,

Thank you very much for writing for me! I'm 
bygoshbygolly on AO3. Below are some general details on the things I am into, and more specific prompts and ideas are in each fandom section.

Likes: quiet intimacy, trust, loyalty, deep friendships, wrong choices made for the right reasons, get-together fic, 'I hate them but it's complicated', slow burn, focusing on hands, monsters, magical realism, people who are bad at feelings, the gap between expectations and reality, fake dating/married, awkward flirting, missing scenes, metaphors taken as literal

AU Likes: 
fairytale AUs, superhero AUs, monster AUs, canon-divergence AUs, Princess Bride AUs

: A/B/O, rape, underage sex, major character death, pregnancy, incest, nonconsensual surgery/body modification, hopeless endings (general angst is fine)

Art: I love art, but can have trouble coming up with prompts. Anything ship or AU related is great, and I included a few prompts for each fandom, but I will love anything

Details below )
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So, I went to an estate sale today! Didn't mean to go to an estate sale today, but saw the signs and ended up going. I bought a doily, a brioche pan from West Germany, and silverplated platter. It was sickeningly hot and the house -- a colonial built in the eighties -- was stifling. Estate sales are so weird. It feels like picking over the stuff of dead people -- which, of course, it is. Well, they might not be dead. They could be in Florida, after all.

A fate worse than death ... Just kidding, it got them out of Atlanta. )

In addition to the estate sale, I swung over to Goodwill (Sundays are the best time to go to Goodwill, true facts) and bought some books -- The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood (yes, I will read something else by her besides A Handmaid's Tale), All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren (my beloved Criminal podcast recently did an episode about the death of Huey Long from the angle that maybe Dr. Carl Weiss *didn't* kill him -- unsurprisingly, it is a theory mostly pushed by the family of Carl Weiss (including his son and his grandson, both confusingly named Carl Weiss) -- and of course, the story of a cruel and vindictive demagogue who promised everything to everyone and is eventually brought down by his own machinations (or his own bodyguards, if the Carl Wiesses are to be believed) is pretty relevant today. I also got the complete works of Emily Dickinson. No reason why except I love her.

I spent the whole weekend glued to Twitter, following what's happening in Charlottesville. It's very hard to live everyday without paralyzing fear and impossible to live without any fear at all. I'm trying to keep my fear to a reasonable level -- keep my senses sharp and be aware of my surroundings. When I was young, I was very much into The Diary of Anne Frank* (which was the first book I ever bought with my own money -- twenty-five cents at -- where else? -- Goodwill when I was eight) and other Holocaust stories. I always wondered what I would do if I lived in such morally perilous times. Would I stick out my neck and hazard it getting chopped off, or would I keep my head down and hope not to attract attention? I guess I know the answer now, and it would be a disappointment to my younger self.

* There was a flap about the Anne Frank Center on Twitter before C-ville. (I read the Atlantic article that wasn't nearly as much of a gotcha as the people linking to it seemed to think it was) and I wonder how many people who criticized TAFC for being too 'political' are horrified with Trump's palsied response to the violence in C-ville? Call a spade a spade, guys, and a Nazi a Nazi. We live in dangerous times, and there is no time for quibbling.

Galra Mini Exchange Fill

Aug. 12th, 2017 11:39 am
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Fanart, created for the Galra Mini Exchange on tumblr!
For [ profile] spibat!

Title: I've Got Your Back
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Thace/Ulaz
Rating: G
Content Notes: No warnings apply

They take a moment to check on wounds.

fanart below! )

Also on: tumblr | AO3

FILL: Team Daiya no Ace, G

Aug. 9th, 2017 04:42 am
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Ship: Kuramochi Youichi/Kuramochi Ryousuke
Fandom: Daiya no Ace
Major Tags: Spoilers for season 1 of the anime, or part 1 of the manga
Other Tags: Sports injury mention
Original Work: link by [personal profile] hyalinee
Word Count: 37

hi ewa )


Aug. 9th, 2017 02:31 am
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 back from camp and socially drained, so not talking much to anyone at all. i'm just... drained tbh, we had less than 12 hours of sleep over the whole camp (3 nights) and I was already functioning on a messed up sleep cycle before that, so I'm kind of suffering the consequences now lol. have been too tired to even think about writing, much less actually write. 

probably gonna sit out of remix round too, and I'm wondering if I'll actually be able to get the shortest kuroyaku weekend fic done in time. not even considering the other fic I was halfway through. we shall see. wanted to write a thing for yaku's bday and lavi's bday (10th aug) but from the looks of it... nah. 

camp had me feeling a lot of things this year. it's my third year  coming back as a senior for this camp and I've also decided this is my last camp. I had amazing freshies who were enthusiastic and friendly and easy to talk to, which I'm grateful for since my first year, I didn't get to hang out much with the freshies and last year my freshies were kinda... eh. 

a lot of my friends also decided this year would be their last camp, but i'm not too concerned because our freshies will be picking right up where we left off! I'm just... melancholic, I think? that this is it, that there's no more repeat button. I've made a lot of great friends over these three years, become closer to people I never thought I'd even talk to, but all things have to come to an end, don't they. here's my finish line, I guess. I'm stepping into senior year come Monday, and then it'll be a matter of months before my schooling life comes to its end. attending my friends' graduation ceremonies has made me think a lot about this, I think - of endings and beginnings and the journey in between. for my freshies, this year's camp marks the start of their uni journey, but for me and my friends, it's the end of a chapter for all of us. 

siiiigh~ might blog more about the Cute Guy tomorrow, but we shall see. 

SASO Fills Master List 2017

Aug. 7th, 2017 03:41 pm
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BR1 )

BR2 )

BR3 )

BR4 )

BR5 )

saso 2017 br6 fills

Aug. 7th, 2017 03:31 pm
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BR 6: Remix

himuro & kagami || otgw au from midorima's pov || original fill by [personal profile] hyalinee 
- aohimu || drinking after a game || original fill by [personal profile] kiyala 
- mayuaka || harry potter au || original fill by [personal profile] multilinear 

- mayuhimu || LET IT GO~~~ || original fill by [personal profile] kiyala 
- aokaga || sexting || original fill by [personal profile] intricacies 
- nijihimu || love poetry ||  original fill by [personal profile] kiyala 
- akahimu || vampires || original fill by [personal profile] kiyala 

- kagakuro || fireflies || original fill by [personal profile] earlgrey_milktea 
- akamido || summer || original fill by [personal profile] hyalinee 
- aohimu || being separated for 2 weeks || original fill by [personal profile] kiyala 
- nijihimu || special ops au || original fill by [personal profile] multilinear 
- iwaoi || oikawa is eating a popsicle || original fill by [personal profile] dynamite
- mayuaka || band au || original fill by [personal profile] mondegreened 
- aokise || meiji era courtesan || original fill by [personal profile] hyalinee 
- murahimu || bucket full of arcade tickets || original fill by [personal profile] ellipsometry 

- murahimu || rockstar au || original fill by [personal profile] kiyala 

SASO 2017 Fills BR2 , BR3, BR5

Aug. 6th, 2017 08:41 pm
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since the remix round is happening i figure i comply all my fills! i give blanket permissions for whoever wants to give remixing em a go!

(my fills for BR1 can be found here)

Bonus Round 2

Kanzaki Miki / Miyahara, "I won't admit I'm in love" - art

Bonus Round 3

Kanzaki Miki / Tachibana Aya - art

Kanzaki Miki / Miyahara - art

Hanaoka Shizuku / Hiyama Shizuku - art

Bonus Round 5

Hanaoka Shizuku / Hiyama Chinatsu, Utena AU, fic (AO3 link)

milktea's saso2017 fills

Aug. 6th, 2017 05:05 pm
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BR 1 - AU






Nik's SASO 2017 BR works

Aug. 7th, 2017 01:30 am
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BR1 - Alternate Universes
Fill 1: TenTsuki - A little brattiness never hurt no one [E]
link] [fill link] [AO3 link] [saso_afterhours link]     Age Swap AU, Aged Up, Explicit Sexual Content
Fill 2: Miya Brothers - A little more alive [G]
link] [fill link] [AO3 link]     Magical Realism, lots of magical plants
Fill 3: BokuOi - Since forever ago [G]
link] [fill link] [AO3 link]     Fantasy AU

BR3 - Fan Soundtracks
Fill 1: KuroTsuki - 400 lux [T]
                  [prompt link
] [fill link] [AO3 link]     Fluff, established relationship
Fill 2: kuroaka - Dirty little secret [E]
prompt link] [fill link] [SASO afterhours link] [AO3 link]     Explicit Sexual Content, Nonbinary character

BR4 - Quotes
Fill 1: TsukiHina  - Mars is no fun [T]
                  [prompt link
] [fill link] [AO3 link]     Long-distance relationship, comfort

saso2017 masterlist of fills

Aug. 6th, 2018 11:33 pm
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- composer akashi
- mermaid mayuzumi
- literal shadow mayuzumi
- monster hunter akashi/werewolf mayuzumi
- wizard akashi/shadow demon mayuzumi
- boyfriend jersey
- high heels
- cat ears
- ringu
- the tale of two sisters
- airports at 4am
- cuddling on the couch
- bickering over breakfast
- night owl vs. morning person
- black swan
- summer
- making up
- akashi in an arranged marriage (art)
- funeral home
- yu yu hakusho au
- vampires (art)
- beach


- himuro never moves back to japan (art)
- the eye
- tomie
- stardust au
- vampire au
- siren au
- i saw a man so beautiful i started crying? (art)
- east of the sun, west of the moon (art)
- baby you are so beautiful (art)
- trainjacking


tiger/dragon spirits
ankle bracelet
over the garden wall (platonic) (art)
summer (art)
mafia au (art)


fake dating
1910s au
1960s au
i would like my roses to see you


victorian au
1960s au
shinigami au
vampire au


rivalries (art)
is it possible to feel like a sandwich?
bunny ears (art)


- aomine is a literal being made of light
- meiji era courtesan
- behind the bike shed, chain-link fence digging into my back


pineapple (art)


- nijimura in the IT department
- there can only be one
- taste the rainbow (art)


- homesickness
light symbolism (art)


- vampire au
- pro basketball

misc (alphabetical):

- aokagahimu / shots (art)
- aokagakuro / aomine fights a ghost
- aonijihimu / a chinese ghost story
- garciraki / temple
- himukise / hannibal au (art)
- imakasa / haunted house (art)
- kagakise / stuck to a cactus (art)
- kagami & gom / gom are peeps (candy)
- mayuhimu / playing on the same uni team
- mayuniji / suit
- mibunebu / beauty blogger
- midohimu / demon/priest (art)
- midokise / weed (art)
- midorima & lucky items / toy story au
- momoriko / momoi gives riko a makeover (art)
- murahimu / egg (art)
- nijiakamayu / knife


- iwaoi / this war, it'll swallow me whole (art)
- victuuri / love poem

saso 2017 br 1-5 masterlist

Aug. 6th, 2017 09:48 pm
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narumiyu hunger games (x)
narumiyu pacific rim (x)


rinharu rakugo (x)
sourin werewolf/vampire (x)


ushioi silver spoon (x)
ushioi enchanted (x)


akahimu titanic (x)
akamido orchestra (x)
aohimu infidelity (x)
aokaga superheroes (x)
aokaga aladdin (x)
aokise idols (x)
aokuro zombie (x)
imahana serial killers (x)
kagahimu robot (x)
kagahimu treasure planet (x)
kagahimu rockstars (x)
kagahimu pornstar (x)
kagahimu overwatch (x)
kagakuro pacific rim (x)
kisehimu hannibal (x)
kiyohana good omens (x)
midotaka ghost (x)
midotaka doctor (x)
midotaka she's all that (x)
midotaka library (x)
midotaka seven days (x)
murahimu fic writer/podficcer (x)
murahimu pregame bjs (x)
murahimu werewolf/vampire (x)
momoriko spies (x)


iwahimu demon sword (x)



rinharu miscellaneous: chain-link fences (x) saltwater (x) magic realism (x)


ushioi classic tropes: coffeeshop au (x), unresolved sexual tension (x), friends to lovers (x)
ushioi creature/human: angel (x), vampire (x), android (x), plant (x)
ushioi anne of green gables quotes: you've thwarted destiny long enough (x), love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship (x), i just want you (x)
ushioi miscellaneous: eye contact (x), hand holding (x), breakup (x)
ushioi bleachers lyrics: hate that you know me so well (x), i didn't know i was lonely til i saw your face (x), someday i'm gonna make this right (x)


aohimu crazy ex-girlfriend lyrics: oh my god i think i like you (x), i'm in a sexy french depression (x), i'm the villain in my own story (x)
aohimu fall out boy lyrics: remember me for centuries (x), you look so pretty but you're gone so soon (x), i never meant for you to fix yourself (x)
aohimu santa clarita diet: whose finger is this (x), act casual! (drenched in blood) (x), cop neighbor (x)
aokise want: to swing with my eyes shut and see what i hit (x)
himurocest: don't look at me (x), terror in my peripheral (x), patience is your virtue (x)
kagahimu fall out boy lyrics: i wish i'd known how much you loved me (x), you and i were fireworks (x), you are my favorite what if (x)
knb school swap: murasakibara at kirisaki daiichi (x), imayoshi at kirisaki daiichi (x)
murahimu cookie clicker: alchemy (x), time machine (x), antimatter (x)
nijihimu movie quotes: do you trust me? (x), romeo, romeo... (x), how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop? (x)
nijihimu asian horror movies: battle royale (x)


iwahimu craigslist personals: use my weaknesses against me (x), always ready to kick some ass (x), don't respond well to [romance] (x)
iwahimu angst: it is not here or now (x), there is so much that this hurt can teach us both (x), the habit of searching for you (x)



ushioi: romance in the dark - billie holiday (x)
ushioi: la vie en rose - doris day (x)
ushioi: marry me - train (x)
ushioi: your kisses are wasted on me - the pipettes (x)
ushioi: what you do to me - john legend (x)
ushioi: real - years & years (x)
ushioi: once upon a dream - sleeping beauty ost (x)
ushioi: touch - little mix (x)
ushioi: oh my god i think i like you - rachel bloom (x)
ushioi: bitter rivals - sleigh bells (x)

aokagahimu: primadonna - marina & the diamonds (x)
aohimu: if i had a heart - fever ray (x)
kagahimu: this is gospel - panic at the disco (x)
kagahimu: samson - regina spektor (x)
kagahimu: hot mess - cobra starship (x)
midohimu: take me to church - hozier (x)
murahimu: crying - tv on the radio (x)
murahimu: undisclosed desires - muse (x)
nijihimu: vampire smile - kyla la grange (x)
iwahimu: the gift - angels and airwaves (x)



ushioi: "i still don't really like you! sorry!" (x)
ushioi: "i'm very fond of walking." "yes, yes i know." (x)
ushioi: "the only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you." (x)
ushioi: "have you ever been in love? horrible, isn't it?" (x)
ushioi: "maybe in another universe, i deserve you." (x)


aohimu: "you will fall in love with me. then, just months later, you will fall out." (x)



ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's room with one of oikawa's teeth (x)
ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's throne room with the terms of surrender scroll (x)
ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's bedroom with the cake (x)
ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's painting studio with a cloth covering his unmentionables (x)


aokagahimu: himuro at the bar with the shot glass (x)
aohimu: aomine at the airport terminal with a crumpled name sign (x)
aohimu: himuro in las vegas with the bridal veil (x)
nijihimu: himuro in the sidestreet with the motorcycle helmet (x)


narumiyu: same team au (x
soumako: howl's moving castle au (x)
sourin: winter soldier au (x)

kikasa: maidragon au (x)
knb: misfits au (x)
knb: scott pilgrim au (x)

kagahimu: t shirt with words (x)
kagahimu: glitter (x)
kagahimu: cutoff shorts (x)

murahimukaga: "i've been inside your brother, we're practically family" (x)
akamido: "you must first remember what you want to forget" (x)
aohimu: "i've fallen for you. i have, i've fallen hard" (x)
njihimu: "baby you are so beautiful" (x)
iwaoi: social network au (x)
ushioi: celebrities au (x)

ushioi: digital love - muse (x)

ushioi: "what're you doing?" "saving the jerk who dumped me" (x)
ushioi: "nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands" (x)
ushioi: "i love you" "i know" (x)
ushioi: "look into your eyes the sky's the limit" (x)
viktuuri: musicians au (x)


iwahimu: "i just have a weakness for guys with tight abs and big arms" (x)

SASO 2017 Bonus Round Fills

Aug. 6th, 2017 01:54 am
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It is possible that you may notice a certain trend with my fills.
fill 'er up (last updated 06/08/2017 11:20 PM EST) )
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