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SASO 2016: Sign Ups are Closed

SASO 2016 Team Sign Ups


How to Sign Up
  1. All teams are first-come, first-served.

  2. Ship teams can list up to four names. Crossover and selfcest ships are ok!
    The team name format is in alphabetical order by the first name listed, and separated by a slash ( / ). In general, characters in SASO are Japanese, and the preferred order of their names is Family Name, Given Name. For non-Japanese characters, please use the name order that is most common in their country.
    -Team AsaDaiSuga (Haikyuu!!) = Azumane Asahi/Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi
    -Team Victuuri (Yuri!! On Ice) = Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
    -Team KagaKuro (Kuroko no Basuke) = Kagami Taiga/Kuroko Tetsuya
    -Sports Team Oofuri = Ookiku Furikabutte (Click here to see how series titles are spelled & written)
    -Team Grandstand = Grandstand

  3. You can only join one team. To switch teams, re-submit your signup. Signing up with multiple DW accounts will get you banned from the SASO.

Keep reading for a mini-FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to change my sign up! / I want to switch teams! / There's something wrong with my sign up!
If you want to change anything about your sign up, such as what team you're on, your e-mail address, whether or not you want to be Team Captain, or fixing typos, then please fill out another sign up and submit it. It will automatically adjust your original sign up, and you will not lose your team slot (unless you're switching teams, of course). You don't need to contact us to fix these sorts of problems with your sign up (in fact, please don't!)—the power is in your hands!

If there is something wrong with your sign up that you can't fix, or if you have a problem that's not covered by the above paragraph, then please E-MAIL US at with your Dreamwidth username and an overview of the problem. Don't send a tumblr ask—we won't be able to help you that way. Thank you!
I submitted my sign up and it brought me to Dreamwidth—what's going on?
The sign up form will ask you to authenticate your Dreamwidth username before submitting your sign up and placing you on the roster.
How do I know my sign up went through?
If you see your Dreamwidth username on the team roster, you're in!

If you know you signed up properly and you don't see yourself on the roster, try to sign up one more time. If it doesn't work a second time, please e-mail us at with your Dreamwidth username and a brief explanation of the problem. Thanks!
My OTP team is full! What do I do?
You'll still be able to create fanwork for your OTP during the bonus rounds. Don't worry! So go see if any other ships on the team roster catch your fancy, or make a team for another ship you love. The SASO is a good time to explore your love for a ship you might not usually make fanwork for otherwise!

In addition, you might check out Team Grandstand. There might be a switch-in period where Grandstand members can jump onto ship and sports teams. A spot might open up on your OTP's team later in the competition.
How do I drop from the SASO after I signed up?
We're sorry to see you go! Just sign up again and enter your team name as REMOVE, and you'll be dropped from the roster.
I signed up and the site spat a whole bunch of python error code at me!
It seems you found a bug we weren't able to work out before sign ups went live. We're very sorry about that! Please copy-and-paste the error message in full to Pastebin and e-mail us a copy of the link ( so we can fix it. Thank you!
I just want to vote on main round entries, or submit bonus round prompts. I don't want to create fanworks. Do I have to join the SASO?
It sounds like you want Team Grandstand, actually. Check them out!
I don't want to focus on just one ship! What do I do?
Check out the Sports Teams—they might work for you! Also, bonus rounds encourage everyone to write any ship they want, so you won't be locked into a single ship all summer. Don't worry!
What are the numbers beside the team names?
The number beside each team name (for example, "5/8") is a quick overview of how many people are on that team. If a team has less than 4 members and is dark red, it means that team is currently under the team minimum and needs more members before it can participate. If the team has 4-7 members and is dark pink, it means that the team has qualified for the SASO but can take more members. If a team has 8 members and is pale pink, it means that the team's full. If you're on a team that doesn't have enough members yet, don't despair! It just means you have to work a little harder to get enough teammates before sign ups close. Talk to your friends! Advertise your ship in your ship's tags or in other fandom spaces! Make a lot of noise for your team! We believe in you. You can gather enough people, don't give up!


To stay abreast of updates, please follow our tumblr and twitter. Good luck signing up for the team of your choice, and help us spread the word about the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics!