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SASO 2016: Remix Permission Post

SASO 2016 Remix Permission Post

This post allows SASO creators to give blanket permission for others to remix and build upon their fanworks. We have a remixing bonus round later in the event, which is why this matters.

In the remix bonus round, you could create a fanart of another work, a playlist inspired by a piece’s style, retell another person’s fanfic from another point of view, create a new fanfic inspired by a great piece of art, etc. as long as you have the original creator's permission. Both bonus round fills and main round entries can be remixed. You cannot remix works that were made outside of the SASO.

If you'd like to give permission, leave a comment here! Please mention your team name in your comment body or subject line so that your teammates don't accidentally remix your work.

Feel free to list any caveats or requirements you need to feel comfortable. You do not have to give permission if you don't want to; just don't leave a comment here in that case.

You can give a link to a list of your bonus round fills, if you wanted. You can host that list anywhere you want (Dreamwidth, Tumblr, GDOCs, etc.).

If your team would like to give blanket permission for main round entry or bonus round remixes, your team captain should make a post to that effect here. Make sure everyone on the team agrees first, though!

Thank you for your generosity, and happy remixing!
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Hello, I'm [personal profile] outstretched on Team Chihayafuru and I'm giving blanket permission for anyone who likes to remix my fanwork! I'd be really happy if you left a reply to this comment pointing towards your remix so I can fawn over it, too.

You can find my master list of fills here.

Happy fanworking!