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Bonus Round 2: Images

Bonus Round 2: Images

Back by popular demand, this round uses official canon artwork as fodder for speculation and extrapolation.
Please read the rules carefully before posting!

This round is CLOSED as of 7PM on June 23 EDT. Late fills may be posted, but they will not receive points.

  • Submit prompts in the form of a canon screencap from one of our nominated fandoms along with a ship. Screencaps can be from the anime or manga, as well as any other kind of offshoot media, e.g. official art, drama CD covers, light novel illustrations, magazine covers, photos from stage plays, and/or caps from games.
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    • Fills can be directly connected to the cap, e.g. panel redraws or writing fic that fleshes out the moment that was capped or that fleshes out what happened directly before/after, but fills can also be more indirectly linked. As long as the work is somehow inspired by the cap, it counts.
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[personal profile] catlarks 2016-06-10 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
Takashima Rei & Miyuki Kazuya (daiya no ace)

tags: none

Do you ever just... Think about the fact that Miyuki has known Rei since his first year of middle school and probably kept in touch with her during that time and calls her "Rei-chan" even though she scolds Eijun/anyone else not to, and fucking die? Because I sure do.
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FILL: Team Kuramochi Youichi/Miyuki Kazuya, G

[personal profile] kitaiichis 2016-06-12 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
major content tags: no warnings; non-linear narrative; a whole lot of my feelings for miyuki & rei's relationship

hi! i'm super pleased for this prompt, because i really love miyuki & rei's relationship, and i think about it a lot. so, thank you for giving me a chance to write about them! i hope you like this fill : ))

oh, and a teeny title note: in the hanakotoba, daises can mean "faith".

daisy blue horizons
2.1k, [AO3]


he’s almost finished fixing his game jersey back up again, fingers hovering over the second last button, when rei-chan finally lets loose. kazuya’s hands still. trying for a smile, kazuya finds the most he can muster is wishing he could feel more surprised by her outburst.

rei-chan says, “why didn’t you tell us? you know full well what happened to chris when he was injured.”

it doesn’t sound like a plead but kazuya thinks it might be one anyway. he thinks, of course i knew, of course i know. kazuya thinks, you always did know where to say it so it hurts. kazuya thinks, i’m sorry i can’t be the only one hurting right now. he doesn’t say any of these things, though. instead kazuya breathes, slow but shallow, and buttons up the rest of his jersey.

“well,” he tries, “we’ve got a long off period after this, so. i thought i could last another day.”

he doesn’t mean to pause in the middle but he does anyway and that makes him nervous, makes him jumpy in his own skin, everything too close but not close enough. the smile comes easier now, if a tad ruefully, so kazuya looks up at rei-chan to try and make up for it.

rei-chan’s having none of that, though.

“what’re you saying? we’ve got jingu coming up soon after this — you’re the one who’s going to be paying the price if you get injured.”

but see, rei-chan, i knew that from the very start.

now it’s kazuya’s turn to plead, except when he says it, it’s a lot harder to read as anything but what it is:

“there’s no jingu or senbatsu for us if we lose, rei-chan.”

and when he looks at rei-chan this time he sees something in her deflate, thinks it looks a like resigned acceptance, or a lot like forgiveness. he’s not quite sure; kazuya’s not used to being this honest, not with something as important as this. rei-chan probably knows that, too, which is why when she looks back at him kazuya can see the smile in her eyes even if it’s not anywhere else on the rest of her face.

forgiveness after all, then.

he exhales, settles back into himself, feeling both very big and very small in his own body.


rei-chan doesn’t come to all of his matches, but she does come watch when she can, and that’s always been good enough for kazuya. he doesn’t pay her any sort of special attention throughout the game, plays just like he always does, but he knows that she’s here, and that she’s watching, and it makes the motions feel different even though he knows they aren’t.

he wonders if this is what it’s like, if this is how it feels every time when parents come watch his team’s games.

kazuya grins, makes a quick catch of the ball before lunging forward, making a neat pick-off before the runner can reach second. “two outs,” he calls, grin wide then wider still as he crouches back behind home plate. there isn’t anything that feels better than being on the field, but kazuya thinks having someone there to see it makes for a close second.

after all, he never feels more alive than when he plays, and isn’t that all anyone can ask from anyone else?

when the game finishes he goes to track down rei-chan. she’s not always waiting where she was watching, so sometimes kazuya finds her first and sometimes he doesn’t. he finds her first today, though, runs up to her with the elated sense of urgency that follows after a win, and courses especially through him today.

“rei-chan,” he says, “since when were you watching?”

“bottom of the third, but you already know that,” rei-chan answers.

kazuya laughs. “whatcha think?”

“you played a good game,” she says, and kazuya knows that, too.

then she says: “congratulations on the win.”

he pauses, lets the compliment sink in and buoy him up, lets it carry him higher, higher.

“thanks — wait, rei-chan, did you get shorter? look.”

kazuya rests a hand over the top of his head before waving it at rei-chan, just under her nose. rei-chan huffs but she’s looking anyway, which is all kazuya really asked her to do.

“yes, yes, you’ve grown taller again,” rei-chan doesn’t indulge him all that often, and kazuya eats it up whenever she does.

“i’ll probably be taller than you once i start high school,” he informs her seriously, playfully.

“you’ve still got another year before that,” rei-chan says.

kazuya hums, “uh-huh, but i will — you’ll see.”

then rei-chan smiles, and kazuya knows she believes him.


kazuya sees rei-chan a lot more often once he enrols at seidou, but not as often as he first expected. practice takes up the majority of his time, and rei-chan’s not the most frequent visitor of seidou’s field B where the first years run, or even the bullpen, once he’s moved up to the first string. plus, rei-chan teaches english, so it’s not like kazuya’ll go out of his way to talk to her then.

but he makes it a point to say hello whenever he does see her, and rei-chan does the same.

she’s talking to some students — second years, kazuya thinks — when he rounds the corner into the hallway she’s in, on his way back from the vending machine. he nods at her, flashing a quick smile, already prepared to walk by without interrupting. rei-chan must’ve finished whatever she was saying, though, because she waves him over as the other students leave.

“miyuki-kun,” she says, just like always.

“rei-chan,” kazuya replies, just as easily.

eyeing the can of coffee in his hands, she raises a brow at him. kazuya lifts the can up higher for her to inspect, and waits cheerfully enough for her to react. but, he never has been very good with patience.

“i could grab you one if you like, you know. there’s a vending machine just around the corner.”

rei-chan laughs. “you shouldn’t be offering to buy your teachers coffee, miyuki-kun.”

“rei-chan,” kazuya says, “i’m asking a serious question, here.”

rolling her eyes, rei-chan says: “is this how you address all your teachers?”

“no, this is how i talk to you.” because it is.

this takes her by surprise for reasons kazuya isn’t really sure of, but he can probably guess, and that makes him want to laugh a little. rei-chan exhales, the kind of deep breathing someone does in preparation for doing something they probably shouldn’t.

“well, don’t let any of them catch on to it, then. or any of the other students, on that note.”

“oh?” kazuya beams up at her, plays the innocent card rei-chan hasn’t bought since the very beginning. “don’t want anyone else calling you rei-chan, rei-chan?”

“common courtesy, miyuki-kun,” rei-chan replies, which doesn’t really answer kazuya’s question, which itself is answer enough.


even after he retires, kazuya still finds himself wandering over to the practice fields. he doesn’t really fight it, accepting the habit for what it is: part boredom and restlessness, part deeply ingrained muscle memory, part something to do with his hands, his body. it’s getting late, and cold, too — or maybe that’s just part and parcel with the oncoming fall, nights quicker and longer, chill sticking inside kazuya’s collar, lingering beneath his skin.

he misses practicing while it’s still daytime.

“feeling nostalgic?”

kazuya turns, even though he already knows he’ll find rei-chan standing behind him. they’ve started talking here every now and again, too, even if rei-chan never does join him, sitting down on the steps overlooking the field.

“something like that,” kazuya allows. “what brings you here, rei-chan?”

rei-chan considers this, and settles on saying, “i suppose you’re not the only one feeling that way.”

“eh, miss us already?”

rei-chan throws him a Look, and kazuya smiles back, big enough it forces his eyes closed so that for just a moment, he can’t tell what rei-chan’s face looks like. he finds he still knows even before he opens his eyes again.

“it happens to be the best of us,” rei-chan says.

kazuya throws caution he doesn’t feel to the wind and asks her, “do the best of us feel it more often than others?”

there’s a pause. for a second kazuya thinks rei-chan’s going to pat his head, or ruffle his hair like she used to, hand hovering between them until it falls back to her side. kazuya lets out a breath, trying not to think about what he was expecting to happen.

“i think the only one who can answer your question is you, miyuki-kun.”

like kazuya didn’t know that already. but there’s something to be said hearing it from somebody else, from rei-chan.

“there’s still the rest of the year,” rei-chan continues, and her voice doesn’t drop any volume but it feels quieter to kazuya anyway. rei-chan finishes: “and even after, you can come back whenever you like.”

“and even after, huh,” kazuya echoes.

it’s silent again for a while after that, but not soundless: from where they are kazuya can hear bats swinging from the indoor practice building, the rush of birds flying overhead before winter can catch their flight, a yell from across the fields they both know is probably sawamura. moments later, the yell roars up into a scream, and kazuya corrects his thought from probably to definitely.

finally, rei-chan says, “well, i’ll let you think about it.”

“i guess i will,” kazuya says, and he stays and watches the grounds for a while after rei-chan leaves.


“i never thought i’d get to see such a high-level game at the senior league level,” someone calls from behind.

kazuya turns, taking in the pretty onee-san just before she continues: “what decided the game today is the difference between your teammates. you’ve got high ideals and the drive to improve — have you ever considered being surrounded by teammates like that? you should be playing baseball at a much higher level.”

she’s right, kazuya thinks, blinking. that sounds interesting. but more importantly —

“sure, but. who are you?”

now it’s onee-san’s turn to stop and stare. kazuya watches her motionless flounder for a few seconds, amused. then she clears her throat and says, “seidou high school’s soon-to-be associate manager, takashima rei. i’m here to scout you.”

it’s kind of funny how she’s trying to act like she didn’t just swing and miss right in front of him, but kazuya guesses he’ll let it slide this time. after all, it’s not every day you get someone like onee-san trying to scout you. and for a school like seidou, too.

“i think you might be rushing it a bit, though,” kazuya admits. “after all, i’m only a first year.”

onee-san pauses again, and kazuya really is about to laugh this time except she interrupts his first, quick, inhale — “a first year? only? i suppose, no wonder you’re so short, look…” her hand flurries way above kazuya’s head, and he might be sitting down right now but it’s still annoying to think he wouldn’t be able to knock her hand away even if he stands.

not that he’s going to, though.

kazuya frowns. “hey, onee-san, are you really a scout for seidou?”

“eh? you —.” rei-chan stares him down. kazuya stares back. “you, are you sure you’re only a first year?”

“you’re avoiding the question,” kazuya points out. onee-san sticks her tongue out at him, and if anything that should make him even more suspicious but it just makes him like her, instead. “well, whatever. it’s nice meeting you. it’s miyuki, by the way. miyuki kazuya.”

this makes onee-san smile, and it lights up her whole face when she does, but especially her eyes. kazuya wonders if anyone else thinks so too, because she’s wearing glasses, but kazuya’s got his glasses on and he can see her just fine.

“it’s nice to meet you too, miyuki-kun.”

and oh, that’s right, he should call her by her name too, shouldn’t he? in that case —

“ne, rei-chan.” if rei-chan’s taken by surprise this time, she doesn’t show it, and kazuya warms up to her even more. “what’s it like? seidou, i mean.”

rei-chan hums, but the smile hasn’t left her face. there’s one on kazuya’s, now, too.

“seidou, huh. well, miyuki-kun, why don’t you come visit some time and see?”

kazuya really thinks he might. he’d like to, anyhow, but there’s no rush. he’s got time.

“aw,” he drawls, noise for the sake of noise, but also to make rei-chan laugh, which she does, and kazuya thinks yes, yes, there’s absolutely no rush at all.

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Re: FILL: Team Kuramochi Youichi/Miyuki Kazuya, G

[personal profile] karahashi 2016-06-13 01:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Ohhhh and the mixed count here works really well!! I love their easy, relaxed dynamic they have, and they way you chose to explore the timeline of their relationship :) Miyuki reads as the younger one here, for sure, and it's a really interesting way to see his character - fresh, even, and really great! The contrast between how they've built up to v. and their start at i. was nice, so nice :DD This is such a lyrical piece - I like it a lot!!
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Re: FILL: Team Kuramochi Youichi/Miyuki Kazuya, G

[personal profile] kitaiichis 2016-06-14 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
non-linear's always interesting for me to write! i originally considered whether or not i should order the scenes chronologically, but i realised what i really wanted was to, kind of highlight? i guess, just how long miyuki's known rei, and how he still calls her rei-chan all this time, and they're both pretty fond of and familiar with each other :"))

thank you for commenting! :D