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SASO 2016: Second Team Switching Period - CLOSED

SASO 2016 Team Switching Period



The team switching period lasts for one week: from today (June 26) to July 3 @ 7:00PM EDT. (Countdown Timer.)

During this time, you can move from:
  1. Team Grandstand to a Ship/Sports Team
  2. A Ship/Sports Team to Team Grandstand
  3. A Ship/Sports team to another Ship/Sports team ONLY because your teammates have vanished/you can't get in touch with them, and you'd like to move to a team that's more active.
If you want to switch from your ship/sports team to another ship/sports team for any other reason (interpersonal stress, etc.) then this is not the place to do it. Instead, please e-mail the mods at with your DW username, your team, and a brief summary of what's going on. If you don't want to do that, you can switch to Grandstand with no questions asked.


To switch teams, leave a comment to this post. (All comments are screened.)

Use the following form, leaving the HTML alone and removing the text in brackets:

Problems, questions, concerns, just contact the mods.

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