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Bonus Round 7: Recs

Bonus Round 7: Recs

You've created so much during this event, so here's a round to celebrate each other's achievements!

This round is CLOSED as of 7PM on August 24 EDT. Late fills may be posted, but they will not receive points.

  • Recommend at least three fanworks from main or bonus rounds. Your recommendations don’t have to be connected in any way, and you do not need permission to recommend a work.
  • Don't rec your own work. You can recommend things created by your own team, but please spread the love to other teams too.
  • Each recommendation must include at least two sentences explaining why that fanwork is awesome. Please use the format specified below.
  • You may recommend as many works as you like, as long as they are posted separately in groups of at least three.
  • There will be no prompts for this round. Simply post each fill/recommendation list as a comment in response to this post.
  • Remember to follow the general bonus round rules, outlined here.

Bonus round shenanigans all happen in the comments below. Brand-new works only, please.

Format your comment in the following way:

If FILLING (all teams):
  • Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team you belong to
  • Copy and paste the following form into a comment and fill it out. Delete things in brackets, and leave the HTML alone.

Posts not using this format will be understood to be unofficial discussion posts, regardless of what they contain. They, like all comments in this community, are subject to the code of conduct.

These numbers apply to your team as a whole, not each individual teammate. Make as many fills as you want!

For fills:

First 3 fills by any member of your team: 20 points each
Fills 4-10: 10 points each
Fills 11-20: 5 points each
Fills 21+: 2 points each

All scored content must be created new for this round.

If you're hunting through the prompts looking for what to fill, a good trick is to view top-level comments only.

Have a question? Check The FAQ first. If you still need help, feel free to contact the mods. Happy fanworking!
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[personal profile] catlarks 2016-08-24 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Theme: Daiya no Ace Fic Fills, RyouMiyu Horror (And Drowning!) Edition

Title: Miyuki Attempts to Exorcise Ryousuke of Haruichi's Ghost
Creator(s): [personal profile] arsenicjay
Rating: M
Major Tags: horror, witchcraft/magic, religious imagery, off-screen sibling death, vomiting, drowning, scopophobia
Why is this work awesome?: This fic is gorgeous and I cannot recommend it highly enough. AJ's prose is crisp and clean and full of incredibly thoughtful, detailed descriptions of the magic rituals which form the backbone of the tale. It accomplishes so much in such a small space, evoking an entire world behind Miyuki's magic shop and Ryousuke's history with his brother before Haruichi's death. And the characterization is perfect, incredibly nuanced, incredibly clever, Ryousuke is pitiless yet permissive, allowing Miyuki to attempt to rid him of his brother's ghost more than asking for it, while Miyuki is creative and flexible and a really fun narrator to perch on as the ghost puts him through the wringer. Heed the tags, yes, but be aware that everything depicted is in my opinion quite tasteful and lovingly written.

Title: Octopus Monsters Ryousuke and Haruichi Drown Miyuki
Creator(s): [personal profile] hapaxlegomenon
Rating: M
Major Tags: monsters, horror, gore, death, evisceration, manipulation
Why is this work awesome?: I adore this fic for the monster biology first and foremost. Pax works in an aquarium and has a lot of knowledge of sea life; that knowledge was put toward the mechanics of these monsters and I love that the Kominatos skin changes color with their moods. I love the mechanics of how they hunt and the ways in which they're at once inhuman and chilling, and in line with their canon selves. It may sound weird to say about a horror premise, but I also really love the way their brotherly relationship translates into this AU, and how much they clearly care about each other.

Title: Terrifying Immortal Sirens Ryousuke and Haruichi
Creator(s): [personal profile] uwu_anon
Rating: M
Major Tags: death, murder, multiple character death, drowning, firearms, blood, gore, the occult, brief descriptions of dead bodies, rot, and decay, brief implications of cannibalism
Why is this work awesome?: The thing I love most about this fic is the mythology Jeanna has created. There's a density to the world that comes from the magic of the monsters and all of their history, the way Ryousuke and Haruichi's past comes to the fore when Miyuki shows up to get his revenge for Kuramochi. I love the subtle ties of all the relationships and I love the way this is a tragedy, that there is no revenge to be had and how even who "triumphs" through the conflict doesn't really win.