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SASO 2016: Talkback


This post is closed; thank you for your feedback. If you would like to provide constructive criticism, please contact the mods directly. All further replies to this entry are screened.

The mods still plan to reply to the topics listed at the bottom of the post.


This is not the final wrap-up results/etc. post—that's coming in a couple of days. But while the mods tabulate final scores and create prize graphics, now's a good time to look back and reflect on your SASO 2016 experience.

Please leave comments giving us feedback on the event this year! What did you like? What did you dislike or find frustrating? What can we improve for next year, and how can we improve it? What was your favorite part of the event? Least favorite? Would you participate next year or not? Why? If you could mention your team when making your comment, we'd appreciate it.

If you would prefer to submit your comments in private, you can e-mail us at or send us a Dreamwidth PM. We would prefer it if you'd put "Talkback" in the subject line.

Here's what the mod team plans to improve for next year:
  • Voting program reliability. We'd like to apologize again for all of the server dowtnime, and definitely plan to make it much more stable for next year. The voting system in general, though, will remain the same.

  • Bonus round program reliability. We think we got most of the kinks out during this year, but want to keep it stable for next year too.

  • Dreamwidth capability for NSFW cross-posting. We didn't have time to implement it this year, but next year it should be ready to go.

  • Clarifying the rules, especially on what "popular culture media" is acceptable to include in SASO work.
We also wanted to thank you again for being patient with us this year. We had a lot of technical hiccups, and you were all so kind while our heroic codermods worked out the kinks. We really appreciated your support.


Mod Replies: (updated 12:55PM EDT 8/28/16)

Please note that inclusion of a topic on this list indicates that we're going to address it, not that we've made any decisions on judging/implementing or not implementing it.

The preliminary vote system
Triggers in a participant's assigned vote pool
Juried panel (having the mods decide which entries were the best)
Voting mechanics
Bonus Rounds:
Promptless rounds
One day break between bonus rounds
Bonus round prompt and fill tracking/filtering
Recs round work count
Image size limit
Remix round
Remix/rec round timing
Rec round
Quality control (both prompts and fills)
What is allowed as a fill (tags and ratings)
Unscreening bonus rounds
Fairness to small teams
Comment screening
Main Rounds:
The anonymity policy
Twitter tone
What information gets posted where
Considering a dreamwidth announcement community
Mod participation in the event
princesssid: manga screencap of tendou as a small child looking blank and staring at the camera (tendou)

(frozen comment) ps from Team Aya/Miki

[personal profile] princesssid 2016-08-28 05:58 am (UTC)(link)
First of all I would like to say that I had a lot of fun with SASO this summer, more than I did last year (though I think that's more on me for being more involved this time around). Lots of thanks to the mods for wrangling such a huge and sprawling event! I'm particularly grateful for the quick replies to any questions I had.

Looking through the comments above I see that people have many suggestions for the voting process for the main rounds, especially re: the list of entries we get. Since I don't know what decision the mods will come to with how to split up entries, I'm going to offer my suggestion with the assumption that the lists will still be randomized the same way:

At no point did I worry that I wouldn't get a chance to vote, even when the servers were down. The mods made it clear that work was being put into bringing the servers back up, and that we would be given an extension. So that was not frustrating. The only frustration I had was that I wasn't able to access my list of entries to read, so I had no idea what to read while I waited (I do not have the time to read everything, which is why I am happy with the randomized list). I trust the system will be more stable next year but just in case, is it possible to provide the pull list separately from the voting form?

(I can't tell if what I wrote makes sense outside of my own mind, so if you need clarification, please do tell me.)


Having read other comments on this post, some more thoughts:

- I enjoyed the promptless BRs though I agree with many comments above wrt spacing them out. They were great, but a lot one after another, and I think I would have enjoyed the myth and lore one more earlier on (though not as a BR1, I think having BR1 prompted helps get everyone comfortable with each other).

- For the remix round I found sometimes I wanted something remixed but didn't want to do it myself. It would be cool to have another post (no points) where we can ask for remixes of other people's works (with the requirement of cross-referencing the permissions post). This would also be good for finding inspiration. Then again, people are suggesting google spreadsheets, etc., so that might fulfill a similar need. This is very much an off the cuff suggestion.

- The gift tag round was creatively fulfilling on the prompting end for me, not so much on the filling end. Even now I can't tell if I was too tired/lazy for that round or if I really could not come up with any ideas that were more than just "char A gives char B a present". (This is more a personal preference for what I wanted to write. I want to clarify I enjoyed many fills I saw that were essentially characters giving presents). The thing is, I don't want to be discouraging of the idea for this round because it really was unique, and I like seeing ideas like that.

I can't wait for another year, and I really hope I will have the time to participate again. I want to get even more creative and interesting with my prompts and fills, and meet new people, and read new things, and find new fandoms! Thanks again for the opportunity to do all those things this year!
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(frozen comment) grandstand initially, switched to team imanaru

[personal profile] winterstuck 2016-08-28 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
First, a big thank you to the mods for running this event! It was a lot of fun and a huge source of motivation for me personally to draw, and that, I think more than anything else, is what I love most about SASO. Recently, it seems that the only fandom events are exchanges, and while exchanges are great in their own way, I think SASO offers a unique experience that's hard to find elsewhere. So seriously, thank you guys so much.

Please don't add quality filters to this event. Please don't. Other than quality itself being super subjective, it was really freeing to know that I could choose to either fill w/ sketches or fully polished art. I understand that it might be seem unfair in some ways that a sketch gets the same number of points as a 4k+ fic, but you don't really win anything in SASO other than what you create and the gifts you receive. I know this topic has been mentioned already and it's not something the mods can really do anything about, but maybe put it in big bold text somewhere visible? Just a reminder that's there in case people forget.

Also, I don't think there should be a cap on points in the br. I feel like if you want to be competitive to the extent where 2 points matter, that should be an option. The current point system is skewed towards MR rankings having greater weight, so I'm not really sure what limiting points in brs would really accomplish?

I definitely enjoyed the bonus rounds more this year (though part of that may be b/c I didn't have to spend time stressing over the MR on top of br fills ahaha...) I liked all the themes (thank you for not doing fst this year) and while I was initially hesitant about br5, it ended up being the one I liked most. People weren't really requesting small fandoms, so I was very happy for the chance to draw without having to depend on someone else having first requested it. I hope there will be a similar round next year.

It seems there are some who didn't like the promptless format, so maybe you could compromise and have the prompt be optional? Have it so if you want to leave prompts, you can, but if you want to do your own thing, you can also leave fills that aren't attached to a specific prompt.

I'm kind of ambivalent on the remix round in general. On one hand, I've had a lot of fun with remixes, but in a lot of ways it feels very similar to the rec round, in that you're essentially promoting previous fills you liked? Especially since they were simultaneous this year, there was a lot of overlap, but perhaps that's just me. Since there's a limit to how many round there can be, personally I'd prefer what was last year's bbr (past round prompts you didn't get a chance to fill) to a remix round.

Which kind of segues into another point mentioned above, the fact that it's hard to find fills (to remix or rec) b/c of a lack of tagging system. I'd like to second the kink meme-esque fill post idea, since it's probably the solution that requires the least amount of mod involvement.

I think you guys mentioned an automated br scoring program, but I don't know how much work it'd take to adapt that to automatically spit out a list of fills, or even prompts, that passed the check, since that really depends the code. Honestly, more than fills, I'd like some kind of tagging system for prompts. Being someone who wasn't in the largest fandoms this year, wading through prompts in search of something I could fill was the most draining part of the event. At the same time, I understand that this is something that's probably not achievable.

Re rec round: rather than changing word limits, I'd rather you change the scoring curve instead? Have it so that it's not realistic to use rec round to catch up, maybe every rec starting from the first is a flat 2 points? Completely getting rid of points would also get rid of part of the motivational aspect, so having points as a small incentive, but not large enough to contribute to ranking changes might be good?

On that note, I'd like to apologize if any of my recs made anyone feel uncomfortable. I sincerely did not set out to write recs that would make people feel bad. Regardless, intent means very little after the fact, so if this happened, I am very, very sorry m(_ _)m

Re voting: I've really warmed to the idea of having 10 randomized entries b/c it has made me step outside my usual fandoms and helped me discover amazing works I otherwise would not have read. But I do agree w/ an earlier suggestion of having blacklisted content tags. This year's MR was a lot more tame compared to last year's, but I would have loved that option b/c I forced myself to read things and ended up not finishing and being very uncomfortable in many of those cases.

I don't know if this would make it harder to implement, but maybe out of the 3 choices, only 2 of them have to be from the 10 entries given to us, and the last can be one of our own choice? Or add a 4th option that's a vote for an entry outside what we're assigned.

However, I definitely preferred this year's opaqueness to last year's dw poll, and from what you guys have said, hopefully next year's voting system should run smoothly.

I was a lot more active on twitter this year compared to last, and I think that played a really big role in my feelings towards how informative the official twitter was. I'm definitely an advocate for more announcements on tumblr. Since tumblr is a lot less interactive than twitter, maybe have that be the official announcements site w/o the memes/etc?

One part I found confusing: the final MR rankings aren't posted on the main dw account at all? I know it was announced on twitter, but twitter isn't very good about finding older tweets, especially since a lot of other things are also posted. It was only during rec round when I was looking for MR urls that I realized where you guys did post the rankings, which came as a huge surprise. It might be more intuitive for people to find if the voting post on the main dw instead is edited instead? (Also you wouldn't have to add "(Top 15)" since the top 15 are already there on the post, so it's less work too?)

Overall, I had a lot of fun this summer, and will probably participate again next year, though on a less competitive scale. Sorry this got kind of long, but I'm really grateful to the mods and all the participants, especially those who were competitive. Thank you guys for being active until the end, it was very heartening to create (and die) alongside all of you <3!
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(frozen comment) team.... kyouhaba.... woof woof

[personal profile] reffieisred 2016-08-28 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
[starts the beat] if you’re reading this, it’s too late, i’m droppin this feedback like a mixtape

yea enough of that for right now it’s 2 am

SO! SASO this year. I gotta lot of thoughts, my pals. Like most people, there were things I enjoyed, things I liked, things I disliked, and things that put me off a bit. First, though, the positives:

1. The Bonus Rounds. I really enjoyed the topics this time around! I feel like I may be an odd one out on this one a wee bit, and this may only be because of my specific circumstances, but I ADORED Myths and Lore. It was so interesting to see what people came up with without prompting-- it seemed to heighten some of the creativity, you dig? Now, I do agree that the rec round should have had some kind of cap on it, much like BR0 had. Other than that.... no qualms with the Bonus Rounds, if I do say so myself!

2. Main Round Limitations. As someone who came from a team who did have some issues with limitations, this year the rules and limitations felt just a bit easier to understand, ESPECIALLY for mixed media.

3. My General Happy Feelings…. I don’t know how many of the mods (or anyone in SASO really) knew that I was studying abroad in China during the…. entirety of SASO, which was a rather stressful and new experience for me, but having SASO occur during it was…. actually rather pleasing. It offered an outlet, an “other place” for me to go when homesickness was rearing its ugly head. It also gave me a GREAT sense of comradery, which was a good thing for me to have during this time-- I was dealing with some really really bad bouts of loneliness, and having a team of people who loved a ship as much as I do really….. well, it really made me feel a fuckton better. At the end of the day, the best thing to me about SASO is just that-- a massive group of talented as fuck individuals coming together to basically sob about how much they love the sports animes/mangas that tear their lives apart in a beautiful way. It promotes a sense of togetherness, a sense of competition, and a sense of humour in a lovely 2-month horse race.

Okay, now the things that I had some form of issue with… which, needless to say, were few and far between. You all did a great job running this, please don’t forget that!

1.The Voting Process. Okay, so I had a love-hate relationship with this one. I kinda enjoyed the style of randomly assigning some of the entries, if only to help keep bias out a bit, but I also feel that it was a hindrance for those that either were assigned a notp, something that could be triggering, or something that they plain and simple had no idea about. Now, as for a solution…. I did see somewhere the idea of being able to cycle through two or three different “voting group” choices, but that exact idea may have to be tweaked a bit.

2.The Mod Twitter. Please understand that I understand-- the mods are here to have fun as well. This is my personal opinion, but the way that the announcement of the MR1 and MR2 finalist was carried out seemed….. very nerve wracking and disheartening. I understand that you guys wanted to have fun with it, I really do, but honestly switching the order around and announcing it backwards so the Ks were last and announcing the teams once at a time just was nerve wracking. I would really rather have them all announced at once! Similarly, as someone who was in on some of the inside jokes and not on others, I can definitely see where people come from when they say that the twitter seemed to be a bit exclusive. I personally believe it is okay for some back-and-forth from time to time, but it did get a bit excessive and drown out important info.

yeehaw. And now, addressing things that I have seen OTHERS comment on:

1.Quality-control. I really, truly, have a lot of feelings about this one, but to sum it all up, I believe the idea of “quality-control” on something that everyone is 1) doing for fun, 2) doing for free, and 3) doing for no prize seems…. very entitled and extremely rude. You have no way of knowing how much effort someone put into a fill, nor do you know how “quality” they see it compared to you. Furthermore, “quality” is very subjective. Who would be the bar? Would the mods have time to personally screen every single BR fill and grade it in a timely manner? Wouldn’t it also be insulting? And finally, and maybe I am being redundant, but it is EXTREMELY insulting to judge something as “low-quality” for yourself when this is FOR. FREE. Not everyone has time. Not everyone has the resources.

2.Mod Behavior. The mods are people too! They’ll make mistakes. They’ll get frustrated. And they deserve to participate in their own event! Now, if this were for an ACTUAL PRIZE of some sort, I might be a little more wary, but guess what: it isn’t! It’s all for fun. Literally. This is all free and for fun, so I feel the mods should get to participate too. I already said my piece about what they need to work on, but in all honesty they are doing a fantastic job.

okay that’s literally it Jesus Christ I wrote so much but I want to say one more time that, no matter what I found issue with, SASO means a whole lot to me. It made getting through this summer a helluva lot easier on me, and it has made me some damn good friendships.

catlarks: (SASO: Cards)

(frozen comment)

[personal profile] catlarks 2016-08-28 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
Seconding you on the top fifteen announcement thing.

I would much, much, MUCH prefer top fifteen be announced through a single static post listing every team who made the cut. I'm sure suspense is fun for some people but for me it makes my anxiety spike by like 300% so I deliberately avoided twitter while top fifteen were being announced and then scrolled back through the mod twitter to see the results once they were all posted.
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(frozen comment) a long tl;dr by someone from team furusawa

[personal profile] clefairy 2016-08-28 01:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, so this took me five hundred years (ciel, it was half a day) to put into words, and it's gonna probably be on the long side, but sit tight and if you have the time, please hear me out!

FIRST OF ALL, thank you so much to the organisers and moderators for the event! SASO is the only event of it's kind out there, and I was really excited to be a part of it this year after only hearing about it second hand (both good and bad) from friends. I was looking forward to meeting new people maybe and cranking out new content for fandoms and what not! Managed to meet a malaysian crew!??!! Which is awesome, because sports anime really isn't terribly big here (especially daiya!?) so yeah!!!

I was a part of a small, tight nit team of 4, and I love my team members a lot and wouldn't trade that for the world - we made awesome OTP content and had a lot of fun on our MR entries and that was really the Gold Medal for me. But herein lies where I had a lot of problems because of the small nature of our group.

I wholly understand that this is a competition with no real prizes/rewards other than gloating rights, but just because it's a competition "for fun" doesn't mean it isn't a competition at all, and I kind of resent a lot of comments that say people taking the points thing too seriously forget that this is a competition for fun. Just because it's a "fun competition" doesn't mean we can't be competitive!

ANYWAY...please scroll to the bottom of the word vomit for the tl;dr edition.


Re: Communication/Social Media
Ok guys, I'm not even gonna sugar coat this: it was a royal hot mess.

Updates were inconsistent and drifted between twitter, tumblr and dreamwidth, with a lot of important updates not being posted to one or the other. It would be MR results on twitter, without that being posted on tumblr, it would be reminders on tumblr to vote but not on twitter, it would be announcements that voting was closed only on twitter but not on tumblr, the dreamwidth wouldn't have up to date Voting open/closed status, and the method of announcing results on twitter was really stressful. I understand that mods have lives, but it would have been nice to have concise updates, even if it was only few, on a fixed location that would be easy for us to find.

I understand the idea of suspense, and coming from a community that has plenty of friendly competitions, perhaps doing something like a results video might be nice, with a final "rankings" list for people who have anxiety problems and don't want to watch those videos. That way they can opt in/out for the suspense and it's fun for everyone! Example if you needed it. It really doesn't even have to be as pretty or fancy or over-the-top as this one, you could always do it meme-style like what SASO mods seem to enjoy a lot!

As others have pointed out, the memes were pretty difficult to follow at times. I'm not against the concept of having fun, but a lot of times it did feel a bit "inside joke"-y, and not really inclusive to those that aren't a part of the circle. I do think it's a problem when memes overrun important announcements, so perhaps having all actual announcements posted to tumblr (and I mean all, not just some, as it seemed to be the case this year) with it being cross-posted to twitter could be the solution.

Also seconding the idea that final results should also be posted on the DW and not just on tumblr. Or if anything, they should be posted on DW, fullstop, and everything else could be a repost. The competition exists on DW and it only seems fitting that the results should be easily accessible from the main community.

Re: Main Rounds
I really enjoyed the themes, and I think my teammates all enjoyed it too! We had a blast trying to come up with "how do we BS our completely irrelevant entry that we made just because we wanted to to fit the theme".

I thought that it could have been described more clear and concise on what was allowed during the editing period though. It felt like that wasn't actually addressed properly, and I appreciate the prompt reply from mods when we asked about how much was needed to pass the initial deadline and what not.

Other than that, I had a blast. I signed up to make gay OTP videos, and we managed to do just that so yay!

Re: BR prompt formats
GOD IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ANYTHING. I wish there was a way we could possibly have sorted by fandom at the very least. Perhaps you could consider crowdsourcing it out to the participants themselves to help keep a list of sorts so it doesn't all fall to mods to update.

Maybe a googleform (or you know, one of your cool custom programs like the auto-updating signup form) where you can submit a link to your prompt with the fandom tag?! I don't personally think it would be a lot much effort for me to do it and I would do it if the option was available to me so long as instructions were clear!

Re: BR point caps
I'm personally against the idea of having rec round have points at all. It feels insincere, and while I was scrolling through, it definitely felt a lot like people were doing it just for points and no longer rec'ing stuff because they genuinely wanted to. As a result, I personally avoided doing it, and ended up just linking stuff I liked that I would have done on the rec post had it not gone against my personal ideals, to my followers on twitter or in LINE convos instead. Call it me being stubborn but I guess I wasn't about to earn empty points for something I would have done for nothing, so I went ahead and did just that.

Anyway, back to the main dish, coming from the perspective of a small group that's already down on numbers, BR was...tough. Because there was only all 4 of us, all hands were on deck with MR, and ultimately none of us were able to produce a large amount of BR, of which I totally do not resent any member in my group for at all, since MR was our top priority - I personally only managed to do a grand total of 5 fills, which is kind of sad if you think about it, but between real life and MR, I had a lot on my plate, despite having a lot I wanted to fill (I've bookmarked lots of prompts for future things maybe).

A lot of people seem to have this idea that BR doesn't add up to much, and MR heavily weights on the final ranks "so why are people upset about the lack of cap", but actually that's wasn't the case. Our team ranked 8th in the first MR1 (thank you so much to everyone that watched our entry and voted btw! we totally didn't expect it as a small rarepair), however in terms of total standings as of MR1, we were rank 18th out of all the groups (with most of the other 4member teams around similar rankings). We were ranked below a couple groups that were churning out enough BR entries to get 300+ points every round despite not making final vote for MR1, and it's pretty disheartening to know that for all the effort we put into MR, it's not like we really did have an edge. For me personally, it was a big demotivator to know this, because it felt like had we thrown our MR entriely and just did 20 BR fills per person every BR, we would have been in the same position. It also ironically made us want to do BRs even less even after we had some free time after finishing MR2, because "what's the point?" was the prevailing thought amongst our entire group. Compared to larger groups that could have afforded the time and members to divide between MR and BR, we were not only put at a manpower disadvantage that we understood right from the start (that isn't the part I'm complaining about), but we were put in a growing disadvantage because BRs don't cap at all, allowing larger teams to run ahead while smaller teams are left to struggle at the bottom just because we physically can't create the same amount of "free time" as a group with 8 people.

While I understand the concept is that SASO is meant to encourage you to put out as much as you can, and I don't believe actual "quality control" nor a judged point scale should be applied since it's a highly subjective thing, I do think a cap would have been nice to have. Especially on the last day, when I thanked someone for their fill, I got a response that went something like "Oh most people don't like poetry fills, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do for points", and it was kind of...sad? for me to see that that was the mentality, instead of "creating content" with a purpose other than to earn points. It's no longer "fun" but "mechanical" when it gets like that and just feels kind of like the wrong mentality to be promoting ;;

Re: The BR prompt trigger warning thingamajigy

On the topic of respecting a prompter's trigger warnings and ships/notps, I do think that's something fillers should respect. I do think fillers should be free to run away with an idea of inspiration calls, though if it's possibly something they think the prompter won't be okay with in their inbox, it's probably common courtesy to ask if it's okay. There's a difference between creative freedom and being disrespectful, and I think the fact that there have been those who have blatantly disregarding what a prompter has requested especially with trigger warnings like death/violence etc, is pretty rude. Whilst I don't think prompters should be so overly specific that it limits the possibilities to just 1 possible fill, I also think that it's their right to not receive something that could be triggering to them in their inbox when they have specifically requested to exclude such stuff.

Re: Remixes
I'm personally not a huge fan at all of doing them, especially with points attached to it because it feels insincere (again, similar to my issue with recs), though I did appreciate the one remix that I received very much. But I don't particularly have anything to complain about with it.

Re: BR Themes in general
SASO has made me realise that...I love making people's lives miserable with angst prompts, and I really did enjoy the less limiting prompt rounds like BR1 and BR4! Prompting was honestly my entire fun in BRs considering I didn't have the time for it, so when that was extremely limiting in BR2 and BR3, robbed from me completely in BR5, I just kind of lost interest in BR entirely (coupled with my first concern brought up about just plain not having the time to juggle with MR).

I do think that the promptless round might have been more fun if the theme was a lot less restricted to a specific type of AU, because I personally am never really into AUs at all, and it was just something that I wasn't interested in...coupled with complete lack of prompts to get me going especially after MR2 burnout. Though that said, a lot of people seemed to have enjoyed it, so maybe it's going to be around to stay, and I just personally will skip that round and it probably won't be a big deal if I join again next year!

Re: Voting
Ah, the good ol' controversial voting debate. I wasn't in the last SASO so I didn't know about public DW polls, but I do think the current hidden until results system is fine! I trust that the mods aren't going to fudge it, because there's really no merit in doing so.

I didn't personally have any complaints about the server instability - I trusted that it would be up eventually and I was really glad when mods were receptive to my suggestion of extending the voting period by a few days due to the difficulties in MR1 Vote. I was more confused by the lack of communication regarding the issue on any of the social media platforms until we prompted directly, multiple times from multiple people, and I definitely thought that could have been handled better.

Truth be told, the randomiser was something that didn't sit right with me. It's extremely difficult for me to objectively read something that I'm not in a fandom for or interested it, and I felt like I was being extremely disrespectful when I did the old 'one over' where I skimmed the entire thing for art/cosplay and then decided if I wanted to read it or not from that, since I obviously had next to no context for most of the ships. It's tough for me to judge whether it was well written or not because I don't know the character dynamics and what they're supposed to be like, and it was hard for it to resonate with me even if I could objectively say it was a good entry. At the same time, for entries I really did enjoy, whether it was an OTP or a NOTP in a fandom I was in, it was frustrating that I couldn't have a say over whether they landed in the final vote or not, and I had to leave it up to fate, and sometimes fate didn't want those entries to be in the final vote, and I felt this crushing feeling of regret that I couldn't contribute to help them get into the final vote I thought they deserved.

The suggestion so far of voting for 2 on the list, and a final free pick vote seems like a good suggestion though. That last vote can very well be from your list if you wanted to, or it can be from stuff not on the list.

LASTLY, this is more of a question rather than a direct concern, but how do you know if your entry was evenly distributed to voters that actually voted? This was a niggling question at the back of my head until I saw the statistics post addressing voter turnout, where there was a fixed percentage of people that pulled lists but didn't vote at all. Would that possibly result in a chance your entry was randomised onto people who didn't vote at all despite pulling the list, or does the script analise that? Did all entries get their equal chance to get a 1/10 vote in based on the actual vote count, or did the randomiser end up resulting in uneven distribution? I don't know the inner workings of the program code so a clarification would be appreciated, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was wondering about this.


tl;dr have a fixed mod communication platform that's a one-stop info shop, main rounds were fun but more clarification on editing period onegaishimasu, can't bloody find br prompts do something about it omg, super against rec round counting for points, not keen on unlimited BR points putting small teams at a huge growing disadvantage, please respect prompters requests;;, i don't have a particularly strong opinion on BR themes but i didn't really get to do them anyway, random voting wasn't for me but there's really no "fair solution" when it comes to voting, how does the randomiser work anyway???, thank you for the event!!

All in all, I would say as it is, I might consider grandstand next year to prompt and possibly pull some inspirations, but after how exhausting and demotivational the differences between a big team and small team are, I might pass on actual team challenge unless changes are made though.

THAT IS ALL, congrats if for whatever reason you read...the entirety of that, you have my respect.

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(frozen comment) FILL: TEAM Tachibana Makoto/Yamazaki Sousuke's Vice Captain

[personal profile] jinbeizaki 2016-08-28 01:40 pm (UTC)(link)
What do you mean this is not a fill? What do you mean SASO finished?

Pre-info : I didn’t read yet all the comments when typing this so sorry if there are things already said previously mention here. If I forget to mention something, I would reply to this post. Also, it got quite long sorry! This is the first part, second part would be the reply to this one!

FIRST OF ALL: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DID FOR SASO! The amount of work done for this event is COLLOSSAL! So congratulation to everyone and thank you so much to the mods who made it possible! Last year I had been in team grandstand but ended up being far too busy to be able to do anything. I feel like I missed a great opportunity last year so I am so HAPPY I was able to take part into SASO fully this year!

That being said, here is my experience as the vice cap of team SouMako & an editor:

Speaking about SASO in general: I really enjoyed this experience for the most part. I was able to create new content I wouldn’t have thought originally without prompts. I would talk more about the BR and MR later on but overall this was a positive summer for me. I was able to share this experience with -not biased at all- the best teammates ever and met new people from other fandoms sharing love for rare ships. (I WOULD NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH THOSE WHO HELPED THE HONFURU CONTENT GROWS)

Voting was indeed as mentioned up there a little negative point but then it’s not the mods fault if the server went down. They were responding to my messages on twitter when I asked them about it and helped me so really I can’t blame them for something like this. What I think would be nice though for voting problems like that is leaving more time. I mean for the MR2 prelims vote I was pretty busy IRL so basically I had to hurry my votes on the last day few hours before it ended.

I think the rush in this event is both nice and at the same time counterproductive. It’s part of the challenge yes, but I would really love if there was just 1 day off from Bonus Rounds just to be able to check Main Rounds entries. Because I do feel people would vote for their ships without even bothering checking every entry -especially if there are NOTP entries in their ballot. Leaving those 24 hours for people to check all teams might not be enough for everyone but at least it might help people who are dying.

Because I think that’s the main problem here for SASO it’s the exhaustion death. I knew before starting that I needed to pace myself but in the end I still ended up dying because of the high pace of this event. I voted before it started for 2 weeks long Bonus Rounds with the main reason being: What if one bonus round doesn’t inspire me and I end up being stuck with it for 3 weeks? This was it and I was glad for some rounds to be finished quicker and at the same time sad when other rounds ended way too early. So I don’t think this needs to be changed. Yet I don’t know if it would be possible or not but a day or maybe even less between two bonus rounds starting?

For instance, in my time zone, BR ended at 1 AM and the next one started at 3 AM so basically when I woke up, there were already 497242 pages to check of prompts and it ended up tiring me even before it really started. So maybe like a 6 hours break or that day off to be able to check MR entries could be nice to prevent people for bursting themselves. Cause no matter how much my cap’ said to pace ourselves, we would still want to give our best for our team and so it would eventually end with what we saw: a lot of people dying in this summer.

Another general aspect that as specifically an editor would want to mention: the image size limit. I do understand that for a drawing the 400*400 px limit was necessarily but for an editor it ended up being my torture at the beginning (BR0 being the exception). But since tumblr gifs set are rarely over 510*200 something or 250*170 something etc. this limit was painful to deal with. At first for the few first BRs, I had to edit all the gifs in one big images which meant: A LOT OF WORK + SADNESS WHEN PHOTOSHOP DESTROYED THE QUALITY. However, as I found out later on after asking my cap if it was possible: I used screenshots of the gifs set and put the link of it afterwards. This was able to save me literally. So maybe for next year either putting this as a possibility for editors to know that it’s all right or (but I doubt it’s possible) making an exception for editors on the image size.

Let’s move on now to more specific things in SASO:

The Bonus Rounds

They are a lot of things to say about them so first of all about them generally: I liked the variety of themes touched by those BR. I feel like bringing back some old ones’ themes with new ones were good but at the same time people who had already done SASO last year had an advantage on those who didn’t. The main one being for BR6 and BR7. I was already having difficulties to check out my teammates’ works and even the fills done for my prompts so basically knowing that I had like 2 weeks for remixing other people’s fills were like an impossible mission for me and it just ended up finish to kill me. For the last round I had hoped for a bonus round where you are able to fill prompts from all previous ones, those prompts that you weren’t able to do because you were either too busy or too dying but were desperate to do them nonetheless. This was for me the perfect last bonus round as it would have been able to go through all previous Bonus Rounds and ended up filling prompts that may have been left without fill.

Now another general mentions about BR: the prompts. They were at the same time the most inspiring and the most frustrating. Let me explain: Some pairings ended up receiving so little prompts that it was so upsetting. I had expected even before SASO started to not receive a lot of SouMako prompts but it was almost funny/sad to see that Pyunsuke/Sousuke had more prompts than SouMako at some point. I know it was a joke/meme from last year but it was still a WTF moment I felt.

More generally, some BR made it impossible for some of my ships to receive prompts. In the end, I felt like I should have asked some of my friends to join Grandstand team just to be able to receive certain ships prompts and that’s what saddened me the most. To be begging for some prompts of my OTP is something I hated. For someone who loves rare pairing BR can either be a miracle if there’s another person shipping it or a disaster if you are the only one canoeing it. This is just a feeling I get and I understand if other participants didn’t get this impression.

A quick mention of each BR:

BR0: One of my favorite one obviously as an editor this was the most editor friendly round. I enjoyed being able to share my sets with people and see few of my icons used by others users were a blast, this was such a nice start for me.

BR1: I think everyone would agree to say that this BR was amazing. It was able to create AU, stick to canon, do pretty much everything as the prompts were most of the time really general. The amounts of pages it resulted should make it obvious people enjoyed it.

BR2: One of my favorite and yet at the same time so hard for my OTPs. An official art for rare pairing was as expected so hard to find. Thankfully few people did some unexpected prompts and it ended up with one of my favorite fills. I learnt a few things on Photoshop, test out other things I wanted to try out before. So even if I wasn’t able to do all the prompts I intended to do, it was overall a good BR.

BR3: THE HARDEST. Definitely the hardest for me as an editor and even as someone English is not their mother language. Not only was it hard for me to fill but even to prompt. The difference between BR1 and BR3 were huge in terms of prompts. Not only was it hard to understand what the gift was but it was even harder to fill them. I had a lot of troubles personally with English here because of the description of the box, like for me imagining how the box looked like was so hard therefore trying to think of something was impossible. And of course this made it the hardest to edit for it as well. The fills were most of all about receiving the gift, opening it etc. It was then quite a dead end to edit this as our favorite sports anime characters rarely give each other gifts in canon. So basically this BR was more intended for fan artist and writers (real writers not shitty writer aka me) which ended up leaving me behind. It was one of those BR I felt so glad ended after 2 weeks and not 3. Something that would have made it slightly easier I think was if there was only the sender, receiver and the note. The package description was really restricting this too much where you would spend more time trying to guess what the gift was as originally thought by the prompter. Also is it me or I only could think of NSFW fills for most of the prompts?

BR4: Quotes round despite being quite popular was also quite hard for me to get. Writing something from a beautiful quote is hard, it feels like no matter what I could think of it would never give justice to this quote. Some quotes were general enough for me to edit something though so it wasn’t as hard as BR3.

BR5: MY FAVORITE ONE! Not only was the theme the most perfect for a myth lover like me but it was also promptless. And this was the best combination of those two elements that ended up making me choose that one BR as my favorite one. The theme was though sometimes a bit too large that I ended up asking few times to my cap if a certain AU was good or not. So maybe a little more explanation on what could be considered all right was a nice idea. As for the promptless thing: it was like a freedom given to me. If there had been prompts, I would have barely gotten any SouMako prompts so I enjoyed this freedom to the fullest and ended up doing pretty much all my fills with my OTP. I have a lot of imagination so I didn’t need prompts to give me ideas for this theme so it was basically the best BR for me to be this free.

BR6: As I mentioned earlier, this prompt might be my least favorite one. I didn’t have time to look at those fills done, I already had troubled to check all the prompts so imagine checking fills XD This is also part of the advantage people who already did SASO last year had as they might have looked better at other people’s fills than I did. I had intended to looks at the fills after SASO where I would have been able to chill and enjoy people’s work throughout summer as I was far too busy with IRL and my own works in this summer. There is also another problem about this BR but I think it’s more personally: I don’t like remix. I feel like it would betray the original fill’s intentions. Cap did mention we could put limits on remix and that was why I agreed for people to mix my work but I still had that apprehension about this. I couldn’t work on remixing; I did try few but I am still unsatisfied by them –I am too perfectionist to enjoy my own work but this was really hard to do something of people’s works. This might be a personal experience linked with reposts I suffered from but in the end it ended up being my least favorite BR.

BR7: As for BR6 I was not able to follow up with people’s fills so doing recs were hard and most of all IRL in this time of the year is quite exhausting. It was nice though that the time for this one was longer but mixing it with BR6 for 2 weeks were making it even more exhausting especially since in the end it’s no longer about creating new content so you slowly end up taking a break from the hell that was summer. I also think this shouldn’t be counted as BR. When I would be checking out all the fills, I would be leaving comments on the fills not in another page. It feels like most of the people who got recommended for wouldn’t see it since it was not a comment on their fill. Moreover, another aspect is disturbing me: I get that not a lot of people would comment at people’s fills but giving points for them to do so is like baiting people to do something they don’t want. Sure it’s nice that you got complimented for your work but I can’t help thinking people do this for points. I’m pretty sure it’s not the case for everyone yet this is how my unconscious would see this. This is my point of view and I guess people would disagree on it but I would have really preferred if this was a round with no points given.

And this is why I would have enjoyed the most a BR6 about doing prompts from all the previous BR that couldn’t be done for reasons. I would personally have enjoyed more someone filling one of my prompts that were without fills that commenting on one of my fills. Maybe it’s just a personal feeling that no one shares but I guess I did accept the fact that fandom rarely comment on people’s work.
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Main Rounds

As for my personal experience with Team SouMako, main rounds were actually so fun and incredible. For the whole team to talk about an idea and then creating this idea to finally see the results it is just a marvelous process. I don’t have actually a lot to talk about MR as I do think these were perfects. The themes were hard but this was what made it even better. For my team we wouldn’t have wanted to go with the easy solution. We took few days to all talk about it, exchanging ideas, just thinking about how we could basically wreck the most people’s feels including ours XD

So really if you haven’t had the possibility to check out our two videos for Main rounds please do so. We made it for people who doesn’t know Free! to still be able to enjoy those videos.

Overall the main rounds from other teams were also excellent, finding myself loving entries from ships I didn’t even know the anime XD So really good work everyone!

The only black dirt that would make SASO just like the real Olympics is as I mentioned before the voting that went down unfortunately but also that I do feel like the rush did not help some teams. We lost a lot of participants between MR1 and MR2 and this lack of voting + biased towards a ship you like etc are what makes it so harsh for MR. I feel bad for so many teams who couldn’t make it pass the prelims vote.

The batch system is obviously necessarily if we don’t get enough time to check everyone’s entries but at same time it means that luck would be part of the chances you get to qualify. If your entries end up on people’s batches that are inactive and won’t vote then you are dead, if your entries end up on people’s batches that hate your ships then you have so little chances to make it.

I do get that we need a first and last in those main rounds but it is what makes it so cruel that your team’s efforts aren’t equally rewarded. I still haven’t found a way for this problem to be resolved (there’s also the grandstand being recruited just to vote for your team kind of problem as well) but it is maybe the most upsetting things for me in SASO. For instance, I feel bad for team KyouHaba who did so much fills during BR that I can’t imagine them as anything but Gods for surviving and didn’t make it past the prelims for MR.

The amount of points given to MRs seems quite unfair as well. Basically no matter how much you work for BRs, if you end up last in MRs, there is no way you can win. And vice versa, if you end up first in MRs, you basically win more than you could have ever hoped for in BRs. It sorts of reminded me of Eurovision with the winning song is generally not the best one but since the country is influential with its neighbors’ countries it would win.

This was why ending on those BR6-BR7 and MR2 results were quite sad for me. That was why I would surely participate as Grandstand team next year. Not only I won’t be able to be upset about MR results but I would be able to fill and prompts anything I want. No more teammates baiting me with those beautiful prompts (I AM JUDGING YOU GUYS XD). I would be missing some of the good things from SASO but at the same time it would feel less pressure.

I am very grateful I was able to participate, even more if my teammates and I were able to leave you good feels. Hopefully we were also able to show you how perfect SouMako are which was one of my main objectives for this year. I wanted our team to win sure not only because Team SouMako won last year so I didn’t want to end up screwing up about this but because it would have been nice to share this win with my teammates. Still I am so glad I was able to share this experience with them so truly from the bottom of my hearts, thank you guys! I had a lot of fun with you and this is more important than winning!

PS: Damn I am crying from all the feels this end message had XD
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*whispers* I just wanted to say if I had known there was a lack of soumako prompts I would have done more ;A;! I'm glad you had fun filling the few that I did prompt though, since it's a ship I enjoy too (i don't think I got to respond to some...or any?? of them because of the eventual screened comments though). But the prompts were hard to sort so it was hard to get a gist on what hasn't been prompted much/what has been prompted too much.
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Last year I missed the signups so I basically just lurked around to read the MR entries- this year I managed to sign up and though in the end I didn't do much more I still had a lot of fun anyway seeing everyone get so into it and produce so much content! Big fat THANK YOU to the mod team for organising such an amazing event! Already looking forward to next year ♥

Most of the issues have already been brought up and as a very absent grandstander I don't feel like I've got enough insight into some technical sides other people faced but still let me offer some of my thoughts

1) as I don't have much free time and I'm very often offline for prolonged periods of time the announcements were quite hard to follow indeed. I love twitter and I liked how the account was a bit laid-back (even tho I definitely missed most of the inside jokes haha) but I would prefer any big announcements to be made over at DW comm for easier access and clarity sake

2) same with re: some kind of BR prompt/fills list or spreadsheet. I know it's an additional load of work but when checking once in a while it was really overwhelming without any sort or filter (also- DW is not very mobile-friendly and it's not helping when trying to get through 10+ pages of new content)

3) the prompt-less rounds would be great if they were prompt-optional instead (the prompts could be not scored then or something). As a grandstander, when I finally got some time and pumped myself to actually prompt it was quite a bummer to find out I just.... couldn't lol.

4) I think the quality control is fine as it is right now. I see some people are taking the competitive side of the event very strongly (which is great as it keeps the event going) but at the same time I feel like they are forgetting this is just for fun. Sure the fills will always be some kind of "uneven quality" just by the nature of creating things by different people with different abilities and time available-- but assuming that someone didn't put enough effort into creating something is just plain rude. I feel like right now it enables people to create freely and try new things without the fear of not performing "well enough"

5) I think it's one of the most discussed thing but re: the voting system. As much as I like the randomised list to vote (it definitely helped when picking entries to read and made me pick up something that I would usually not prioritise) but I got really sad when I couldn't vote for my actual personal favourite. Sure it might be biased, but I would love to have one voting slot for whatever team I want, that might not be on the assigned list.
(( + additionally here- somebody mentioned the problem with not being able to see the assigned voting list due to the server downtime and this making it hard to pick what to read- seconding this very much. When I finally managed to catch the voting form up for MR1 to see my list it was quite late and then in the end I didn't actually vote 'cause whenever I checked back to actually vote it was always down- so some kind of fix (be it just stabilising the voting form server or distributing the voting list in some other manner) would be appreciated))

6) very minor and again, personal but- late comment screening. As I got to some fills late I didn't know if I should comment or not, if the op will actually see my reply or not (I noticed that you are actually NOT notified of the screened replies when I've backtracked to my own comments and saw some replies that I had no idea existed). Just a simple edit in the main post like "the round is now being scored and comments are screened" / "the scoring is over the comments are unscreened" would be enough

Minor issues aside I feel that SASO is super great and I cannot stress enough how fun it was to be even the tiniest part of it!!! Once again thank you mod team and everyone participating and making the event so nice!
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(frozen comment) Team Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun

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captain here! I'll probably repeat a lot of what some said because for the love of god i could not make myself drudge through that much complaining, i'm getting tired just thinking about bitching

above everything: thanks for doing this. i'm sure it was exhausting and totally unrewarding and over all a pain in the ass. i for one am grateful - the people i met and got to work with die with are awesome people who did their very best to produce quality stuff for the MR submissions. so many of the entries were simply masterpieces; the competitive nature to the event ensured everyone pulled all the strings for those rounds and the result was spectacular.

a few things i think need work: voting, tag systems and bonus rounds.

truly, i don't know how to 'fix' voting in a way that keeps things unbiased and still pleases everyone, but perhaps participants could choose from multiple voting blocks? maybe if there were 3 to select from there's a chance voter compatibility would be higher. a lot of people were upset that they couldn't vote for who they wanted to; for this i think the solution would be another round of voting, maybe three tiers ending with a top 5 so everyone at least had once chance to vote for the team they liked the most, although i'm not sure how easy it would be to implement =_____=

as far as tags go, i already though they were thorough and covered all the bases, but i'm learning that there were people still affected negatively by prompts/fills. tbh you guys have probably already decided this, but tags regarding fills/prompts need to be more strict in the future. i think someone mentioned nsfw fills being cross posted but violence related fills could remain on the thread and that's a little iffy. i wasn't a big fan of cross posting, simply because my ao3 is usually kept for more polished pieces but given that i had filled nsfw prompts i didn't have a lot of choice in the matter.

bonus rounds are beautiful the way they are. i firmly disagree with any person that implies a cap or limitation be applied to them. personally, i think i contributed 8 or 9 fills this summer; two of my teammates worked well into the higher hundreds combined. they were inspired and enjoyed themselves and i think that is what the point of this event is.

my only complaint abt BRs is probably the remix round - i think it's a round geared more towards participants who are comfortable working within the parameters of someone else's work, and on top of that sort of made for tighter niches of people. it alienates those who aren't as social. alternatively, i think if that were a two themed round; perhaps one is remixes and one is free prompt/fill, both sides could be happy (probably).

as someone who accidentally broke the anon policy and was penalized, i think it's a silly rule. in the same fandom circles, most of us are going to know who wrote/arted what anyway. i'm unclear of the point of it tbh; if it's a blanket rule applied to ensure all members of a team are included in a MR, couldn't you set participation standards instead? IDK with our MR entries every single member participated in something at some point.

anywho i'm done! thank you so much! i had tons of fun death! please release MR2 results so the death fun can end!
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(frozen comment) team krry captain here

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first things first: congrats to the mod team for surviving another year and thank you for running the event. i feel like a lot of people severely underestimate the amount of work and energy it takes to run something of this size and scope, on top of whatever you may have going on in real life, and it is really a labor of love. thank you for everything you do and most especially for dealing with difficult participants with so much patience and aplomb.

saso is always sort of weird for me bc i don't excel at the social aspect of the event (tho i really wish i could) and this year i definitely was not as on creatively as i would have liked, but overall i'm really glad that an event like this exists. it's unique and good way for people to push themselves to create, to experiment, to try new things. it's also a good venue to gather up with people who like the same things you do and cry about how much you love your ship. these are all good and important things and i'm glad saso exists.

that said, the only major issues i had this year were communication and lack of centralized information. there were a few times i felt like communication lagged and broke down, but i'm not too worried about that since i figure it'll get ironed out. i'm also less bothered by the spread across different platforms than others, but i do agree that the mod twitter could get cluttered and difficult to find information on. to that end, i think it would be a really good idea to come up with a unique hashtag for all official mod announcements and attach it to any official information, including crossposts from tumblr/etc. that way we could use that tag to search and get just updates, and find information we may have missed previously.

i do also think there needs to be a centralized & continuously updated links list or something for big things like MR results and the scoring spreadsheet -- i know that there was a tumblr for MR1 results and i wanted to look at it again last week but it's not linked anywhere and trying to go back and find the original mod tweet was impossible. the hashtag could help with that too, but just some kind of thing that gathers important information and makes it easily accessible would really be a good thing. if i wanted to look at the scoring spreadsheet i had to go find it in my gdocs history because the comm profile never got updated. these are all relatively small things and i think it may just have been an issue of the task not having been assigned to anyone since i know the mods are specialized and not everyone does everything. maybe having someone be in charge of keeping something like this up to date would be a workable solution and prevent mods from having to make/maintain several new comms or accounts.

i know that the in-joke/meme thing was also brought up last year in feedback and i do think that needs to be addressed. i knew a lot more people this year than i did last year and i understood a lot more of it, but i do remember how alienating it was for me when i didn't know anyone. i think it's good for the mod twitter to have some personality and fine to make jokes and memes but it really can feel exclusionary and that's never good. someone suggested keeping that sort of thing to only @ replies and i think that would certainly help.

to try to keep myself from talking too much i'm gonna try to touch on some other points that have been raised in bullet points:

  1. the voting system: i like the randomized voting lists and i think they should absolutely stay. having a reading list helps smaller ships/fandoms have at least a chance at equal exposure and i value having my list cut down to a managable size (this is the same reason i do not support increasing MR work caps). at most i think a fourth OPTIONAL vote for one item not on your reading list might be ok. i get that it feels frustrating to not get what you want on your voting list/feel like your supporters didn't get to vote for you, but the randomization applies to everyone. it's not targeted.

  2. excluding tags/ships in voting pool: no to excluding ships/fandoms, yes to excluding certain tags. i'm not sure how it could be best implemented but one is a matter of preference and the other is a safety issue so i don't think they're on equal footing.

  3. tags and respecting prompts: i think part of the problem here is that the way tags were used in prompts was not uniform. i personally only tagged for things that were already present in the prompt itself but i know a lot of people tagged for things they thought could be in the fill which is frankly confusing. a clarification of how prompt tags should be used would help, as would a dedicated field for prompters to list things they absolutely do not want fills for them to contain. that way things the prompter needs to avoid would be clearly marked and non-confusing. saso is not and has never been a gift exchange, there is nothing wrong at all with going sideways off a prompt in my opinion, but i do think we should try to keep each other safe as much as possible. i feel making things clearer and more legible is the best way to do that.

  4. "quality control": absolutely not. quality is by nature subjective; quantity is not. any sort of "score scale" for different types of fills is rude and against the spirit of the event itself. no one gets to arbitrate quality and that has never been the point of saso. this event is about doing the best you can, as fast as you can, as much as you can. effort is invisible, you cannot prove how much or how little was expended and trying to do so is plain offensive.

  5. recs round: i agree that recs round needs to change and a point reduction or something similar would work... i personally did a lot of digging to pull up the things i liked and did my best to express why i liked them. it was super disheartening to see people/teams doing last minute dumps that were mainly of their own teammates, just for points. i know there's already a note about not only reccing your own teammates but i feel like there were people who definitely ignored that.

  6. prompt/fill archive: i think this would be helpful and a good idea and agree that the best step is probably to outsource it to a group of volunteers. a site like diigo or delicious would work well, and maybe there could be one mod in charge of overseeing the group. not necessarily doing actual archive work, but just tasked with making sure there are enough people on the archive team/etc.

  7. remix round and/or encore round: i like remix round fine, but i did like encore round last year! basically i like both and wouldn't mind having both, but if i had to choose one over the other i'd probably pick encore round.

  8. br themes: i didn't really like myth/lore as a promptless round/don't know that i like promptless outside of remixes tbh. definitely spacing them would have helped, as would have making them prompt-optional as mentioned by others. i liked gift tags in theory but not in execution. there were a lot of samey "oh it's a sex toy" prompts. i've never liked image round and i love quotes round, to absolutely no one's surprise.

  9. br caps: eh. there are people arguing that MR should matter both more and less points-wise. i think the current balance is fine, personally. there are always going to be outliers. having a bigger team can help, but chances are that on a full team at least one or two (or more) people are going to fuck off and not do anything for a good chunk of the event, functionally making it not a full team. you might also have a small team with one true br monster on it that makes more fills by themself than several other teams combined. who is on your team is largely going to matter more in terms of br points than how many, in my experience.

  10. participant behavior: i personally witnessed some really poor behavior this year, both toward mods and other participants. this is not really a mod issue because mods can only do so much and each person is responsible for their own behavior. before you say something, even if it's not technically in public, please try to remember that there is a real person on the other end. you don't know what's going on in their lives or what they might be dealing with. exercise empathy. do better.

this got egregiously long, sorry.
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i've never liked image round and i love quotes round, to absolutely no one's surprise.

I feel like there could def be some improvements with the image round, especially as someone who as also never been a very big fan of it. I feel like I'm confined to the context the image was in when it's something pulled from the source material and it's super limiting.

I'm not saying that fanart should be an option, but what about something more generic? Like pictures of standard objects or portraits of random people or whatever else really.

(frozen comment) Re: team krry captain here

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(frozen comment) Re: team krry captain here

[personal profile] kazuyas 2016-08-29 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
i would like to paper the walls with no3—that articulates everything i've been thinking re: this issue very well and in a very concise way so hats off to you for that.
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(frozen comment) Bonus Round Feedback

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Waddup, this is the captain of Team AyaMiki, 2nd year participating 1st year leading. I split my comments into two posts because they got… kinda long… between technical things I wanted to talk about and weighing in on organizational concerns other people had. First up is the light of my life, SASO BRs.

1) seconding elucidatedlucy on 2-week rounds. I liked being able to switch through more themes over the course of the event.
2) am interested in a master spreadsheet; I sincerely believe that this community is dedicated enough to the pursuit of [inui voice] data to maintain it. Giving people a google form so they can add fields but not edit/delete them and then making the sheet publicly viewable sounds good to me?
3) The less html/field-filling-in I have to do for a post, the more likely I am to make it. For this reason, I'm glad the FST prompts didn't return (they were creative but just... so much...), found the gift tag round hardest, and... I viewed the quotes round as a mixed blessing and a curse. It's very easy to go nuts prompting quotes and I wonder if having a limit on what can be quoted (such as song lyrics only) might cut down on the flood. After all, otherwise you could just... get someone to say what you want... or quote yourself. Well, that being said, most of the quote prompts I read were pretty nice and I think I'm the only person who has this problem. Gift tag round had a lot of potential but got repetitive for me.
4) related to "more likely to make a post the less html I have to do" point but: if recs are still a thing next year can the html copy/paste box include an empty < a href="" > at link and < user name="" > for creator. This is... such a small thing. I apologize for sounding lazy, I just think that it would be easy on the mod end and a huge timesaver. Speaking of recs, maybe replace the "title" field with a requirement to state pairing and fill medium/word count if applicable.

5) I have conflicting thoughts on tagging prompt posts for content warnings. I think it's a good idea to warn at the top of the prompt for things in the body of the prompt. I saw people doing this voluntarily for explicit text or possible squicks or triggers within the prompt itself or whatever source material the prompt is drawing from.
I also believe that prompters should be encouraged to list what they do not want, and also saw this being done voluntarily. I have no problem not reading a fill for my own prompt, personally, and feel that if I made it clear what I don’t want, or only prompted something for someone else’s benefit, I’m not obligated to look at the fill and the filler should understand that and be satisfied with the joy of creation and the points. Not every prompter is comfortable doing this. I don’t know how easy it would be to regulate this formally, but I agree that it should be a community guideline at least that fillers respect squick tags, if only because fills get delivered straight to the prompter’s inbox.
However, there was one suggestion that the default setting should be to provide sfw content unless the prompter specifically asked for blood/sex. As a prompter I would feel too self-conscious about having to tag asking for sexual content or weird body horror in bold to actually do it. As a filler, I feel like this limits creativity, and not just because I like... drawing body horror... to me, part of the fun is taking prompts that sounded like bait for nsfw content and twisting them into something more innocent to play up a double-entendre. Designating certain prompts as Yes These Are The Sex Prompts makes me feel like I'm disappointing the prompter by not providing the content tagged for. Tagging prompts as asking for sex was in practice during SWAG, and that’s kind of how it made me feel then.

6) I'm against measuring BR fill quality or perceived effort and assigning points accordingly. Many of the complaints I've heard about fill quality both this year and last year cite "shitty phone pics of pencil sketches," so I'd just like to share that I am a fanartist and last summer pencils and my cellphone were the only tools I had access to for months. Also, the first piece of fanfic I EVER wrote was a SASO fill last year. Setting the BR bar at "does this fill substantially exist" encourages people with limited resources and no experience to try new things and improve, which has been previously cited to justify the minimums in place.

This does open up the possibility of competitors pushing out work that is well below their capabilities for points, but... As someone who did this myself multiple times each round and would do it again next summer to hit personal fill goals, making fills so rushed they don't remotely represent my skill level is unsatisfying. I consider this enough of a deterrent to keep people from doing it for extended periods of time. If you, like the people making rushed fills, care enough about the points to compromise fill quality, then the only factor preventing you from doing the same thing as them is your free time (and if this is limited, it would have affected your ability to make 4k/fully colored masterpieces as well.) As a creator, I have never felt that the BR fills I put a lot of effort into were insulted by being awarded the same point value or standing in the same arena as the "for points" fills. At the end of the day, everything we do is for love and personal improvement, and even the most hardcore competitive members of the community will pour hours into fills they care about and would want to consume.

I am not arguing that this is the mod team's intent or that other participants have seen/should see SASO's setup the way I do, but I always thought of the bonus rounds as being good for fast content and throwing some love to your ships and the main rounds as a team's chance to showcase their best work and be judged primarily on work quality and not popularity. This perspective makes sense with the current point assignments and min/max limits, and I think it addresses some of the issues people had with both halves of the event.
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(frozen comment) Main Round Feedback

[personal profile] luckycricket33 2016-08-28 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
AyaMiki's captain again! I’d just like to add that even though my wonderful team had great success in the Main Rounds this year (thank you so much, everybody), I was on a four-person crackship team last year that just managed to scrape together our MR1 and attempted, but did not complete, a MR2 entry. Both years, I was on a team from Yowamushi Pedal, a fandom that I feel is mid-sized (definitely not as rare as ballroom or eyeshield, but also not as largely represented as haikyuu or daiya no a). My feedback is coming from this perspective.

1) I liked the themes for both of them this year better than last year's themes fwiw
2) even though my team didn't do a comic for either round I am so glad that comic pages now have limits separate from the word-picture limits. It was really stressful to thumbnail/plan things while counting 19 panels last year and I'm happy to see the suggestions were taken. I do wonder about the way the page rule applies to people who may have wanted to include a double spread or, as webcomics often do, a long vertical spread. Does it still count as one page if a single panel spans a space equivalent to multiple other pages? More importantly, should it, or is this too constricting to artistic freedom, given that large panels like these are typically not a burden to read?
3) For game entries - I wasn't totally sure why there was a required image list when the sprite sheet held everything and I didn't like how the asset lists at the end of the script bumped up our word count in the doc. If the image list was to keep track of crops/minimal edits that “count as one” image, it doesn’t make sense in conjunction with a sprite sheet that was supposed to include every frame of a single gif in its pixel count. I assumed the image list was for ease of scoring and tbh it was easy to work around; I'm mostly curious about it bc I didn't bother asking earlier.
4) seconding ps, I would have liked a built-in way to access my assigned reading list while the servers were down. Not sure how feasible this would be for mods, so I’m just planning to keep better track of it next year. Overall I felt that if downtime affected my ability to vote at all this year, that was on me, since I was given an ample reading period and extensions and personally procrastinated reading anyway; I can’t speak for other people on this.

5) Preliminary voting as it is makes sense to me. I’ve seen several people say they read 30+ entries each round and felt frustrated that their top 3 weren’t in their pull, but it was communicated well enough that nobody was obligated to read every single entry and that people who did were voluntarily going above and beyond.
I’ve also seen concern that smaller fandoms are hurt by the prelim system because their vocal support base is not there to push them into the top 15. This didn’t seem like an issue to me in practice, since teams from fandoms that made up a tiny fraction of BR prompts and fills (going off a couple fandom stat posts) made it to the top 15 both rounds this year. Like many of the commenters before me have said, I tried to judge on effort and creativity in the main rounds, and not just vote by popularity. I also have no problem reading for canons I’m unfamiliar with, and honestly, well-done fanworks have been responsible for me pickng up 3 of the last 5 sports anime I’ve gotten into, more than any needling from my friends.

6) I feel that creating MR content that could alienate a section of voters ought to be the team's burden. (Ironically, I also hate downloading things.) From a creator perspective, I think the current system balances giving small fandoms and ships a fighting chance in the MRs and then leaving it to the teams to create widely appealing fanworks. Like, if you want to enter something gory or explicit or a format that's difficult to access, that was a calculated decision and you should have the option to do it. But know that it will lose you votes - even in prelims - because people will not read it. Same goes for crossovers and references to other media that people might not understand. That’s on you, buddy. Other people took this attitude with the gorier entries for MR2 last year and I kept it in mind as a risk for this year.
However, I can see why voters would feel that having an entry they can’t read is frustrating – it’s like throwing away one of your vote slots in prelims. While I’m not sure how much a gore filter would skew people’s randomized pulls for prelims, it’s worth looking into, especially since an 18+ content filter is in place.

Overall, I'm very grateful that the feedback from last year, in particular the way people felt about text/image limits for less common media in MR entries, was taken seriously and had an effect this year. SASO is still a young event and I'm glad to see the rules come together more clearly, with input from creators who are most familiar with media other than fic and art. Thank you so much the mod team for working hard to organize and code everything and encourage participation.
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(frozen comment) Re: Main Round Feedback

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Re: 3 - My team made a game too and we didn't include an image list but only the sprite sheet and word count document? I didn't read anywhere that there's a required image list for games (only mixed media entries) and we weren't asked to provide one during mod check.

Even so, you could have provided the asset list in an extra document to not include it in your word count.

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(frozen comment) team soumako

[personal profile] bingualien 2016-08-28 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Woo wow do I have a couple of things to say mostly directed to the participants rather than the mods. I read the first half of page one and found some things I disagreed with (and honestly I'm repulsed by how some were written so passive aggressive and negative) so I'll be adding my thoughts to that. I see that I'm not the only one feeling different on some of these topics so I might be just reiterating and seconding their opinion.

Quality Control. The idea of this is based on wanting to receive "fair points" and I find that really rude and disrespectful to artists. Maybe suggesting this you didn't mean to be rude, but as an artist this got me tempered. All artists are different. We have different styles that we prefer and enjoy doing. You cannot judge someone's efforts based on style. And not only that, you're making it seem like all artists are experienced to do varying types. I read someone say that they tried doing art for the first time during this event. How can we judge someone's efforts if we're all at different levels? I personally put effort into all my art fills whether they were just linework or color. I don't see one as "better" than the other. I'm ranting but I just think this is a bad idea and disrespectful for all and new artists. I think you all are thinking too much about points that have absolutely no worth.

Voting System. I do not want to revert to a free for all voting. As others have said, this will just make the voting more skewed towards popular ships or teams that have a lot of friends in grandstand. I think the voting system we have currently works to randomize and reduce bias. Though I do think there's room to improve. Opting out for NOTPs/Triggers. I feel bad that people can't enjoy entries because they're uncomfortable that they might be triggered, but I do not think we should be able to opt out NOTPs. I get that you might feel a bias to it, but reading it is better than not giving it a chance at all. People have said that they voted for their NOTP because it was good. People have gained new OTPs they'd never thought of considering. I personally got into Shokugeki no Souma after looking at their MRs so having things we aren't familiar with or usually associated with is a good thing. It just shows that content can overcome the bias you have towards the ship.

Mod Participation. Again, don't know if you know that it sounds rude but that's how it comes off. Suggesting that mods not participate to reduce bias is cruel. They put this event together, they have the right to participate. They have their own lives and they are handling the event with their best efforts to make sure we have a fun time. I don't know what bias you're seeing, but I don't see any of it coming from the mods.

Tagging prompts. I feel I'm torn for this topic. I feel bad for people who have triggers and personally I don't mind if prompters request X not be done in the fills. The filler can freely decide to ignore that but as long as they tag it I think its fine. It just means the prompter most likely won't read it. I don't think its that hard to abide by it and I don't think it would hinder anyone's creativity. If it does, then why not just keep it for another time out of the event? Its not like we can't do these prompts when the event is over.

Recs. I'm going to have to agree that Rec round does not need points, but rather more time. I know you gave us 3 weeks(?) but it overlapped with the Remix round. I'm guessing you might have thought not a lot of people would do Remix so that's why you overlapped them, but I just felt rushed and pressured to do fills for remix while in the back of my mind I was anxious about reading and looking at all the fills I wanted to.

Masterlist. I love this idea and it'd be so helpful honestly. I would love to volunteer to help if its needed.

Listen, I'm quite the competitive person myself. Winning is nice and having bragging rights is nice, but you gotta remember this is all for funsies. And honestly, what I find more rewarding than winning is the experience SASO gave me. As an artist, I think this event benefited me a lot. It was over a course of two months or so and yeah it was really long and you can burn out really fast, but because of how fast pace the bonus rounds went I was able to generate multiple artworks in just a few days compared to how I usually am (which is barely even active). Doing so much art, I feel like my progression of improving sped up during those two months. I’ve realized I can draw some things much easier now and it makes me so happy that I’ve improved if even a little. Another great thing about SASO is that you’re provided with a lot of prompts. And for me, who cannot for the life of her think up prompts or ideas to draw of my ships, this was a huge blessing.

This was my first time participating and let me tell you I had a blast and I owe it mostly to my teammates. They were everything that made me happy this summer. We didn't have a lot of prompts for soumako and we kept prompt baiting each other, but it was fun working with them and talking with them like we were in our own little world. I adore each and every one of them and they all deserve so much love.

To simply answer the mods questions: I like the BRs. They were fun and varied, I agree with most that the promptless rounds should not be after another. My least favorite would be Gift BR because it was the hardest for me but also felt the most restricting as a filler. My only concern for improvement is the voting system. So far the suggestion of having a fan favorite additional to the current system sounds like it has the most potential to work. I'd love to participate next year if the mods would honor us with holding the event again.

And lastly, I'd like to end on a good note by thanking the mods. They deserve kudos for surviving this event and holding it all together. I'm grateful for their patience with us and their ability to try to accommodate to our needs. MVP goes to the mods.
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(frozen comment) Re: team soumako

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YOOOOOOOO. I agree with all of this!! Well said!

(frozen comment) Re: team soumako

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(frozen comment) Team Azumane Asahi/Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi!!

[personal profile] putsch 2016-08-28 11:37 pm (UTC)(link)
first I just wanna thank the mods again for putting this on and making this possible?! No matter what, I had so much fun with this event and I always enjoy seeing the wide variety of content produced for so many fandoms and the new friends I made, and this year was even better than the last with everything I got to make and read!

Just a few things!!!

1. The hardest thing about SASO is balancing that fine line between "enjoying yourself" and "stressing yourself out into hell itself to get your team points". I know in some ways, that's really left up to us, cause you can't monitor what people do and how they spend their time. But I am SOOOOOOOOO GLAD THAT ONE DAY BREAK BETWEEN BONUS ROUNDS IS UP THERE. Even 12 hours would be better than 2. I got worried sometimes whether or not people were you know, sleeping. eating. doing real life things. even I ended up blowing off some of those things for SASO, which like, not good???

2. I'm also really glad twitter tone is on there. While yes, you mods deserve to have your fun, doing it at the expense of teams while you announce the winners of MR rounds on twitter just felt... bad. If there was a SASO meme twitter or something that was trolling, that would be one thing but otherwise it's a little... weird.... I know mods are gonna be a bit biased to their own teams/ships/etc but please...

3. Something for the mods to consider next year - I don't know how fills are tallied, if it's automated or by hand, but I know myself and many other team captains kept spreadsheets or lists of everything my team did in a given bonus round with links, the prompt, etc. I would be more than happy to share that info to the mods if it made double checking bonus rounds easier for them.

4. I feel like there needs to be improvement on how to crosspost NSFW writing fills - I know for art/images you could put it in a preview and linked wherever, but limiting fic ONLY to AO3 kind of sucked. AO3 can be real shitty, and I feel like there should be some way to be able to link your NSFW fills to an alternate place. Hell, maybe if there was a post in the comm for JUST NSFW fills that might even be better, so that way it gives more flexibility for people? I dunno. I just wish it was more than only AO3 because AO3 is always a damn battle.

5. It's one thing for people to go HEY, BAIT ME BY PROMPTING X SHIP or WITH Y IDEAS but it's another thing entirely to go to someone and say "hey can you post this very exact prompt so I can do a very specific thing?" I feel like it undercuts the fun creativity that goes into making up ideas you would like to see written. They're prompts for a reason, not requests! I would ban that kind of thing entirely, tbh...

6. the captain vent posts were the best thing ever good god please keep those coming

Those are really my only big things that could be improved upon for another SASO because otherwise I fucking loved it and can't wait to do it again (though maybe I'll go back to grandstand and Rest)
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(frozen comment) Re: Team Azumane Asahi/Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi!!

[personal profile] hapaxlegomenon 2016-08-28 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
The following comment is super unhelpful and even more immature but.

I keep reading "Grandstand and Rest" and laughing because it sounds like the SASO equivalent of "Netflix and chill"

(frozen comment) Re: Team Azumane Asahi/Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi!!

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(frozen comment) Re: Team Azumane Asahi/Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi!!

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(frozen comment) team imaizumi shunsuke/naruko shoukichi

[personal profile] dynamite 2016-08-29 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
This is my second year doing SASO, and also second year as a captain, and I just want to thank the mods again for all the amazing work they do -- despite some bumps along the way, SASO continues to get better and better, and my team and I had a wonderful time this year. SASO is always a wild ride from start to finish, but it's a total blast, especially when you do it alongside old friends and the new ones you make along the way! <3

I'm not sure what else I can add that hasn't already been discussed, but I do want to underline again how there should definitely be a hard cap on points during the Recs Bonus Round -- I really love writing recs, and it's a great way to say something nice if you didn't have the time while the BR was still live, but I'm really uneasy with the aftertaste of getting points for it.

re: Myth&Lore, a few people have stated this already, but I really liked not having prompts for this, too. At first I was a little skeptical because (1) I like the direction of prompts; and (2) I'm not good with fantasy, but once I realised that this was an opportunity to write for my ship (which rarely gets prompted for outside my team), and that "fantasy" stretches into things like "spooky" and "creepy" and "magic" generally, it really inspired me. I thought I was going to finish SASO without having written anything for my OTP, and then I turn around and write like a dozen fills for them in this round alone. I had such a great time!!

The only other thing I wanted to touch on again was: we should probably be treating nsfw to include violent content as well as sexual content. As someone who writes both, I always tried to be conscientious about shunting my more violent fills to AO3, because I know everyone's thresholds are different, but having formal guidelines for what should and should not be posted directly would probably help overall. (For example, if it includes any of the major violence/sexual content warning tags, maybe?)

All this being said, I just want to say I get really emo about SASO because I make SO MANY WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS, and the placebo effect of points pushes us to create so many things?? try new things??? and at the end of the summer, I'm always so much in awe of what I was able to do, and what everybody was able to do. Look at this giant beautiful pile of things we made!! Us!! We all did this!!! So I just want to thank everybody once again for such a great summer together ;w;
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(frozen comment) Re: team imaizumi shunsuke/naruko shoukichi

[personal profile] hapaxlegomenon 2016-08-29 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
My understanding about having sexually explicit stuff be linked offsite was because showing that kind of content to an unwilling recipient (especially if they're a minor) could possibly be classified as sexual harassment. While something like violence, which may be unpleasant for some people, isn't actually illegal, and therefore is just a preference thing. I really don't understand why people are conflating unwanted sexual content with unwanted violent content when the implications of receiving them are completely different.

(frozen comment) Re: team imaizumi shunsuke/naruko shoukichi

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(frozen comment) Re: team imaizumi shunsuke/naruko shoukichi

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(frozen comment) Re: team imaizumi shunsuke/naruko shoukichi

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(frozen comment)

[personal profile] sawakise 2016-08-29 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
I'm just going to be positive and say things that I did like.

Hello, my name is Kise. I'm a young teenager who has got more salt than talent, which doesn't set the tone for this feedback. I enjoy playing the melodica and tending to my windowsill herb garden. I've also been growing twisting ivy up the walls of an apartment that I'm renting, but it's not embedded into the walls so I shouldn't have to pay for like, damage. Right?

Anyways, things that I liked:

My team.

I could write a twenty-paged essay on why I love my team. Holy cow. Amazing people to surround myself with. Met my writing idol (ON THIS TEAM, TURN UP, SO THAT PROBABLY EXPLAINS WHY I'M AFFRONTED BY HOW HER WRITING WASN'T TREATED WITH THE GODLY FEEDBACK THAT IT DESERVED BUT (shrug emoji, as the youths do). PRETTY SURE THAT THEY DON'T KNOW THAT I SEE THEM AS A GODDESS HAHA... ALTHOUGH I THINK... THEY MIGHT...) and met others that I knew OF in the fandom. It was like a young child's dream to meet up with essentially the Avengers of the MSW fandom. Wowzers. I was like a wise-cracking Spiderman that matured into a Deadpool who winks at the camera while doing dubious things in the background.

I really liked the team aspect!!! Bless y'all for doing that. I know that the Winter was Deadly Duos and the like, but it'd be cool if the winter ver. of saso was like, a team too!! Like maybe a randomly assorted team that searched for a common ship. That'd be balling.

Promptless BRs.

By a quick glimpse through everyone's feedback, I'm pretty much alone on this one. I really liked not having to worry about giving fills that the prompter disliked. Anyways, I liked the freedom to just come up with whatever I wanted to. Some people had GREAT prompts for the BRs but it wasn't really for a ship that I felt I knew a lot about, so I could just take the idea and run with it. Sometimes I would prompt something in a BR and I ended up filling it myself in BR5, so haha, turn up, right.

Rec Round + General Positivism.

Yeah, I agree with others that there shouldn't have been points assigned to the recs round. But I also think that the points should have been done with altogether--especially when you deduct points when a rule is violated, thereby instating value in something that """doesn't matter""".

But anyways, I really think we should keep the recs round! Maybe even have it OPEN for the entirety of SASO. So when you see a fill that you like, you can just pop on over to the recs round and post that you really love it. There would be no points so it's not like people would have to watch for a cluster of 3+ fills to recommend, and yes, you could probably comment that you really loved their fill, but there's nothing wrong with going to the other thread to recommend it to people at large!

I don't have any other suggestions, so I feel like it's unfair to complain. Like, there were problems, but I have no good solutions. Anyways, I don't think that I'll do this sort of thing again, mainly because of time constraints and the aforementioned "problems but no solutions", but I had a great time overall. Like I said, I got to meet some of the coolest people in the MSW fandom here AND I got to talk to my writing idol on like, everything. And I got to follow her locked twitter. I'm so happy. She could just like my tweets (SOMETIMES SHE DOES) and I'd be happy.

Anyways, this is also a good place to say it: if I've hurt you with any of my fills, please come to talk to me directly! I know that "bandaids don't fill bullet holes" but I hope that I can clear the air in any way possible.

Catch y'all on the flip side!
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(frozen comment)

[personal profile] hapaxlegomenon 2016-08-29 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
Popping in to say that I love the idea of an ongoing recs post, I personally would get a lot more use out of that and it would be a nice way to consolidate some of the exceptional fills.

I hope that idea gets serious consideration, I think it's a winner.

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(frozen comment) Team KiyoYachi

[personal profile] jeilovesyou 2016-08-29 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
First of all, I want to thank the mods for running this event again this year! This was my second year, and it was so great to come back to this fun, creative environment again. It was the highlight of my summer to be able to have fun creating things with a group of talented people, and I was able to do that thanks to the hard work all of you put in. Thank you.

I really appreciated some of the changes made from last year! In particular, the adjustments to work limits were a godsend and worked out pretty much perfectly from what I can tell. My team did well with them, and I saw some excellent entries this year that I think would have been over the limits by last year's standards, so I really want to thank you for working with people and making adjustments there.

Switching to bullet points now so I can keep myself somewhat organised:

1. A lot of people have mentioned the two promptless rounds, and I wanted to echo some of those thoughts, because that was particularly difficult for me as well. When I saw the Myth & Lore round go up I was excited that this meant I could write ships that aren't likely to be prompted, but my heart also kind of sank because I realised... the next round will probably be remixes, so that means I can't prompt anymore for the rest of SASO. Prompting is a lot of fun for me, so that was kind of discouraging and burned me out on the BRs a little. I agree that maybe spacing these out would help. But I also wonder if a promptless round could maybe be something a little more general or open to interpretation? I'm personally not good with AUs, and while I did appreciate being pushed out of my comfort zone a little, it was difficult to have that on top of the challenge of not having any prompts. It was too many big changes at once compared to the other rounds, I guess.

2. I remember that last year there was a chatroom, and that's how I made several of the friends I've stuck with ever since. It did sort of fall out of use after a little while, but I was thinking it would be nice to have a place for people to check in and make friends as we go like that again! The friending meme is great but I wonder whether there can't be something people will continue to use throughout the competition? Some sort of discussion forum open to all participants where people can just check in when they like, discuss what's going on at the time, what they're enjoying, and talk some general fandom talk. I'm not sure how realistic this would be or whether others would be as keen to use it as I would, but making friends and chatting with other creative-minded people is my favourite aspect of SASO. I'd love any opportunity to get to know people better.

3. I believe someone mentioned something somewhere about maybe having a round where people could go back and do fills from other rounds that they didn't get to? And I would absolutely love this, honestly, especially with the two-week BR schedule. I'm always impressed with the way the SASO community pulls out all the stops and generates LOADS of amazing, inspiring prompts, and there was just no way to get to even a fraction of the ones that really resonated with me. Having a round like this towards the end of the competition would be really great, I think, and allow everyone to relax a little more about balancing BRs against the MRs because that's less time spent sifting through prompts. I know I ended up with a pile of imcomplete fills that didn't make it because I just couldn't type fast enough, and I wonder if there are others out there who ran into the same problem. I'd love to see those fills realised!

4. Tagging prompts ended up getting really confusing for me, which I feel bad about because I think it was a question I asked the mod team that led to its implementation... initially I was just concerned about prompts being posted wherein the actual text in the prompt post itself was violently and/or sexually explicit. But once tags were required it seemed like some people were using them to tag the content of their prompt, but others were using it to suggest tags for possible fills, and I wasn't sure what to do with that field. For example, if I was open to a NSFW fill for a prompt, but didn't require it and the prompt itself was not NSFW, should I tag it? Would that discourage someone from writing a fill that wasn't NSFW? Should I omit it, and possibly discourage someone who would have liked to take it in a NSFW direction? Basically, when I asked the mod team about tagging prompts, my concern was about the text within the prompt post itself, and I don't think I communicated that clearly enough. If there's a tag field, I think it would help for the rules to explicity state whether it applies to the text of the prompt post or to the preferences of the prompter in regards to how they would like to see it filled. Or maybe there ought to be two fields, or some other way to differentiate between these two things? But I think that "do not read the text of this prompt post if you don't want to see x" is very different from "the prompter would like/is open to the fill containing x," and I think the tag field for prompts ended up being used for both/either and it was unclear. I believe this may have also caused at least one of the instances where someone received a fill that upset them, because the prompter may have interpretted their intention of "the text of this prompt may trigger people in regards to x" as "please feel free to put x in your fill."

5. In regards to twitter, I'm another person who found it difficult to find announcements sometimes. A single place for announcements and only announcements would be helpful for me as well. On the flipside, one thing I absolutely LOVED about the SASO twitter this year was seeing those individual ads for each final vote contender. I could tell that love and thought went into those and it was very touching. It was also so nice for people to be able to retweet their team's ad, or the ads of entries they particularly enjoyed.

6. I meant to ask this during the competition, but is there a reason for only team captains being able to advertise their team's entry? This was a little disheartening to me, as a person highly motivated by team pride. I wondered about teams whose captains more or less went MIA who weren't allowed to advertise. And for my part, it was sad to not be able to just put up a link and gush in my own words about how proud I was to be a part of a team that created an amazing thing. I believe a teammate also got a little freaked out because she had retweeted an ad with very innocuous commentary about being proud of us as a team, and then double-checked the rules about advertising and had to hurriedly delete it and RT again with zero commentary. Is this an anonymity concern, maybe? If so, then by all means remind people while advertising to keep the anonymity policy in mind. But I'm not understanding why exactly only one member of a team should be allowed to advertise a MR entry, especially when that person might not be the one most suited to it, or may have vanished entirely.

7. This is not to the mod team, but to my fellow participants, and it's been said before but I wanted to give my own thoughts on it. Last year SASO was astoundingly drama-free for an event of its size. There were a few (isolated, yet very disheartening) instances of poor sportsmanship and such, but some of it came from outside the competition, even. I was so happy to experience a large-scale fandom event where the general attitude was supportive and positive. I was really excited to be a part of that again, and for the most part I still felt those happy, welcoming vibes. But there was... noticeably more ugliness of attitude this year, for whatever reason. I saw people using their public twitters to criticise individuals and teams where those people could easily have seen them. I saw people being remarkably rude directly to the mods, once again in public. I heard stories from others who were directly spoken to harshly, or indirectly mocked in public and saw it. Y'all. How come? I know that in an event this big, sometimes it's not possible to get along with everyone. But being that SASO is basically just about creating cool stuff based on things you enjoy, can we not just... do that, and let everybody else do that too without fear of being publicly derided? If you really need to vent about the way a specific person is behaving or why you don't like something that was posted, can that at least be kept private?
I still think the vast majority of people were super-cool and nice and I still feel like I can recommend SASO to friends in good conscience, but I'm kind of worried about troubling behaviour escalating.

Anyway, I just want to wrap up by again expressing my gratitude, and my heart goes out to everyone for just MAKING SO MUCH COOL STUFF. Look at the VOLUME of what we have now for all these great ships, all this stuff that didn't exist at all before we started! And now here it is! I honestly get so emotional thinking about that. So much heart and passion got poured into this competition, and I'm still working through tons of stuff I bookmarked or that got recommended to me. I think that's the coolest. Thank you to absolutely everyone for being a part of this wild ride! <3 <3
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seconding no2! a general place to chat in addition to the friend meme would be lovely ~

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[personal profile] garciraki 2016-08-29 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
I have a feeling this is going to get pretty long, so I'm going to start off by thanking the mods for dedicating so much time and effort into this as well as the participant community in general for making this an overall enjoyable and fulfilling experience. As a newcomer that was previously acquainted with only, like, one and a half of the participants, I was a bit nervous about signing up, but I'm glad I jumped into the deep end.

The first point is more community-addressed than directed towards the mods, so, uh, yeah.

Re: feedback during the event: Some people were incredibly frustrated by some of the hiccups that occurred over the course of SASO, especially the problems that many ran into with the voting system, understandably and justifiably so. But I was absolutely floored by some of the comments and inquiries that I saw directed towards the mods regarding the issue. The tone of some of the tweets I saw just came off as incredibly confrontational and disrespectful?

Like. The mods don't want to make this hard for y'all. Yes, some tweaks to the communication system could've ameliorated this issue. But not to be rude or anything it ain't gonna fix your nasty attitudes. We're all people here. It wouldn't hurt to take a deep breath before going fully accusatory and attacking the people ever so graciously running this whole shebang.

Anyways, kudos to the mods for replying to even the less savory tweets with politeness and professionalism.

BR caps: If there's going to be a points cap on the graphics round there 100% needs to be a points cap on a recs round. I spent just as much time and effort, even more in a couple cases, on the works that I submitted to BR0 as I did to the other bonus rounds. I'm not complaining. I mean, I chose to do so because I genuinely enjoy making edits. But honestly, the lack of a points cap on the recs round was... disheartening. I assume that the cap on BR0 is to avoid giving an unfair advantage to some teams because not all teams had members that could participate in it, which is very reasonable and understandable. But. I know and understand that this wasn't the intention, but the possible implication that graphics were an easier points grab than recs was really demoralizing...

Anyways. Points cap on recs round please, otherwise, BR scoring is satisfactory.

Encore round: I saw that there was an encore round last year so I was really looking forward to it so I was mildly confused by it's nonappearance? I liked having shorter/two-week bonus rounds but there were some really good prompts that got posted on like the penultimate or last days that I would've loved to fill, but just didn't have time to finish as I got in other last-minute fills.

Clarification about media types: I don't think that this came up as an issue this SASO so this is more looking forward to next year??? but. I was Mildly Concerned, even if I never ended up bringing it up, about the distinction between a game and a fic. And like, yeah, this seems like it should be fairly obvious, but for my team's (ayamiki) MR2, we made a game using twine. Some other teams also used twine, but it looked like they treated their entries more like illustrated fics than games. So, what's the distinction? How much interactivity should there be in a work before it falls under game restrictions (images fit in spritesheet) vs. fic restrictions (word/image tiers)? If they had simply put some BGM in their works would that have allowed them to operate under the different restrictions? This isn't meant to be a criticism of any kind, I'd just like to be clearer on the difference for next year.

And also re: reusing old works for audio and such, I think that if you're allowed to reuse parts of cosplays, you should be able to reuse parts of like covers and the like. Both mediums require a signficant amount of outside investment of time and skill. Recording vocals is a pain in the ass. Arranging tracks is a pain in the ass. Mixing is a pain in the ass. I'm not saying this in an attempt to minimize the amount of effort and time it takes to create other types of fanworks. Each medium has its own constraints and requirements that should be taken into consideration, so I think it would be fair to allow, at the very least, partial reuse of old works for audio fills/components!

Anyways, thanks for running SASO this year!!! It was really fun and enriching for me and I genuinely enjoyed my time here! I look forward to next year! (and hopefully I won't burn out halfway through lmao)
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(frozen comment) noyaryuu team cap checking in!

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so first and foremost, thank you to the mods, both management and code-wise, for putting the event on! this was my first SASO, as well as the vast majority of my team (though we did have two +*+veterans+*+) and while it was stressful for us, overall we enjoyed ourselves a lot and were really proud of the work we put out. it was a nice challenge and use of time to keep creative during the summer which was nice! there's not a lot that hasn't already been addressed, so i'll keep it pretty short!

>> one thing we encountered just with our team was actually the team roster? we had a member hop to us during the second team swap period from grandstand and they had a lot of trouble getting approved due to some kind of error and despite showing up on the grandstand roster, they were told they weren't signed up for the event and when they were finally found, they were marked as a minor for some reason despite being 24 LOL (which is honestly more comical than anything).

the other part of that was that the roster never actually updated? we had a member drop and then that other member join us, but the only thing that ever changed was my role change to captain of the team. if anyone else had hopped onto our team at the swap, i never would have known. i mean, i'm sure i would've been contacted, but thinking about all the what-ifs, y'know?

>> we were another team who requested tags be added to the prompts in the BRs (i think i saw this mentioned by someone else) because we had a team member triggered very severely early on in BR1 after looking at a fill not expecting it whatsoever. they were incredibly shaken. we were really thankful for the quick action taken by the mod team in regards to that, so thank you again.

>> we personally loved the promptless rounds because we were rarepair team and it gave us an opportunity to do more fills for our ship, specifically. it was just kinda unfortunate that - at least for BR5 - it coincided with the MR2 deadlines because we were so, so busy working on that and as a result, we couldn't spend nearly as much time on the BR.

maybe during like the two-week crunchtime for the MRs, there could be pointless BRs instead? like a friending meme during the first half and then a recommendations round at the end. or even two rec rounds!! that might actually make it easier to find fills to rec at the end, instead of worrying about losing people's fills that you might've really enjoyed in the beginning of the event, but were unable to find again at the end due to the sheer volume of the prompts to fills ratio.

>> the only other thing is that maybe for next year the point reward could raise for the MR? i know someone else also mentioned how it seemed kinda disheartening that your team could make it to the top 15 and/or the final top 10 and another team who didn't place at all could make up just as many points, if not more, in the BRs instead.

everyone has their own pace when it comes to being able to work on the BRs and it's sort of an event where whoever has more free time/works quicker and more concisely will always do better in the BRs just by principle, so maybe that would help level the playing field a little for teams whose participants who are only able to focus on one thing at a time due to time constraints, IRL schedules or obligations, etc.

at any rate, we had fun and it was great to spend the summer doing something creative and seeing everyone produce such awesome work over the past couple months. thanks again for having us! o(〃; ▽ ;〃)o
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If a team manages to churn out those 125 or so fills* to make up for the points of not getting into the MR final, let them have those points lol. (I say that as someone who was kind of intimidated by some people's turn out too.) It's impressive, really, and you already have a huge advantage for getting into finals.

I actually believe MR could weight a little less, because if you don't make it into finals, you might as well give up.

*That's assuming everyone's team does at least 20 fills each BR and you have to make up for those 250 points per main round with 2 point fills.
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Hello, I am a Miyu from Team K2! This is my second year participating in SASO, as a dual writer/artist. I initially was uncertain if I had anything worth adding to the discussion -- everyone's posts are so thorough and I agree with much of it, and I also have feelings about the warm fuzzy ones -- but I decided to sit down and type out some of my vague, poorly worded thoughts, so thanks for bearing with me ;w;

First up, major kudos to the mod team! Thanks so much for putting this event together. You guys deserve all the recognition you can get, especially when so much of your work ends up being behind the scenes or totally anonymous. Thanks also for taking the time to listen to our feedback and implementing suggestions!! This year ran much smoother than last year, esp the voting in my experience, and I hope we didn't give you too much trouble ;;

I think enough has been said about the voting system, because I'm comfortable with how it worked this year in comparison to last year. There will always be personal bias no matter how hard we strive to overcome it (and not everyone who votes will try to overcome this). The prelims are the best way to make me view a random cross-section of entries -- and I honestly don't have the time to view everything all at once anyway, especially considering how long it takes my weary laptop to download files. I might complain about the RNG gods giving me characters/fandoms I'm unfamiliar with, but in the end, I like that this forces me to check out great submissions I might have overlooked otherwise. The MRs were so strong this year!!

Second... I want to address the "clique" discussion. It's true that having more venues to chat directly would be nice, but we always have the option of leaving comments or private messages via dreamwidth, and not enough of us take advantage. If you're reading this, you probably have no idea who I am, and that's exactly the point -- I'm not one of the better-known authors, the BR monsters, the popular artists, etc etc. Last year I definitely felt isolated since I joined with exactly one friend and had no idea who anyone else was. I was too intimidated by strangers I deemed "more talented than me" (an entirely arbitrary label), and too anxious to peek into the chat or reach out to anyone who wasn't on my tiny try-hard team of four. (I'm not very social in real life either, and that summer I had just moved to a new city by myself and it echoed the isolation I was already going through.) I still enjoyed myself overall, but it was undeniably lonely -- and my experience was soured during MR2, when some unsportsmanlike conduct directly hurt my team and made me hesitate to return to SASO at all.

I feel like it's fair for me to then say this: if I wanted to make friends, I needed to put in more effort to make friends. I learned from my mistakes last year, and went into this SASO with the express intent of socializing more, even when it made me nervous to go outside my comfort zone (like right now!). I tried hard to reply to fills, to leave nice comments on MR entries on my prelim list, to come up with positive recs at the end, to simply remember who people were! I still wimped out more than a few times and failed to say anything, but I definitely tried. And as a result, I had a lot more fun this year and made some new friends. :)

I've heard the same complaint about cliques on the roleplaying forum I participate on and used to moderate, and the OCTs (original character tournaments) I both competed in and organized. It happens a lot on the internet, and the best advice I've read was to be the change you want to see. Try not to assume viewpoints like "other people already have friends so they won't want to include me", or thinking people that fill 100+ prompts must think "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win", because as I learned this year, that's rarely the case! Take the first step yourself, be brave! :D Find the sports anime hero inside you!

And as a general reminder, there are real people on the other side of your screen. The flipside to reaching out to people you want to know better: if you don't like something, such as the quality/content of a fill to your prompt, it's better to just say nothing at all and move on. You're under no obligation to read/view it, especially if it contains topics that upset you personally. SASO is a lot of things but it's not a gift exchange -- it's healthier to focus on the content you create, not the content you may or may not receive. Once it's all over, the points and the votes don't matter, but you'll have new friends and all the works you created to be proud of!

I think this leads well into my third topic, the recs round. The debate about whether or not they should count for team points has me rather undecided, because even though I find them difficult to write, I adore this round. I miss sooo much content while I'm using all my free time and energy to try and create content! It's so nice to see people gushing about things they enjoyed, being proud of their teammates, being impressed by what they saw from perfect strangers -- and giving me the chance to consume this content myself. I sat down and read every single rec this year. I honestly don't have any problem with quick/short fills for points, personally? (And I was so shocked and pleased to find some nice words about my own work, I may have teared up) ;w; bless the recs, for we do not always have time to comment on the original fill before the round is locked!

- The best suggestion I've heard was having the recs round be open throughout all of SASO, although if we do this, I fear it may grow too unwieldy and hard to navigate. My caveat: open recs posts separated for each BR? This would also be easier to find things relevant to one theme, like the Myths/Lore round. :3

- I would also consider having one separate thread for prompts and one for fills each BR? This might be more mobile-friendly and easier to navigate, as I found the promptless round a lot easier to read!

Fourth is a little sticky, since it's about the tagging/ratings discussion and potentially triggering content. I thought it was a good idea to have NSFW fills hosted on AO3 (since you can always do so anonymously or on a pseud account, if you don't want them attached to your name). Having a DW option would also be convenient! I want SASO to remain a sandbox to experiment with different topics and styles, where we don't have to tread on eggshells about potentially offending people. Don't like, don't read. And you should never have to read it if it's something you don't like, for any reason, even in MRs!

But I've always been really iffy about that grey area between ratings, and this year made that all the more obvious. I do both artwork and writing for BR fills and I try my best to use tag warnings as well as additional notes for things I consider disturbing, but still -- when it comes to violence/blood specifically, what constitutes an M-rating or needs a preview image has always confused me since it's such a personal distinction? I've seen fills rated G because they didn't need major tags, when I would have rated them M myself... Can we have a SASO-specific rating system, possibly including major tags as a guideline? How would we feel about some sort of SASO After Dark thread where only NSFW/mature fills were posted, allowing minors and disinterested parties to avoid them entirely? :O

Still related to tagging, I personally appreciate when a prompter adds a note saying "(X) is fine, but please no (Y); bonus points for (Z)!". I do it myself with some prompts. That being said, it's not a gift exchange with Dear Creator letters, so there are no guarantees as a prompter that you won't get (Y) content even when you asked for no (Y). I thought this was an implicit understanding, but it's good to discuss these things openly. It can be rude or upsetting, especially if this is content that is potentially harmful to your mental health, but this is something that is up to you to manage -- mind the tags and simply don't view it at all, because you need to protect yourself.

I don't want anyone to feel like they're being attacked or harassed! No one deserves that! But also see my above opinion about not wanting to limit creators from experimenting without the fear of negative backlash. I'll be the first to apologize if any of my submissions this year offended anyone, because it was never my intention -- but I'll also stand by my right to share that work online in the first place, with all its proper tags and warnings in place.

A-anyway... this ended up very long after all! ;; I'm just glad I decided to give SASO a second shot, and I'm grateful the event exists in the first place. I hit all my personal goals and it feels good to have accomplished something! Team K2 was so good to me, even when they were teasing me ;w;

To those of you who tried it for the first time this year and are on the fence about playing again, I hope you consider it when next year rolls around! I had more fun the second time because I was more comfortable with the format and learned how to pace myself better so I didn't burn out right away. I also tried a lot harder to meet people outside of my team, on my own terms, and I'm glad I did. :)

And as a general statement: everyone was so awesome this year!! All the MR entries blew me away, and I've been gushing over the BR fills I find on AO3, and there's sooo much content made for our beloved sports animes and you should all be really proud!! ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯ See you in season 3!

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[personal profile] yrindor 2016-08-30 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
I wanted to second what Miyu said about the social aspects of SASO. This was my first year participating, and I didn't join with anyone else/wasn't on one of the specific ship/fandom teams. I didn't really expect much of a social side to the event going in, but I noticed a couple of rounds in that there were a few people with whom I seemed to be trading prompts and fills just on the basis of similar tastes, and I decided to run with that and start keeping an eye for their prompts and trying to write at least a couple of prompts that I thought might interest them. Similarly, when I noticed that I was consistently fills created by certain people, I made a point to try to comment on them as well. Even though I didn't go into SASO expecting, or even necessarily wanting, it to be a social event beyond "write a lot of fic" (I wasn't even planning on writing prompts initially), but it developed over the course of the three months until I realized I had made friends I didn't want to lose once it was over.

Which I guess is all a long-winded way of saying that personally, even coming in as an outsider, I found the community aspect of SASO to be very welcoming once I started to open up to it.
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[personal profile] chiharu 2016-08-29 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Y'all know I love the mod team. I had so much fun this year and met some truly amazing people. As someone who also participated in SASO last year, I can see all the changes that have been implemented since the last round. I really appreciate the work, time, and energy the mods have put into running this event!!!

With that said, I feel like the mods' presence was slightly lacking this year. Sometimes it felt like the twitter mod was the only visible one. The official team ranking sheet was very rarely updated. Questions often got lost into the abyss. For example, I had a BR question that was very time sensitive, but it didn't get answered until after the BR had ended. Multiple times, I'd contact the twitter mod, who would point me to our referee mod, who would reference another mod. Then the question would just disappear into the abyss. Saso is over and I still have questions I sent the mod team months ago that never got answered. In the future, it would be better to have a uniform method of contacting the mods so inquiries don't get lost in a nebulous social media black hole.

Thank you!

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