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literally just me musing out loud im sorry

this is a lot of rambling/different thoughts i'm so sorry this was really just self-indulgent

re: conduct
standing_ovation.jpg [i literally don't have anything else to say, y'all hit on everything and hit on it so very well]

re: cooldown periods
i really think we’d benefit from this, even if it was half a day. even if people didn’t like it, this kinda seems like. taking our medicine, really—it’s not totally enjoyable but it pays off in the long run because you feel better. maybe not you don’t even need one after every round—maybe having a BR end, and then announcing the MR theme, and having a day (or two, or three!) days off from BRs so teams can rest, do some housekeeping, and start brainstorming without distractions/feeling like they have to juggle MR planning with BR filling?

idk. it's self-centered to bring it up again but smth i suggested on the original talkback post was having mini-rec BRs—one after BR3 and one after BR6, each open for a week, letting people rec stuff from the first three and then the last three BRs. let the brain take a break from constant creation while they worked on MR planning/maybe the beginnings of MR stuff, instead of trying to do new BR fills on top of it, y'know? plus then recs become more manageable since it's in chunks, y'know? (AGAIN THIS IS JUST ME MUSING ALOUD ignore me if i'm being presumptuous orz)

re: BR caps
tbh i don’t remember seeing a lot of fuss over BR caps with the exception of the rec round? i might be misremembering, but that’d be the only round i think a cap would make sense and might actually be an improvement.

re: nsfw fills
maybe think of it like movie ratings? if it’d be rated R for violence, have it behind a click-through?

re: prompt/fill tracking
Someone also mentioned making a google spreadsheet, etc. for remix permissions. If you guys want to do that, go forth and let us know about it! We'll link to and promote anything you create.

[thumbs up moj]

re: promptless rounds
One person said they thought Grandstand had nothing to do after br4. That's not true; Grandstand is encouraged to create fills as much as create prompts. Every participant is welcome to create fills, even if the round is promptless.

this was my initial reaction but then i thought about it, and i think it’s important to point out that many people in grandstand are likely in grandstand because even creating fills is something they don’t have time for, or aren’t necessarily comfortable doing in that it’s not their thing. the people that throw things at writers and artists and other content creators are as much a part of this process as anyone else, ya feel? i talked to a lot of grandstand folks i otherwise wouldn’t have talked to because i filled their prompts and those discussions were a+, so removing that side of the equation does take a pretty large chunk of participation for a lot of team grandstand members.

re: point balancing
this is literally just me speaking into the void bc i'm just agreeing w you while providing my perspective as a participant:

so i’m on team krmy—we didn’t make it past the prelims of either MR, and we managed to scrape into the top 15 (and break 2k points!) and i’m really damn proud of us as a team for accomplishing that. we worked our butts off in the BRs (and for the MRs too, for that matter, which i don’t say because i’m salty but bc i think it’s important to acknowledge everyone that submitted an MR worked hard). we even managed to place above teams that made it past the prelims of both MRs bc of our BR output. other teams ahead of us didn’t participate in BRs as much as we did (i’m talking 100+ point differences in some rounds), but their MR entries bumped them ahead of us, which i think makes sense—pulling together a polished quality product between 4+ people in a month is hard.

at the end of the day, I feel like the point system put us more or less where we were meant to be. so take it as further validation, i guess, lol.

re: MR entry formats
We think the current system—you can create whatever you want, but with the knowledge that it may cost you votes—is the best one.

i think highlighting this in the rules would be a solid idea—i completely agree, fwiw, but making sure that this idea is widely known and understood might help in both the process of creating and the process of voting.

re: voting transparency
Some people have questioned whether the lack of transparency means the mods are "hiding something," or tried to suggest that if we hide votes, we must be changing them.

this idea is literally laughable to me like what do y’all have to gain by this?? sorry, i know y’all said not to comment on this, but i just had to interject there.

again, thanks so much for doing this, for being open to discussion, for hearing people out and taking the time to just write this all out. <3

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