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Mir ([personal profile] nee_saan) wrote in [community profile] sportsanime 2016-09-04 02:14 am (UTC)

miyuki kazuya/sawamura eijun captain here!

oh boy do i have some things to say!

mods: running this event could not have been easy. i'm so impressed with the diligence you guys showed through out the duration of this thing. it occurs to me that all us are relieved saso is over; it was hard work and required so much energy, but i can't even imagine how difficult was for you mods. it's so apparent you guys always did your best and the payout for us as participants was gold to me - i created some stuff that i'm proud of in a way different from anything else i've done. you guys are probably grateful for a breather too. thank you for all of your hard work.

this event forced me to be creative in ways i didn't know i could be! and seeing the beautiful submissions from so many other teams who were working just as hard as me is sort of awesome. it's kinda funny because a common theme in sports anime is a true rivalry that brings out the best in opponents; i think saso and the other teams brought out the best in me and in those around me. i'm so thankful for this event tbh. coming just short of a top ranking has simply motivated me to work a thousand times harder next year!

team fam: you guys are freaking amazing. i can't believe the stuff we did. i've participated in gift exchanges, fandom bangs, rp weeks and event weeks - i don't think i even put half the effort i put into those that i did into this. it was honestly amazing to get to work with you all. some of you i was friends with, some of you i knew from fandom circles and some of you i had never talked to at all - all of the stress we put ourselves through feels worth it because i got to know you guys. thanks for all your hard work and thanks for putting up with me. love your error-prone captain.

EVERYONE ELSE: a full round of applause to top ranking teams. i'm friends with many of you and i know how much y'all busted your asses for this thing. you deserve your rank and bragging rights! i'm bragging to anyone for you right now. sometimes it's hard being on the outskirts of fandom. i remember when i had just started working my way thru daiya fandom and how intimidating it was to be surrounded by such beautiful fanworks. everything i admired was always so well written and beautifully created. it's still kind of a shock, but being in this event reminded me why we all suffer through fandom related work; the outcome is amazing and impressive and i'm so happy to be surrounded by such talented people. all of you are pretty awesome! ♥♥♥

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