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Lin ([personal profile] dynamite) wrote in [community profile] sportsanime 2016-09-06 03:48 pm (UTC)

SO MUCH CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE TEAMS AND TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS AND TO THE MODS FOR THEIR HARD WORK AND JUST!! What a good summer, what inventive and beautiful entries this year -- SASO always seems to pass in no time at all because we're always in such a constant state of furious creativity, and looking back, I'm in so much awe of all the things everybody made. I also love how much passion everybody puts into their series and their ships, I love being swept along with it all and coming out the other side with new things to love, too! I ALSO HAD SO MANY WILD PROMPT DREAMS COME TRUE AND I'M SO GRATEFUL, SASO is truly magical.

And as captain, I also want to gesture wildly at all of Team Imaizumi/Naruko for their hard work and talents and I'm just, I'm so proud of everything we made this year. Whispers, I love you guys and I love our redblues.

Thank you again, SASO <3

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