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1. What should we call you?

everyone calls me Sarah! she/her. you might see me use "seren" sometimes too but that's mostly a pen name/what I name myself in videogames, for now.

2. What got you into sports anime?

Technically Angelic Layer and Free! are the first sports anime I'd seen but I REALLY fell down the hole when I first watched Yowamushi Pedal, some time in August 2014

3. What do you love about your favorite sports anime?

Hmm, gosh. Is it weird to say I'm grateful to YowaPeda because it was there for me when I was alone and then led me to a lot of my friends? I also like how the characters create distance between themselves and others.

4. Which sports anime moment got you right in the feels?

oh boy I have a few to choose from but for this I'll pick the Kominato flashback/OVA because I was squirming like a stuck bug the whole time, emotionally.

5. Have you found a relatable favorite in a sports anime? Who?

if I had to pick one that's most like how I see myself and how others probably see me, Kominato Ryousuke? I even had a streak of pink hair for a while when I was in high school!

6. What series do you find it difficult/easy to make content for? Why?

I can pick up Pedal, haikyuu, daiya, prince of tennis, chihayafuru, and love live prompts very easily (for characters that appear up to... the point i stopped watching, at any rate) just because I've drawn them enough and know them enough to think of funny situations to put them in. Your best chance of catching me is to prompt something I can fill with a single-panel comic with some snappy dialogue, or a costume swap, or elegant body horror.
Oofuri, tragically, is difficult for me to draw because their hair and faces really... look similar... at first... sorry

7. Similarly, what series do you like to consume content from? Why?

I swear I've watched more than ywpd, DnA, and PoT, but... if we're looking at volume... ;;;; I come across those the most.
But! I will also try to be here for the other fandoms I've mentioned in this post, and Ballroom E Youkoso, Gundam Build Fighters, Immortal Grand Prix, Princess Nine, Shokugeki, and Yuri on Ice.

8. Lastly, let your fellow SASOers know where they can find you if they want to chat with you!

[ profile] luckycricket33 is where I am most of the time. Right now I'm trying to dig myself in deep with Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon fandoms before I say goodbye to them for three months.

[ profile] dippitydoodles this is my art blog, which is less chaotic

[ profile] EnlighteningBugs I have an ao3 because sometimes I write! Actually, I started writing because of SASO! I also have art/comics up there from exchanges.

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