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Hello Everyone!

1. What should we call you?
Real name is Lindsay, but fine with Linds, Starr, Lindsay... long as it's not a 'hey you' it's all good ;) she/her

2. What got you into sports anime?
Originally I was not into sport anime at all, but fell into a love with online comics first, discovered some of the animes different artists were into (SnK for one) before falling down the Free!, Yowa, then Haikyuu!! rabbitt hole. But the sport anime that REALLY hooked me (and stil, has me in its clutches) is Ace of Diamond with its cast of lovable characters.

3. What do you love about your favorite sports anime?
I love watching Daiya as it has everything you could want from close friendships, to all different kinds and personalities of characters, along with othercomung struggles to push yourself back up from defeat... and the damn RIVALRIES which I swear will be my early death (looking at YOU Sawamura and Furuya...) The series also started my own personal love for watching baseball as I used to HATE the sport. Not even just dislike but hate because I thought it was so boring and why would anyone waste time playing/going to watch a game. It turned it into an understanding of just how hard the sport of baseball is, and I pretty much watch a game a day now of MLB.

4. Which sports anime moment got you right in the feels?
Oh gosh... I don't like thinking about it again (in fact I haven't even been able to watch the arc a second time because of just how emotional it is) but Sawamura's yips, and then his corresponding recovery to be able to pitch inside again. Plus - third years... ;____;

5. Have you found a relatable favorite in a sports anime? Who?
One look at my icon is only needed to figure this out,but Miyuki Kazuya all the way! Give me the slightly sarcastic, a little caustic, highly intelligent characters that I tend to love/ship (Arakita, Sugawara, Rin, Yurio)

6. What series do you find it difficult/easy to make content for? Why?
If I can understand the mind of/get into the head of a character those are the easiest series for me to write. Daiya, YOI, Haikyuu!!, and Free! are the easiest for me with characters, but also love Yowa, Shokugeki no Soma, Days, and All Out!

7. What series do you like to consume content from? Why?
If you put Daiya no Ace content out there (especially any brand of Miyuki ships) - I'm there! Haikyuu!!, Yuri on Ice, Yowa, and Free! I'm especially craving content from all of these fandoms.

8. Lastly, let your fellow SASOers know where they can find you if they want to chat with you!
Pretty easy to find with the same username on all platforms:

[ profile] starrwinter / [ profile] starrwinter / [ profile] starrwinter

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