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I'm ready to sportsdie

What should we call you?
Please call me Pax!

What got you into sports anime?
Free! was my gateway anime, and from there I ended up in Yowamushi Pedal, which lead me to my first SASO... and here we are.

What do you love about your favorite sports anime?
YP is my favourite, even though objectively it isn't that good at all. I'm so desperately attached to the characters, though, and being a part of YP fandom has led to so many good things in my life.

Which sports anime moment got you right in the feels?
*collapses on the track with Teshima and Aoyagi and cries with them*

Have you found a relatable favorite in a sports anime? Who?
There are a lot of characters that I relate to on one level or another, but sports anime characters tend to be a lot more motivated than I am. I think the closest for me is Makishima from YP. I understand the awkward, uncomfortable thing.

What series do you find it difficult/easy to make content for? Why?
Obviously, YP is pretty easy for me, since it's my "home fandom". HQ is pretty good for me, too, especially Nekoma, but I've never felt super comfortable with ones like Daiya. Too much sport in the anime, maybe. I like the ones that focus more on character.

Similarly, what series do you like to consume content from? Why?
I actually don't consume a ton of YP just because the fandom's so small and it's hard to find the specific things I want. I think in terms of gross fandom entertainment value, I've gotten the most from HQ, though I'm also very much enjoying Yuri on Ice.

Lastly, let your fellow SASOers know where they can find you if they want to chat with you!
Find me on twitter at [twitter.com profile] t2eshima or Ao3 at [archiveofourown.org profile] hapaxlegomenon :3

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