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SASO 2017 Icebreaker: Character Bingo

IB - Bingo

It’s almost time for the games to really begin, but before they do, we’ve got one last icebreaker game for you! This one’s a classic: bingo! Read below to learn how to play.

  1. Using the bingo card generator of your choice (such as this site or this one), create a 5x5 bingo card composed entirely of names of characters you like from any sports anime.
  2. You’re allowed to have one free space on your bingo card.
  3. Comment on this post with your bingo card
  4. Fill out other participants’ bingo cards by saving their card, filling the squares that contain characters you like, and posting the filled-out bingo card as a reply to their comment.
  5. If you manage to get bingo, congratulations! You win the power of friendship, and a high-five from us.
  6. Want a cool SASO icon? If you get bingo, confirm your bingo by including in your comment one sentence each on what you like about the 4 or 5 characters that scored your bingo, then send the link to your comment to us!

We hope these icebreakers have helped you meet some new friends and prepared you for what’s to come! Here's the Friending Meme for anyone whose contact info you didn’t catch, and get hyped for SASO 2017! (This round ends on May 17.)
sylphofkarkat: (Default)

[personal profile] sylphofkarkat 2017-05-13 02:41 am (UTC)(link)

throws this out, runs away, have fun guys
gionkenji: gion as a child (Default)

here ya go

[personal profile] gionkenji 2017-05-13 03:53 am (UTC)(link)

beltenebra: (Default)

[personal profile] beltenebra 2017-05-13 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
The hardest part of this was trimming people off the list. <.< I feel like I could have done a whole card per series in most cases!

 photo SASO Bingo edit_zps25xivhfq.jpg
coyoteclaw11: (Default)

[personal profile] coyoteclaw11 2017-05-13 04:18 am (UTC)(link)

I'm crying this was so hard ;o;
fickle: (Default)

PoT, Free, Pedals, Daiya no Ace and Big Windup

[personal profile] fickle 2017-05-13 04:23 am (UTC)(link)

I'm sorry I like so many terrible chars.

...Okay, I'm not. XD I'm terrible too.
Edited 2017-05-13 05:06 (UTC)
princesssid: manga screencap of hinata shouyou looking possessed (crawl up the wall hinata)

[personal profile] princesssid 2017-05-13 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
:( i wanted to use the halloween theme but the font was tough to read for the longer names

bingo card: todoroki raichi, mihashi ren, tachibana aya, nase asumi, shinkai hayato, kageyama tobio, kuramochi youichi, onoda sakamichi, isashiki jun, arakita yasutomo, tendou satori, makishima yuusuke, sai, yachi hitoka, murasakibara atsushi, yamaguchi tadashi, mashima taichi, hinata shouyou, mitani yuki, takashi kawamura, tanba kouichirou, hanai azusa, aida riko, takao kazunari
doxian: (Default)

[personal profile] doxian 2017-05-13 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
tried to keep it as diverse as i could!

really hard not to get caught up in the question "What Makes A Fave"
Edited 2017-05-13 04:28 (UTC)
kuramochi: (Default)

[personal profile] kuramochi 2017-05-13 04:31 am (UTC)(link)

THIS WAS HARD TO FILL ALL THE SPACES and i had all my captains lined up to make a bingo but then it got randomized lmao
winterstuck: (Default)

[personal profile] winterstuck 2017-05-13 04:38 am (UTC)(link)

nigou is my free space
nobetterpicture: (Default)

[personal profile] nobetterpicture 2017-05-13 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
I was going to do an all tennis one, but held myself back (for now...) but seriously...good luck, if you watched Cheer Danshi! please come yell about sweet cheer boys with me

marks: (kageyama (hq))

[personal profile] marks 2017-05-13 04:56 am (UTC)(link)

yes? yes!

also, a fun additional game is pairing up the characters who wind up next to each other.
prillalar: (horio is the smex)

[personal profile] prillalar 2017-05-13 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
This is really mostly a way to see who loves the same minor characters as I do.

lordonisyr: (Default)

[personal profile] lordonisyr 2017-05-13 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Have at it!