Sep. 3rd, 2016

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Results and Party Post

This is it! The end of the road! You've officially survived SASO 2016. We hope the last three months have helped you make new fanwork, new friends, and some wonderful new memories. Let's look back and see how everyone did!

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Unfortunately, SWAG was a one-time-only deal; it will not be returning to our event schedule. However, we are moving IHX to become our winter event! It will probably run around January-February.

Thank you to those of you who came back for a repeat of this wild fandom ride. We hope you had fun again this year too. If you were new this year, we hope you had a good time!

The whole event, we mods couldn't help but gushing to each other over all the amazing fanwork we saw. You did an amazing job this year. Whether you made a hundred fanworks or just one, we know that you pushed outside your comfort zone and really did your best. You've helped to enrich and support your fandoms. We hope you're seriously proud of yourself, because we are seriously proud of you.

Congratulations!! Feel free to reply this post and party. We hope to see you again at SASO 2017!
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