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Participation Agreement

Please read this ENTIRE PAGE before signing up for the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics. Thank you!


First things first:
  1. Do you have a Dreamwidth account?
  2. Is it Verified?
  3. Do you have DW Private Messages set to "Registered Users"?


The SASO is a fun and inclusive event, and we'd like everyone to have a safe, enjoyable time! To that end, here are some simple rules.

  1. Don't start drama. Treat others as you'd like to be treated! Don't flame or bash or hate on other people, teams, characters, ships, fandoms, etc. Don't troll or act like a jerk.
  2. DO NOT threaten or insult other teams/players/fandoms/etc. It's one thing to say "My team is awesome!" or "We're gonna show you all how it's done!" and another to say "Your team sucks!"
  3. If you have something nice to say, say it! See a bonus round fill or main round entry that blows you away? Want to congratulate other teams on how well they placed during a round? Go ahead and say so! Feel free to cheer for each other and comment on each other's works—we're all in the Olympics together.
  4. If you see drama or cheating, don't get involved. Instead, talk to your team captain and/or the mods, and we'll take care of it.
  5. Remember private vs. public spaces. People talk about all sorts of stuff in private chats, and we can't really police that (nor do we want to). But if the mods see you or your team involved in hate, cheating, or general drama in any public space (including social media sites), we'll call you on it. Additionally, talking about your team's plans in public spaces lets your rival teams scope out their competition! Remember to keep your private conversations private: on IM chats, behind locked DW posts, in private e-mails, etc.
  6. In general, if you have or see trouble, contact the mods. If you're having conflict with another participant, or even your captain, or even a mod; if you see someone flaming and trash talking in public (including twitter); or if you're being made to feel uncomfortable in the SASO by another participant no matter where it's taking place, please talk to us. If you don't feel comfortable coming to us directly, talk to your captain who can come to us on your behalf. We promise to do our best to minimize drama and handle things as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Anonymity Policy

(The most important part of this page!)

Main round entries MUST remain totally anonymous until their voting periods are over. Revealing who did what on your team’s entry invites favoritism and bias.

Your team will receive a 50 point penalty every time a member of your team breaks an entry’s anonymity.

To avoid this penalty, until a round’s voting period is over, do not:
  • Say who did what for an entry in any way, shape, or form.
  • Claim creatorship or reveal creatorship of any part of an entry, either through posts, comments, reblogs, tags, etc.
  • Talk about the creation process for your entry.
  • Have “credits” that reveal who on your team did what. (Please include credits for anything in your entry that comes from outside of your team, and you can add teammate credits once the final voting period is over. Credits do not count towards your work limits.)
  • Have creator-revealing signatures or watermarks on your entry’s pieces. (You can add them once the final voting period is over.)
  • Post or discuss something created for your entry that your team did not use.
  • Do anything that in any way jeopardizes your or your entry’s anonymity.
If in doubt: just don’t discuss your round entry at all until the final vote is over. (exceptions: team captains can post advertisements for their round’s entries on tumblr, etc. as long as they maintain anonymity, and teammates may reblog it without commentary. Captains and vice-captains can also reply to comments left to their main round entry on behalf of their entire team, as long as they use neutral language.)

Can you discuss your round entries privately (locked accounts, IM chats, etc.)? Well, it's not like we can stop you, though it's still not recommended.

After a round's final voting period, you can talk about your entry as much as you want and post your works all over the place.

We encourage all participants to enforce the importance of this rule with their teammates, and all captains to double-check their entries and make sure that they do not have any revealing watermarks, credits, or notes on them. Please don't make us penalize you! Thank you!

(Why is the anonymity policy so important?)

Mod Contact

If you need help or have questions/comments, you can contact the mods through this post. Try to talk to your Captain first though to see if they can help you!

Thanks for reading all this! When you submit your SASO sign up, there's a text box that asks if you've read this post. In that space, please copy and paste this sentence:

I certify that I have read and will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the 2017 SASO.

Please copy and paste that directly! We're using an automated program to search for the phrase.

Thanks! Let's have a great summer!