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SASO 2017: First Team Switching Period

SASO 2017 Team Switch 1

Team Switching period is now closed.

Sign ups have closed. If your team has 4 or more members on the team roster, you've officially qualified to compete in the Olympics. Welcome!

We are now in the next phase of the event—the team switching period, which lasts until 19 May @ 7PM EDT (Countdown). During this time:

If there is something wrong with your signup and you need help, please E-MAIL the mods at with your DW username and an explanation of the problem.

If you are the team captain:

Congratulations! We're cheering for you to lead your team to victory.

Your first order of business is to make a Team Dreamwidth Community. You can use any comm name you'd like, as long as it's rated PG and not crude/offensive. Click here for a comm creation walkthrough. You can also reuse comms from year to year, or inherit a comm from the previous year's team if you'd like—you're responsible for getting in touch with the previous year's captain and asking them for their comm, though.

Take a look at the Captain Toolbox we put together for you, too. It has a lot of useful tips and tricks.

Once your team comm is ready, please e-mail with your DW username, your team, and the name of your team's DW community so we have it for our records.

After that, get in touch with your teammates. Using the information on the Team Roster, you can invite them to your team comm and send them a DW PM if you'd like. Start gathering their contact information, such as e-mail, tumblr, etc. If you guys want to start a group IM chat feel free, though please keep in mind that some of your teammates may be in different time zones and you have to include them too. Feel free to link your teammates to the remix permissions post too—it'll be useful for later in the event.

From your teammates you will be asked to pick a vice-captain, in the event that you can't manage the team (you go on vacation, get sick, etc.) or just need a little assistance. Some teams may also use their vice-captain to distribute main round workload, for example the captain organizes the main round's writers and the vice-captain coordinates the artists. How you work with your vice-captain is up to you. Once you've selected a vice-captain, please e-mail us with your team name and their DW username/e-mail as well.

Lastly, you received an invitation to [community profile] saso_lockers—it should be in your e-mail and/or dreamwidth inbox. This is a comm made so that team captains can hang out, ask questions, and help each other. Please accept the invitation in your DW inbox (if you don't see it, let the mods know), and then take a look at the comm. We've got a post there waiting for you! :)

If you cannot contact one of your teammates by the end of the day on May 19, please e-mail us at and we'll help you find them.

If your team does not have a captain:

You need one or your team can't compete in the SASO! Please get in touch with each other to talk about who should be the captain, and please consider stepping up yourself to take the position. It's not very hard (More Info) and the mod referees are here to help you every step of the way.

To contact your fellow teammates, you can look at the Team Roster and contact them via DW PM, and/or shout on tumblr or twitter using the #SASO2017 tag. You can also e-mail the mods at asking for help and we will help you all get in touch with each other.

To claim captaincy, please e-mail us at with your team and your DW username. Captaincy is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your team does not have a captain by the end of the team switching period, you will be disbanded and forced to switch to other teams. If you don't switch within 24 hours of your disbandment, you will be auto-placed in Team Grandstand.

If your team has three people or less:

Unfortunately, you didn't qualify for the event. You can either switch to a qualifying team that has room, switch to Team Grandstand, or drop from the event entirely.

You can do all of this through the sign up form now, so use this period to think about what you'd like to do.

If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact the mods.

If your team qualified:

Congrats! We can't wait to see what you guys turn out.

If you're new to Dreamwidth, we wrote a DW walkthrough to teach you how the site works. (We know some of the images are broken—we're trying to fix them, sorry!) Besides that, just sit tight and wait for your captain to get in touch with you. This is your time to start getting to know your teammates! If you don't get word from them by May 17, please e-mail the mods at so we can help you find them.

You can use our Team Comm Directory to find your team's DW community and ask for access, too. That post will be updated as new team comms are created, so keep an eye on it if you don't see your team at first.

You might also want to play in the SASO 2017 friending meme, hosted by [personal profile] intricacies. Go make friends :D

If you're over 18 and think you might make NSFW fanwork this summer, please join our comm [community profile] saso_afterhours.

Also, don't forget about our SASO Discord!

If you're confused, just leave a comment to this post and we'll try to point you in the right direction. Get out there and start organizing!