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Bonus Round 1: AUs


SASO 2017 is over, but this round is perpetually open to new fills (no new prompts).

This popular round is back once again! To begin this year's SASO, we encourage you to let your mind run wild with alternate ideas and settings.

Please read this whole post before commenting to ensure that your team gets the most points possible. (There are changes from last year!)

  • Submit prompts by commenting to this post with an alternate universe idea, along with a ship from one of our nominated fandoms. There's a comment template below for your convenience.
    • Your prompt MUST include some kind of relationship. (This is not the sports anime gen olympics.) Platonic relationships are indicated by an "&" between the names (e.g., Izumi & Sakaeguchi). Non-platonic relationships use "/" (e.g., Izumi/Sakaeguchi). Please don't say "Any pairing," either!
  • An AU can be a canon divergence, e.g. "what if [character] was the Team Captain instead of the canon captain character?", or a completely different setting altogether, e.g., pop idol AU, coffee shop AU, superheroes AU, etc.
  • Fill prompts by leaving a responding comment to the prompt with your newly-created work.
  • Remember to follow the general bonus round rules, outlined here.

Bonus round shenanigans all happen in the comments below. Brand-new works only, please.

Required Work Minimums:
  • 400 words (prose)
  • 400px by 400px (art)
  • 14 lines (poetry)
There is no max work cap.

Format your comment in one of the following ways:

  • Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team you belong to. Any way you format it is fine.
  • Copy/paste/fill out the following form into your comment box. Delete the guidance text that's in parentheses. Make sure you use tags.

    Here is a BR Template Creator for your convenience if the textarea is confusing.

  • Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team you belong to. Any way you format it is fine.
  • Replace RATING with the rating of your fill (G - E)
  • Copy/paste/fill out the following form into your comment box. Delete the guidance text that's in parentheses. Make sure you use tags.

    Here is a BR Template Creator for your convenience if the textarea is confusing.

  • NSFW FILLS: Please cross-link these fills and tag them clearly. [community profile] saso_afterhours is open to all NSFW fills.
    • Written/text fills can be hosted on AO3 or [community profile] saso_afterhours ONLY.
    • Art/visual fills can be hosted anywhere; you may include a small safe-for-work thumbnail of the fill in your comment.
  • Replace RATING with the rating of your fill (G - E)
  • Copy/paste/fill out the following form into your comment box. Delete the guidance text that's in parentheses. Make sure you use tags.

    Here is a BR Template Creator for your convenience if the textarea is confusing.

  • NSFW FILLS: Please cross-link these fills and tag them clearly. [community profile] saso_afterhours is open to all NSFW fills.
    • Written/text fills can be hosted on AO3 or [community profile] saso_afterhours ONLY.
    • Art/visual fills can be hosted anywhere; you may include a small safe-for-work thumbnail of the fill in your comment.

Posts not using this format will be understood to be unofficial discussion posts, regardless of what they contain. They, like all comments in this community, are subject to the code of conduct.

If you see anyone breaking the code of conduct (e.g., causing drama, being rude) anywhere (not just DW), please contact the mods immediately.

These numbers apply to your team as a whole, not each individual teammate. Make as many prompts/fills as you want!

For prompts: 5 points each (maximum of 50 prompt points per team per round)

For fills:
First 4 fills by any member of your team: 20 points each
Fills 5-10: 15 points each
Fills 11-20: 5 points each
Fills 21-50: 2 points each
Fills 51+: 1 point each

All scored content must be created new for this round.

If you're hunting through the prompts looking for what to fill, a good trick is to view top-level comments only (see the line of links below this post).

Have a question? Check The FAQ first. If you still need help, feel free to contact the mods. Happy fanworking!
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[personal profile] directorenno 2017-06-02 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: bokuto koutarou/kuroo tetsurou
Fandom: haikyuu
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: implied violence except not really?

Prompt: superpowers au. supervillain kuroo controls shadows, superhero bokuto controls light. their frequent face-offs are really just an excuse for them to flirt.
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[personal profile] jessibot 2017-06-03 09:11 am (UTC)(link)
tsunderekita: (Onoodle)


[personal profile] tsunderekita 2017-06-02 05:55 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kinjou Shingo/Imaizumi Shunsuke OR Kinjou/Arakita why not I'm shameless
Fandom: Yowamushi Pedal
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: Supernatural elements

Prompt: Soulmate AU. Everyone is born with their soulmate's first words to them written on their skin as a birthmark, but there's no way of knowing when in your life you'll meet them or under what circumstances.
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FILL: Team Aoyagi Hajime/Teshima Junta, G

[personal profile] hapaxlegomenon 2017-06-07 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: Swearing, playing fast and loose with geography
Word Count: 684


On the back of Kinjou’s hand are the inexplicable words, “You’re the guy that Fuku-chan.” And then it stops. Not a full sentence, and he doesn’t know anybody (yet) named Fuku-chan, so it’s somewhat perplexing. Still, not the worst he’s seen. Makishima has “Sohoku? Never heard of them,” around his calf, and Tadokoro refuses to say what his words are. It’s been a long time since Kinjou worried overmuch about his soulwords, but he does still wonder, sometimes, who Fuku-chan might be, and what Fuku-chan will do to him.

Until one day during his second year of high school, when he walks into the waiting room of his physical therapist’s office, gives the receptionist his name, and goes to sit down. There are only three chairs in the little antechamber. One is already occupied, by a sallow, surly-looking boy who reacts to Kinjou’s name like it’s a physical shock. Kinjou eyes him carefully as he goes to sit down. He notices the brace around the other boy’s elbow, which answers one question.

“You’re the guy that Fuku-chan --” he starts, then he cuts himself off with a “tch” and turns his head away.

Kinjou freezes. “The guy that what?” he says dumbly, and once again the other boy stiffens up.

“The fuck did you just say?” he asks.

They stare at each other for a moment. Finally, Kinjou remembers himself, and he holds out a hand to introduce himself. “Kinjou Shingo. It’s nice to meet you.”

The other boy’s face twists, and he gives Kinjou a once-over with a very unimpressed expression. Kinjou wait with his hand outstretched, and eventually he’s rewarded with a slight blush and a sigh and a handshake and a mumbled, “Arakita Yasutomo.”

“Yasutomo.” Kinjou rolls the name across his tongue and decides that he likes it. In the chair, Yasutomo jumps a little and stares up at him. Kinjou smiles, just a little. “We’re soulmates, I believe first names are appropriate in this situation.” He sits, not in the chair at the end of the row, but the middle one, beside Yasutomo, and nods at the elbow brace. “Sports injury?” he asks, because Yasutomo looks like an athlete, and most of the other young people Kinjou has encountered in his physiotherapist’s office have similar stories.

Yasutomo clenches the fist of his right arm. “None of your fucking business,” he says first, and then a moment later, adds, “Baseball. But, uh.” He glances at Kinjou sideways. “Now I cycle.”

Yasutomo’s expression is wary, like he’s expecting to be yelled at, but Kinjou is delighted. He leans in -- Yasutomo smells like the same generic brand of shampoo that Kinjou himself uses, he notices. He wouldn’t have expected his soulmate to be another cyclist, but it’s wonderful news. Cycling is a big part of Kinjou’s life, after all, and his current injuries aside, he’s excited that his soulmate will be able to share such a big part of his life.

“Me too,” he says, perhaps a little too eager, and Yasutomo nods jerkily.

“I, uh,” he starts. “I know. Sohoku.”

Things click together, then. Yasutomo’s uncomfortable demeanor, the way his eyes keep flickering to Kinjou’s ribcage despite his shirt covering the bandages there, the mystery of who “Fuku-chan” could possibly be…

“I see. Can I assume you attend Hakone Gakuen?”

Yasutomo shifts, crosses his arms and uncrosses them. “Yeah.”

Kinjou sits back and thinks about that for a moment. Finally, just as the physiotherapist opens the door and calls him in, he turns back to Yasutomo and says, “May I have your phone number? Hakone is somewhat of a distance from Chiba, and I would hate to leave our meeting again to fate.”

Yasutomo blinks up at him, then breaks into a wide, lopsided grin. Beautiful, Kinjou thinks, struck, and he pushes his glasses up to cover the faint flush in his cheeks. “Yeah,” Yasutomo says, “Yeah, hold on, gimme your phone, Shin-chan.”


This time, Yasutomo blushes and shrugs as he’s inputting the number. “It’s appropriate, yeah?”

Kinjou nods and adds an emoticon heart next to the name in his address book.
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[personal profile] tsunderekita 2017-06-02 06:02 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Miyuki Kazuya/pitchers
Fandom: Daiya no Ace
Major Tags: Sexual content
Other Tags: Liking baseball too much, possible age gap if one of the pitchers is you-know-who

Prompt: Miyuki isn't interested in sex but he does like to masturbate to fantasies of his favorite pitchers throwing exactly the balls he asks for.
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FILL: TEAM miyuki kazuya/sawamura eijun, E

[personal profile] hilaryfun 2017-06-06 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: NSFW
Other Tags: Fantasy, Masterbation, Explicit art
Word Count: None

image links to post


sawamura pitch
Edited 2017-06-06 16:43 (UTC)
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[personal profile] tsunderekita 2017-06-02 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kinjou Shingo/Imaizumi Shunsuke
Fandom: Yowamushi Pedal
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: Supernatural elements

Prompt: Quasi-Rapunzel/fairy tale AU where brushing Imaizumi's hair generates sparkles and little rainbows instead of static electricity and regret.
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[personal profile] tsunderekita 2017-06-02 06:15 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Tsukishima Kei /& Tendou Satori
Fandom: Haikyuu
Major Tags: None

Prompt: Tsukishima is an artist subsisting on commissions and Tendou is looking for an artist to draw his extremely unusual fursona.
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[personal profile] dicaeopolis 2017-06-02 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
not to show emotion butjesus christ
toomanyhometowns: Sai from Hikaru no Go with an adorable and devilish grin (Default)


[personal profile] toomanyhometowns 2017-06-02 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Furuya Satoru &/ Sawamura Eijun
Fandom: Daiya no Ace
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: None

Prompt: Furuya starts conversations with love poems about moons because he played a lot of karuta as a kid, and it kinda stuck. (karuta au!)
picselly: flower boy miyuki (Default)


[personal profile] picselly 2017-06-02 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Takigawa Chris /& Narumiya Mei
Fandom: Daiya no Ace
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: None but open to whatever??

Prompt: Hogwarts AU; Mei just is not a fan of the Head Boy and Captain of the Quidditch team.... Or IS HE???????
Edited 2017-06-02 07:00 (UTC)
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[personal profile] miaoujones 2017-06-02 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
(yes. yes he is...) (oh mei...)
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[personal profile] multilinear 2017-06-02 07:41 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: imanaru
Fandom: yowamushi pedal
Major Tags: none.
Other Tags: none.

Prompt: chicken run au. naruko is the hotshot rooster who's gonna teach a pen of frightened chickens how to fly.

[personal profile] fickle damien DONT'
dynamite: (look at this goddamn baby)


[personal profile] dynamite 2017-06-02 04:12 pm (UTC)(link)
this is inspired
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Prompt: Team Prince of Tennis

[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 07:53 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Ryoma &/ Kevin Smith or Horio
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: none

Prompt: RPF. Horio or Kevin writes RPF about himself x Ryoma. Ryoma finds out.
Edited 2017-06-02 07:57 (UTC)
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Re: Prompt: Team Prince of Tennis

[personal profile] headfangs 2017-06-02 08:47 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Prompt: Team Prince of Tennis

[personal profile] fickle - 2017-06-02 09:17 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Prompt: Team Prince of Tennis

[personal profile] fickle - 2017-06-02 12:30 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Prompt: Team Prince of Tennis

[personal profile] fickle - 2017-06-04 17:59 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Prompt: Team Prince of Tennis

[personal profile] fickle - 2017-06-02 16:16 (UTC) - Expand
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PROMPT: TEAM Aoyagi Hajime/Teshima Junta

[personal profile] gurosan 2017-06-02 08:32 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Imaizumi Shunsuke/Sugimoto Terufumi
Fandom: Yowamushi Pedal
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: this is how everyone handles a crush right

Prompt: Modern Magical AU. Sugimoto approaches a Sohoku clairvoyant determined to find out if he has a chance for a future with Imaizumi or not. Bonus points if the clairvoyant is Teshima or Koga and they are extremely reluctant to help/doubtful of their power.
Edited 2017-06-02 09:44 (UTC)
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PROMPT: Team Grandstand

[personal profile] rielity 2017-06-02 08:44 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kuroo Tetsurou &/ Nishinoya Yuu
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Major Tags: NONE
Other Tags: NONE

Prompt: Gods AU. Kuroo rules the night and Noya rules the storms. Sometimes they happen to meet.
yrindor: Head shot of Fuji Shuusuke with his eyes open (Fuji)

FILL: Team Imaizumi Shunsuke/Kinjou Shingo, T

[personal profile] yrindor 2017-06-03 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: gods/religion, implied sexual content
Word Count: 518

I love writing god AUs, so I definitely had fun with this prompt.


They said that mid-day storms were the worst. Storms where the clouds boiled and turned the sky dark as night. But not true night, and that was the problem, for the storm god was never stronger nor more fearsome than when he waited impatiently for his lover.

They said you could judge the humor of the gods by the feel of the storms—the passing showers early in the morning as the god of night and the god of storms parted ways for the day. The rain that hung overhead all night as the two gods rendezvoused, the storm god too preoccupied to remember to send forth his thunder and lightning. The evening thunderstorms that rolled in suddenly as the storm god tried to hasten the end of the long midsummer days wit the dark of his clouds. The winter storms where long nights spent together softened the storm god's voice until only the occasional rumble of thunder escaped his lips. And the midday storms where the storm god pined at their forced separation with rolling thunder and boiling clouds that lashed the earth with rain and wind until the sun finally set.

They said that if you listened carefully enough, you could hear the storm god's call, "Kuroo, Kuroo," echoing through the clouds.

For as long as anyone could remember, the love affair of the two gods had played out across the sky, and for even longer, everyone had given their thanks that their relationship was strong and steady, for the legends still told of the last time the two gods had fought.

It was a legend that had been passed down through word of mouth long before the advent of writing, and it told of days when the land was battered by driving rain and hail as the storm god raged, the lightning so bright and constant it drowned out the dark of night, and the thunder that followed was deafening as it drowned out anything the night god may have tried to say. For his part, Kuroo wrapped himself in an angry darkness so deep that it blotted out even the light of the moon and stars.

Afraid, those two deities had gone to beg the sun for help, but so great was Kuroo's anger that it encroached even on the territory of the greatest of the sky siblings. Dark tendrils of shadow were visible snaking through the sky in the rare moments when they weren't blotted out by the storm god's roiling clouds.

Finally, the sun god could stand it no longer, and he called in a favor. The god of the sky, the greatest of the celestial gods, the one who was the breath that held the world together, the one who preferred to stay unseen and yet touch everyone in some way, heard the sun god's story and set out immediately. No one knew what words he spoke nor what magic he had wrought, but the sky slowly returned to its normal state and its normal cycles, and everyone rejoiced and hoped that such a time would never befall them again.
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[personal profile] mondegreened 2017-06-02 09:08 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kasamatsu Yukio/Kise Ryouta
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: as the round goes on i start losing shame

Prompt: .........Love Stage AU. specifically Rei and Shougo's plot. this is kii's fault somehow
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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-06-02 09:11 am (UTC)(link)
you're my second favourite, after sena shougo
Edited (I take it back I'm too gay for this) 2017-06-02 09:14 (UTC)


[personal profile] mondegreened - 2017-06-02 09:17 (UTC) - Expand
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[personal profile] wino 2017-06-02 09:18 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: ushioi
Fandom: haikyuu!!
Major Tags: possible nsfw?
Other Tags: humiliation kink, bottom!ushi

Prompt: crown prince ushijima likes it when his captain of the guard is irreverent and shows no regard for the difference in their ranks. likes it a little too much.

honestly go wild with this i just want ushi getting off to oikawa's nastiness and that riling up oikawa further lmao
candyharlot: (team ushioi 2)


[personal profile] candyharlot 2017-06-03 03:16 am (UTC)(link)


[personal profile] fickle - 2017-06-05 15:18 (UTC) - Expand


[personal profile] wino - 2017-06-06 09:37 (UTC) - Expand
saccharinescorpion: right??? (ayamikiright)

PROMPT: Team Grandstand

[personal profile] saccharinescorpion 2017-06-02 09:40 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Tadokoro Jin / Makishima Yuusuke
Fandom: Yowamushi Pedal
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: none

Prompt: Makishima is some sort of weird monster, and Tadokoro is so in love.
kiusagi: (Default)

PROMPT: Team Grandstand

[personal profile] kiusagi 2017-06-02 09:41 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kozume Kenma/Hinata Shouyo AND/OR Kozume Kenma&/Kuroo Tetsurou
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Major Tags: None.
Other Tags: Supernatural elements (of the ayakashi flavor)

Prompt: Kozume's Book of Friends
i.e. Kozume Kenma's a boy who's inherited a book of names from his late grandmother, and those names are used to summon the names of the youkai she had defeated in combat. Kenma tries to protect the book from the ayakashi that try to steal it, all the while attempting to manage his high school life and spend time with his classmates, Bokuto and Akaashi. [Yaku, Fukunaga, other members of Nekoma are super welcome too, this nerd here is just WAY into the fact that Bokuto shares a voice actor w/ Nishimura lmao]
But then there's this perpetually smug, possibly ugly? possibly adorable? cat familiar named Kuroo who will not go away for anything?? but it's alright because sometimes he transforms into this mega elegant, ACTUALLY PRETTY POWERFUL beast of a youkai and saves Kenma's ass when youkai stuff gets rough. Pain-in-the-ass cat is good for something sometimes. Good for nagging the rest of the time, Kenma supposes.
And then there's Hinata -- the boy who lives by the shrine, whose mom is a priestess there. He and Kenma really hit it off, but Hinata gets sick a lot because of those spirits he can't see... Kenma does what he can to keep Hinata safe.

(very very tl;dr, but like. natsume yuujinchou au, oh my god, please.)
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[personal profile] wino 2017-06-02 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: akashi & riko & himuro & imayoshi
Fandom: kuroko no basuke
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: none

Prompt: according to kurofes they're all on their schools' student councils, so imagine them as the elite four of honnoji academy. (kill la kill au)
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[personal profile] wino 2017-06-02 10:32 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: murahimu
Fandom: kuroko no basuke
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: none

Prompt: murasakibara is a young shonen manga artist who develops an affair with himuro tatsuya, whose hentai manga is something murasakibara will never admit to admiring. that's fine, though; murasakibara is hardly a closed book.

(that's right it's a sensitive pornograph au)
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[personal profile] moetushie 2017-06-02 11:25 am (UTC)(link)
G o o d
yrindor: Head shot of Fuji Shuusuke with his eyes open (Fuji)

PROMPT: Team Imaizumi Shunsuke/Kinjou Shingo

[personal profile] yrindor 2017-06-02 11:19 am (UTC)(link)
Ship: Fuji Shuusuke&/Kominato Ryousuke
Fandom: Prince of Tennise/Daiya no A
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: none

Prompt: AU where they go to the same school. Are they a tennis doubles pair, or are they on the same baseball team (and can the universe handle that much slightly evil genius in one place)?
greenowl: (Default)

Re: PROMPT: Team Imaizumi Shunsuke/Kinjou Shingo

[personal profile] greenowl 2017-06-02 11:35 am (UTC)(link)
I love you???
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PROMPT: Team Himuro Tatsuya/Nijimura Shuuzou

[personal profile] cherrysalmon 2017-06-02 12:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Midorima Shintarou/Takao Kazunari
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Major Tags: none
Other Tags: potential ghosts?

Prompt: Buzzfeed Unsolved AU. Midorima (the skeptic) and Takao (the believer) host a popular YouTube channel dedicated to solving supernatural or criminal mysteries. Bonus if they actually come across a ghost or something.
princesssid: hikaru winking and holding up a finger, #saso2017 (hikaru)


[personal profile] princesssid 2017-06-04 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: mentions of death
Other Tags: supernatural elements, ghosts, some innuendo, reference to vaping
Word Count: 1011


Takao tells him all the time to not read the YouTube comments, and while Midorima agrees that most people are stupid and the internet brings out the worst in them, is it not his duty to keep an active relationship with their viewers?

"Shin-chan is so noble," Takao says, laying himself all over Midorima's couch as if it were his own, halfway to a nap.

"how can u beleive in oha asa and not ghosts," asks YouTube user iSawAGhostVape.

Midorima enters a spirited debate that does nothing to increase his esteem of his fellow man. Takao wakes up around Midorima's seventeenth reply and pries the laptop out of his hands. "If I weren't here, you would waste away arguing with trolls."

"Fate has nothing to do with the supernatural," Midorima points out, as Takao ushers him out the door. "The supernatural is not real. Every case we've looked at can be explained logically. I still don't understand why you still believe some of those cases." He gives Takao a sour look.

Takao winks. "Shin-chan's determination makes mine stronger."

This is not the answer Midorima wants to hear, but Midorima finds most things displeasing so this is not a surprise.

"Why are we here?" he asks.

"It's dinnertime," Takao says, "so we're going to eat dinner. You had nothing in your fridge, I checked."

Midorima sniffs and places his eco-friendly fluorescent light bulb carefully on the tabletop, near him. Cancers were ranked reasonably well that morning but Scorpios were not. He had tried to give Takao the lucky item for Scorpios (a bottle of moisturizer) but Takao had made both an inappropriate joke and a big production out of it, all, "Shin-chan does care for me, oh my! In the most intimate of ways!" so Midorima hadn't pressed any further.

He had not sulked and put off the others at the production meeting, no matter what Takao says.

Once they finish dinner they part ways. Takao smiles up at him and says, "See you tomorrow, Shin-chan! Try not to think dirty thoughts of me!" and Midorima scowls at him. At home he remembers, a little uncomfortably, how Takao had splayed himself all over his couch.


The shoot takes place at a supposedly haunted basketball court. They stand outside of the building, trying to find a spot where the wind won't interfere too much with their audio equipment. Takao keeps his hands tucked in his pockets. Midorima thinks this is an unprofessional look for the camera, but says nothing.

"They say the boy was so heartbroken over his teammates' actions that he simply started to fade," Takao whispers into the mic. "Faded until he turned into a ghost. And now he haunts this basketball court."

Midorima shakes his head and adjusts his glasses.

"Shin-chan, is that to ward off the ghosts? Are you coming around?"

Midorima snatches the air freshener out of Takao's reach. "I do not know why you try this routine every single time. This is my lucky item for the day." He turns to the camera. He has a message for iSawAGhostVape. "Man proposes, God disposes. Dead men and the supernatural have nothing to do with it."

"Aaaaaaand with that, we're going in!" Takao pushes him towards the entrance of the building, waving his hand at the crew.

The lights are off in the court, because the producer always wants a spooky atmosphere for these videos. Midorima has a lot of thoughts about that too, about how it influences the audience. It annoys him that most of their viewers watch these videos for a scare and not as an opportunity for critical thinking.

"Hey," Takao says. He turns around, sneakers squeaking on the polished floors. It's dark, yes, but the lights the crew have set up for filming is enough to see Takao's face. His eyes have a mischievous glint to them. Midorima feels something squeezing in his chest.

"We should call to him," Takao says. "Shin-chan, will you do the honours?"

Midorima has enough dignity to not offer a confused, "huh?" He blinks at Takao as he gather his thoughts. "The ghost?" he asks finally.

Takao smiles at him. Why is Takao always smiling at him? "Yes, Shin-chan, that's why we're here."

"That's why you're here," Midorima says. "I'm here because it is my duty to bring the truth to our viewers."

They get a solid three hours of footage, talking to the gym owner, going through the equipment rooms, discussing the story from all angles, enough for twenty minutes of video after editing. They're standing in the middle of the court, the cameras still rolling, when Takao yelps.

"Shin-chan!" he cries and grabs Midorima's arm.

Midorima feels a chill across his back, travelling from this shoulders down to the base of his spine. He hears something, faint, that might be the blood pounding in his ears.

"It's Kuroko," Takao whispers. "I can feel him." His grip on Midorima's arm tightens.

Midorima swallows. "How so?" he asks.

"I can feel something cold," Takao says earnestly, "it's his lost hope."

Midorima tsks, despite also feeling something. But it can't be a ghost. "Don't be melodramatic."

It can't be a ghost.

Takao presses closer and Midorima feels the hairs on his arm raise. There's something electric for Midorima in the air, but it is not a ghost.


"You felt it too, didn't you?" Takao asks later, gaze shrewd.

Midorima looks away. "I did not feel a ghost," he says. He doesn't need to elaborate.

"Shin-chan!" Takao gasps, leaning in close to stare Midorima in the face. "Are you blushing? Oh, Shin-chan." Takao gives him a look Midorima doesn't understand, but sees often. "I think you're cute too."

Midorima stares at Takao. "Huh?"

"Keep up," Takao says. "Why do you think I take you out to dinner three times a week? It's about time we take the next step, huh?"

(It's weird, but as Takao leans in, Midorima feels hot, not cold.)


iSawAGhostVape comments, "man, either these 2 are TOGETHER or theres lots of ectoplasm in this one, boys"

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[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Murasakibara/Himuro
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: demons, feeding, possible cannibalism

Prompt: Murasakibara is the Deadly Sin Gluttony. Himuro is his underling who has to make sure Murasakibara never runs out of food. If Murasakibara gets hungry, everyone around him is at risk.
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 12:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Murasakibara/Himuro
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Major Tags: sexual content
Other Tags: none

Prompt:Murasakibara plays better when his appetites are seen to. Himuro’s in charge of giving Murasakibara pre-game blowjobs.
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[personal profile] hatchbacks 2017-06-03 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: sexual content, underage
Other Tags: None
Word Count: 476

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[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 12:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kagami/Himuro
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Major Tags: incest
Other Tags: none

Prompt: AU where Himuro and Kagami are actual blood brothers and move to Japan together.
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[personal profile] hatchbacks 2017-06-02 09:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: Incest
Other Tags: Swearing
Word Count: 1418


It’s hard for even Tatsuya to hold out his grudge forever. Their dad’s always said he has too much anger in him, but he doesn’t have enough to stay mad at Taiga and about moving back, at least not with the same intensity. But it’s not until they’re several hours into the flight across the Pacific and Tatsuya’s pretending to be asleep in the window seat that Taiga, turning over what Alex had told him in his mind, realizes it’s not just anger and resentment that Tatsuya holds against him. It’s the iron weight of guilt, clawing at himself just as much as it is reaching out to slash Taiga across the face. It’s stupid; Taiga’s long since forgiven him—and, he thinks, Tatsuya’s not so concerned about Taiga throwing the game or anything he’s consciously done. It’s the way he got when they’d first moved to California and he and Taiga had struggled to adjust together, when Taiga had looked at him and for the first time Tatsuya hadn’t quite known the answers, how to ask for something in a foreign tongue, how to act—something he shouldn’t have been sorry for, but had blamed himself all the same.

And even like this, stressed and worried and exhausted from pushing away love—from Taiga, from their dad, even from Alex—Taiga can’t help but think that he looks beautiful, strikingly so. His stomach turns; it must be the turbulence. And fuck it, if Tatsuya’s not going to make it easy for himself Taiga’s going to help him as best he can. He leans over, nudging his arm between Tatsuya’s back and the seat, and rests his head on Tatsuya’s shoulder.

“Home soon,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to Tatsuya’s cheek.


They play every day on the street court; some days Tatsuya feels better (usually on the days he does better) and some days Taiga can pretend it’s just like it used to be, but after a while even on those days he can’t. Tatsuya’s different; he’s different; even though Tatsuya’s also got his school team, practices and games and running himself ragged, Taiga can see himself pulling ahead and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Sometimes Tatsuya can deal with it, and when he can’t he all but pushes Taiga away physically.

Taiga waits. He makes dinner; he cleans the house; he starts on his homework. Tatsuya comes out of his room eventually and helps him a little with kanji—he’s not that comfortable himself, but he’d learned more before they’d left and he remembers it with a little more focus, a higher resolution. Sometimes they get to talking, about how much they miss LA (how much it’s really home instead of here, an apartment with years of built-up memories, stains in the kitchen, a certain outline of dust on the windowpane, a familiar route to the street court). This place is cramped and out of the way, unfamiliar and wrong. It only has two bedrooms, like their old apartment in Tokyo had—back then they’d had to share a room, but it had been nice to have Tatsuya to fall asleep with, to whisper things to (the first few weeks in LA the new apartment had felt so empty, just the two of them and their dad and so much space, that Taiga had crawled into Tatsuya’s bed nearly every night and fallen asleep next to the comfort of his deep breathing). And maybe that’s what makes him finally realize, when they’re a month in and it’s still just the two of them.

“Dad’s not coming, is he?”

“Probably not,” says Tatsuya.

“Oh,” says Taiga.

It feels a little empty and hollow, like fully realizing that their mom wasn’t going to come over to LA with them, that this is what they’d chosen (well, Tatsuya had chosen to be with their dad and Taiga had chosen to be with Tatsuya and that had been that). He bumps Tatsuya’s shoulder, and Tatsuya looks at him.

“Hey,” he says. “At least we don’t have to share a room again.”

Taiga’s not going to say anything about that, but Tatsuya sees it on his face. He smiles, gentle and real in a way Taiga’s not sure he’s seen in a long time (and fuck, has he missed it). Taiga reaches out and pulls him into a hug. Tatsuya fits in his arms, noticeably smaller now—when was the last time they’d done this? Taiga doesn’t feel like he’s been growing that much; he still doesn’t feel that much bigger than Tatsuya when he looks at him. It’s a different kind of feeling, something good, something that pushes on his heart to beat faster, like when he’s about to dunk to end the game.

“If you want, we can,” says Tatsuya, but something about the statement misses the mark.

Taiga comes in that night, anyway; Tatsuya looks at him, gaze sharp and unreadable in the low light. He rolls over and makes room for Taiga, anyway; it’s much less cramped on a double bed but it’s still cozy.

“Goodnight,” says Tatsuya, breath in Taiga’s ear.

Taiga rolls over, burrowing his hand under the cover until it finds Tatsuya’s. Tatsuya sighs softly, but lets him lock their fingers together.

“Goodnight,” says Taiga.


Tokyo gets hot in the summer, but not like LA. There’s no desert breeze, no thin air, no break from the pollution above the mountains. Here there’s nothing but humidity wringing the sweat from everyone’s pores and letting it sit. They lie in Taiga’s room because it’s smaller and cheaper to keep cool, blast the fans so loud they can’t hear themselves talk. It’s maybe even too hot to play basketball, at least until the evenings when Tatsuya grabs his sneakers and a ball and flicks his head toward the door.

Taiga wakes from his nap in the middle of the afternoon, hair slicked back with sweat. Tatsuya’s half-asleep next to him, dog-eared sportswriting anthology lying open on his stomach. His tank top’s riding up; his skin is glowing from the summer sun and his hands are loose, soft, so naturally the way Taiga has to practice (and Tatsuya will never admit it but he does have some advantages when it comes to basketball, but it’s just too complex to quantify and not worth bringing up the way both of them are right now). He is gorgeous, sweaty hair framing his face, the gentle slope of his nose, long eyelashes, lips slightly parted. Blood is pumping through Taiga’s ears, louder than the fan.

“What?” says Tatsuya, cracking his eye open.

Taiga moves in on autopilot, pressing their lips together. He’s never kissed anyone before, never imagined what it’s supposed to taste like—salt and green Gatorade wouldn’t have been his first guess but it’s so Tatsuya, like doing this is filling him with what of Tatsuya isn’t already on his mind, in his heart, at the tips of his fingers.

Tatsuya pushes him off, hard; Taiga’s eyes fly open. He hasn’t seen Tatsuya look this—he would say angry, but maybe hurt is more appropriate—since before they’d left LA.

“Taiga, that’s—we can’t; we’re brothers.”

Brothers aren’t supposed to do that kind of thing, like hold hands after they’d turned nine or kiss each other’s cheeks in public since around the same time or so many of the boundaries Tatsuya had put up, never saying it was because he wanted to but because they ought to, because that’s what’s done. And Taiga’s always taken those sorts of decrees as law from Tatsuya, because Tatsuya’s his brother. But isn’t that, what’s that thing his math teacher’s always talking about? A tautology?

“Yes,” says Taiga. “We can.”

He places his hand on top of Tatsuya’s, still on his chest, and clasps it in his. Tatsuya looks at him, already disguising the ache in his face behind that ever-present placid surface.

“We’re brothers,” Taiga says, reaching his other hand out to Tatsuya’s neck, brushing the mended chain. “I love you. I want you. Please.”

He pulls Tatsuya in, slowly, like raising an anchor, gives him the chance to break away if that’s really what he wants, but Tatsuya doesn’t really resist. He gives in, and this time his mouth tastes sweeter. His body is sticky with sweat, attaching itself to Taiga’s; it feels so damn right and perfect, the way they were made molded to fit together, from the same places, returning to that. The way it should be.
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kagami/Himuro
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Major Tags: spiritual incest?
Other Tags: none

Prompt: Camboy AU! Kagami’s just browsing when he finds photos of Himuro on a porn site which link back to his personal camboy site.

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[personal profile] hatchbacks 2017-06-04 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: Sexual Content
Other Tags: Swearing
Word Count: 773

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[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 12:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kagami/Himuro
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Major Tags: spiritual incest?
Other Tags: none

Prompt: Wedding AU for Himuro and Kagami where they exchange THE RINGS instead of golden rings.
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[personal profile] hatchbacks 2017-06-07 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: None
Other Tags: the au where they operate a restaurant together and get married there
Word Count: 1004

Note: mood music


Taiga catches the tail end of Tatsuya’s laughter, blossoming warm across the room, through the swinging door to the kitchen as he comes in, turning his face with the smile still stuck to it. He looks like he’s about to feign surprise for a second, but he has to know Taiga’s been hiding out back here, shirking the activity. It’s a small wedding; they’ve closed off the restaurant and held parties for high-paying clients with twice as many people and fit them in comfortably, but the volume isn’t really the issue. It’s people in general, and it’s Tatsuya; it’s the thought that today he is going to be married to Tatsuya—something he’s known for a year, thought about for longer (since before their restaurant became a reality or more than a pipe dream, since before they’d started sharing a bank account), but now that it’s really happening it’s a lot to process, as if he’s a computer someone’s suddenly decided to overclock and all the warning in the world isn’t going to be enough.

“How are you doing?” Tatsuya says (he already knows the answer).

One hand slips over to brush imaginary dust off of Taiga’s jacket, and when was the last time they’d both worn suits? Taiga can’t remember, really; his mind is failing and coming up with images of Tatsuya in his high school uniform, in the khakis and button-down with sleeves rolled up he’d worn to Taiga’s college graduation, forearms already glowing with summer.

But right now he looks even more gorgeous, face relaxed into the real smile he’s worn exponentially more around Taiga in the few years since they’d opened the restaurant, tuxedo leaving very little to Taiga’s imagination or memory, the familiar outline of his body silhouetted in sharp creases of dark fabric. His hand comes to rest on Taiga’s shoulder, thumb brushing the edge of his jacket collar. Taiga leans down to kiss him, nuzzle against his nose; the smile still hasn’t left Tatsuya’s mouth when he pulls back slightly.

“There’s still time,” Tatsuya murmurs. “We can elope; it can just be the two of us and some random judge, hmm?”

He’s kidding, but still. There’s no other option on a venue than their restaurant, their baby (as it were—with the rate they work, even if Taiga manages to convince Tatsuya somewhere along the line that kids aren’t a bad idea, there won’t be any of the real kind anytime soon); of course their employees should be there; of course Alex should, too, and Taiga’s dad and Tatsuya’s parents. But. If it could just be the two of them, in the kitchen, dressed like this, enjoying each other, that would be the perfect day.

Tatsuya glances over Taiga’s shoulder, and Taiga follows his gaze to the gift bag on the counter.

“I got you something,” Taiga says. “Since, you know, technically speaking, this is anniversary zero.”

Tatsuya smiles wider, eye crinkling at the corner. “Can I open it now?”

“Please,” says Taiga, practically shoving the bag into Tatsuya’s hands.

Tatsuya pulls out the bottle of scotch, seventy-five-year vintage—it had cost a little more than he’d hoped, especially given how hard to find it had been, but it’s Tatsuya’s favorite brand, the one he uses in his best cocktail but prefers to sip straight (but always says they can’t really afford it), but price doesn’t really matter when it comes to Tatsuya (and, considering their profit margin—excellent even without considering that they run a restaurant—he can afford it).

“Taiga—this is.” Tatsuya clears his throat. “Thank you.”

“It’s good?”

“It’s wonderful,” says Tatsuya, admiring the label before looking back up at Taiga and leaning up for another quick kiss.

He sets the bottle back in the bag and places the bag back onto the counter, then digging his hands into his pockets. “I have something for you, too. I know we bought those gold rings, but.”

He pulls two very familiar chains, tangled up with each other, out from his right pocket, and Taiga’s throat constricts. He’d thought about asking, when they’d gone ring shopping and settled on bands that were plain and reasonably-priced and enough to satisfy anyone but Taiga had kept thinking back to those, the cool metal on his left middle finger way back when. They’ve long since become too small; he and Tatsuya have long since stopped wearing the rings, and Tatsuya had kept them both in his dresser for a while and then in the bank safe with their birth certificates.

“I wasn’t too excited about them, and I could tell you weren’t, either, so I went to the jewelry store,” he says, fingering the slightly-brighter links on the necklace that was his once, and he doesn’t have to say for Taiga to guess it’s the one he went to when he’d gotten that repaired, way back when—and he doesn’t want Tatsuya to think about that on their wedding day; he reaches out to cup Tatsuya’s cheek.

Tatsuya looks up. “They adjusted them for me, added a little bit. If you want to still use the others—”

“No way,” says Taiga. “Tatsuya, this is…perfect.”

(The word seems underwhelming, overused in situations it wasn’t made for, but if anything ever was it’s this, the rings, sealing their relationship all over again, so many years later.) Tatsuya’s face relaxes; he gets it. He slips the rings back into his pocket, and Taiga feels his own face fall.

“You’ll have plenty of time for those after we’re married,” Tatsuya says.

(After they’re married, the two of them being married; Taiga feels sparks down his spine.)

“I thought about getting you a basketball court, though,” Tatsuya says; he’s kidding again (he lets his smile give him away, as if he needs to) and Taiga leans in to give him another kiss, longer and deeper this time—they’ll have plenty of time for that after they’re married, too, but they’ve got plenty of time now and Taiga’s not going to waste it.
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-06-02 12:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Ship: Kagami & Himuro + Himuro/any male char and Kagami/the same char
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Major Tags: spiritual incest?
Other Tags: none

Prompt:AU of Satisfied from Hamilton? Not asking for genderbends/cisswaps! Just the Himuro-Kagami brothers both swooning over the same man and one of them giving way to the other without even mentioning their sacrifice.

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[personal profile] hatchbacks 2017-06-06 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: (light) Angst
Other Tags: Swearing
Word Count: 787


Tatsuya sees Rakuzan’s Mibuchi for the first time across the court. He’s not playing, but Mibuchi is, and maybe it’s for the better. Tatsuya appreciates beautiful basketball when he’s playing against it, but it’s always secondary to the need to destroy (and even now, seeing the ball drop through the hoop with such grace ignites a surge inside of him to get out there and compete, win, beat that with something of his own). But from this distance he can see each shot, the quiet it creates around him, the impossible cratering of the defense underneath his jump. Tatsuya can’t wait to face him.

It happens at a practice match, pre-season so-called friendly where Coach Araki glares at Rakuzan’s coach and his placed demeanor, and Tatsuya and Wei greet Rakuzan’s captain and vice-captain. Akashi quips that since Tatsuya’s American a handshake might be more appropriate, and while Tatsuya can’t remember much about Akashi’s hand Mibuchi’s is soft but firm, his hand roughly the size of Tatsuya’s. He’s not that much taller but he’s an imposing figure, the length of his neck and the smile on his face and, oh. Tatsuya doesn’t get crushes, only fleeting attractions—but, oh.

The first time Tatsuya hears Taiga talk about Mibuchi is before he even realizes they know each other. It makes sense, he supposes; Taiga knows Akashi and Mibuchi knows Akashi and (from what Tatsuya’s heard from Atsushi) Akashi’s circle of (friends? confidantes?) is quite interconnected. But after that startled realization comes another, the soft look on Taiga’s face, the way he’s fidgeting with the buttons on his phone.

“He said he wants me to show him some of my favorite shopping spots,” says Taiga. “Next time he’s here.”

He looks up at Tatsuya again, and, oh. Tatsuya’s stomach does a funny little awful thing; it wants to lash out and bruise him from the inside but it wants to see Taiga smile like that again, the excitement in his face preserved. Tatsuya has no claim on Mibuchi; he barely knows him. He wants, yes—those shots, three in succession, that range, those gorgeous eyes, long fingers—but he doesn’t know how they’d hold onto a conversation, what they’d talk about; the attachment runs shallow like a river pooling under a ridge, unable to pass over. Taiga’s is the way everything is with Taiga, strong and sure and confident. And because it’s Taiga, because this is yet another thing in which Taiga has the advantage, all over again, the sick feelings telling Tatsuya to go for it, that even if he doesn’t really want Mibuchi he doesn’t want Taiga to have him first.

“You should take him,” Tatsuya says, finally. “Show him that one you told me about downtown, by the crepe shop.”

“Oh!” Taiga says. “Yeah…he’d look good in—”

And then his voice breaks off; he looks away and almost drops his phone, and it’s cute.

“He’s very pretty,” says Tatsuya, keeping the edge out of his voice. “There’s a lot he looks good in.”

“I know,” says Taiga, and it’s the closest they get to really talking about it until Mibuchi gets there, coincidentally overlapping with Tatsuya’s next visit.

Taiga apologizes, but it’s something he could have planned better—would have, if he hadn’t meant it like this. And there’s no way he knows about Tatsuya’s feelings (if there’s enough there to call them that), and he knows Taiga well enough that he knows for some reason, an ironic twist of fate in his guts, that Taiga still wants his approval. He can’t say no, even though it’s on the tip of his tongue, the I-thought-he-was-pretty-before-you-even-met-him because that doesn’t mean shit.

“Himuro-san, this is nice,” says Mibuchi.

“Likewise,” says Tatsuya, pretending they mean it in the same way.

They all go shopping together; it’s not really Tatsuya’s thing but it’s enjoyable to see Mibuchi rifle decisively through the racks of clothes, choosing something that fits Taiga perfectly, until Tatsuya realizes he wouldn’t have thought of it himself, and he’s feeling every sort of jealousy he can (childish, stupid). Then Mibuchi finds something for him, holding it against him, hands warm though thin fabric of a decorative scarf, and, oh. And then his eyes slide over to Taiga, watching Mibuchi, and then Mibuchi’s eyes slide over to Taiga, and it’s almost as if Tatsuya doesn’t exist. He hates the burning feeling that makes him want to scream (but manages to keep quiet).

“What did you think?” Taiga says, after, hesitant.

Tatsuya could say a lot of things.

“I think he likes you a lot, Taiga. Go get him.”

The smile on Taiga’s face is worth it, Tatsuya reminds himself. He’s just got to look a little bit harder.