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Bonus Round 1: AUs


SASO 2017 is over, but this round is perpetually open to new fills (no new prompts).

This popular round is back once again! To begin this year's SASO, we encourage you to let your mind run wild with alternate ideas and settings.

Please read this whole post before commenting to ensure that your team gets the most points possible. (There are changes from last year!)

  • Submit prompts by commenting to this post with an alternate universe idea, along with a ship from one of our nominated fandoms. There's a comment template below for your convenience.
    • Your prompt MUST include some kind of relationship. (This is not the sports anime gen olympics.) Platonic relationships are indicated by an "&" between the names (e.g., Izumi & Sakaeguchi). Non-platonic relationships use "/" (e.g., Izumi/Sakaeguchi). Please don't say "Any pairing," either!
  • An AU can be a canon divergence, e.g. "what if [character] was the Team Captain instead of the canon captain character?", or a completely different setting altogether, e.g., pop idol AU, coffee shop AU, superheroes AU, etc.
  • Fill prompts by leaving a responding comment to the prompt with your newly-created work.
  • Remember to follow the general bonus round rules, outlined here.

Bonus round shenanigans all happen in the comments below. Brand-new works only, please.

Required Work Minimums:
  • 400 words (prose)
  • 400px by 400px (art)
  • 14 lines (poetry)
There is no max work cap.

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  • Replace RATING with the rating of your fill (G - E)
  • Copy/paste/fill out the following form into your comment box. Delete the guidance text that's in parentheses. Make sure you use tags.

    Here is a BR Template Creator for your convenience if the textarea is confusing.

  • NSFW FILLS: Please cross-link these fills and tag them clearly. [community profile] saso_afterhours is open to all NSFW fills.
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For prompts: 5 points each (maximum of 50 prompt points per team per round)

For fills:
First 4 fills by any member of your team: 20 points each
Fills 5-10: 15 points each
Fills 11-20: 5 points each
Fills 21-50: 2 points each
Fills 51+: 1 point each

All scored content must be created new for this round.

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elucidatedlucy: we all love the villain protags (read teppuu)

FILL: Team Kanzaki Miki/Miyahara, T

[personal profile] elucidatedlucy 2017-06-10 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Major Tags: Minor violence, parental death, neglect
Other Tags: hellaciously wonky, this is too big an idea and this is such a first draft i'm almost embarrassed, One Day, and yet still this makes me so happy
Word Count: 2391


Consider: A young girl who does not listen to fairy tales.

Consider: A young girl who is thrown into the fray of battle the moment she is born.

Consider: A young girl who grew up on war stories, rather than the old notions of princesses and the men who are coming to save them.

White haired and valiant, nothing could dare to touch her. When her mother disappeared into darkness, her father gave her the tools she needed to survive. The fighter grew brighter than all around her. She grew until nothing could touch her and she no longer needed to worry.

Though. Is that really much better?

"This is what I was telling you about!"

"But I'm going to miss lunch ..."

"Would you rather skip class?"

"Yeah ..."

Kei presses a hand to her face and sighs. "People already think you're weird, Ringi. It's not going to help your image if you want to be a delinquent."

"But I thought you were the one who wanted me to see this silly mural no one else seems to know about?" Ringi ask-answers, wide eyes to a cluelessness the people around her ate up.

But unlike most people, Kei purses her lips, and doesn't avert her gaze. Maybe that's why Ringi lets her hang around, she thinks. Kei doesn't back down. She's totally average, except she asks everyone to join the volleyball team. She's completely in the background, but she always talks to you first.

It's familiar.

"I'm not saying no one else knows about it," Kei says. "It's more that ... well. You should see it yourself."

"Everyone around here is so weird," Ringi yawns. "No one ever says what they mean."

Kei hums.

When Ringi arrived in Japan, her father did little more than set up a place for her to live, and a school to go to. Days she wondered if he picked it for a reason were constant. Stairs grew into more stairs, and halls never went the same way as they did yesterday, and if she cared, it might have been a bother. If nothing else - it was interesting.

As a child, it would have been the shadow of discomfort. But now she wore fake glasses and brushed off her lateness as simple transfer student woes.

Fences rose over the cliffside. Ringi did appreciate Japan's hills. It brought back memories of postcards that stopped coming after she turned thirteen. Pretty as a picture and just about as much substance. Kei didn't tire on the stairs - or she didn't show it. That was the other thing Ringi had learned. No one is fool enough to show their true feelings.

"The school's gotten a lot of reconstruction over the years. I think this was supposed to be one of the old halls, back before they started building into the forest. There were fires a few decades back, too. But they never fixed much of the stuff around here." Kei talks and talks and Ringi saves pieces to the back of her mind. Familiar things. She grew up between stores no one felt like restoring and constantly new houses, nothing sitting between ages. "I guess you would have heard about that already."

"Nah," Ringi says. "They just gave me a tour of my dorm."

"You didn't read the campus agenda?"

"What's that?"

"It's kind of dumb that no one's really ... done anything for you," Kei mutters after a long moment. "This is stuff that I heard about nonstop during the opening week."

"I didn't ask them to," Ringi answers. Flat and decisive.

"You shouldn't have to," Kei says.

Ringi thumps up the stairs, passing her escort to the platform ahead, hardly a few steps above. "Is this what you were telling me about?"

It seems there could have once been a roof, hanging over charred remains, picked free of any worth they had. Marble sticks clean under shadow, till Ringi's shoe scuffs the ash across. It's a thousand feet above the clouds. A battleground. Goosebumps race on her skin, till she regrets her shorts, her open jacket, the old uniform she found in the back of her dorm room.

There's a mural on the wall.

A figure flying into battle on a horse. They hold a sword, and shield, and stand against endless thorns racing toward them. Faceless, frozen in time, fire damage blackens much of the detail. Ringi would assume it to be graffiti, if not for that. But the figure's hair stands out still, the sole color among gray and black. Pure white upon its head.

"This is it?" Ringi says.

"Well," Kei pants. "Yeah." Like she had run a much longer time. "People keep looking at you because ... yknow." She points from the mural, to Ringi. "You look an awful lot like that prince."

"They believe in fairybook nonsense? Geez," Ringi mutters. "I missed lunch for this."


There's no MMA club.

"What," Ringi says, when someone explains to her that extracurricular activities are required, and that home schooling had not quite prepared her for the requirements of a typical high school experience.

"You could always join the volleyball club," Kei offers.

"...Is there anything related to fighting around here?"

People whisper. There's only one club for that. There's only one club that got their school on the map, after the Kendo club fell to pieces, after the Fencing club stars went away. After the old head master left.

"I guess you could try the karate club."

The halls shadow over Ringi like a challenge. She skips. She pops her heels against the ground, running even when teachers yell after her to stop. Rushing everywhere, wrong uniform, out of country and place, she moves in defiance of what she is supposed to do.

"They're kind of strict though. Not many people join. I think even less end up staying on."

Doors stand tall. Ringi pushes before she remembers to slide, and it opens without her.

"Just ... be careful."

"I know how to fight. It's no big deal!"

"No. I mean. ...There are people who say the karate club basically rules the school."

There's someone standing in the doorway. Ringi can hardly see her face, so tall. But there is a smile on her face. Venomous and sharp. Ringi grins back.

"Hello there," the darkness says. And she calls into the room, "Looks like you all have a new recruit. Hope it helps!"

There's a girl laying on the floor, surrounded by fearful underclassmen. Suspicious eyes and hands take to the walls. Ringi sniffs. "Who was that?"


People who lose are boring. People who win are interesting. Fighting is straight forward like that. In her life, Ringi's only seen one exception to that. But exceptions tend to leave a bad taste in her mouth.

"She's taking advantage of her place as a duelist."

The captain of the karate club doesn't keep her voice down. The beaten girl, Ganeko, is still clutching her gut as though it could fall out. Ringi thumps her heels against the ground and hums in her chair. When people glance her way, she waves to how quickly they turn. But they still stare when they don't think she's looking. Weird. Cool. Totally insane.

That new girl.

It was a pretty funny joke.

"Can't you all kick her out?"

"She's the Engaged now," Sanae says, bitterness flowing out the door. "They won't let us do anything."

"All we have to do is beat her, then!"

"You think I'll let you pull a stunt like this again?"

"If it helps you, I'd do anything."

"If anyone handles her, it is going to be me."

The frame slides open, almost broken from the force. But the captain stands outside. Staring Ringi down likes her gaze could crush her. Ringi waves.

"I was looking for a place I could fight!" she says, a cheery punch toward nowhere. "I heard the karate club saved the school a couple of years back."

"Do you have experience."

Testing like a snake curling around prey. Ringi laughs. "I've been training for years! But it's pretty tough if you don't have someone to practice with."

"What do you do."

"MMA," she says to frozen air.


Children don't exist without parents. If someone doesn't have parents, they aren't a child. But if they never had parents, were they never a child? Or were they a god that burst out of a tree. Or really, what are we talking about.

We know exactly what that is.

That's why we have monsters, you know.


Someone's been watching Ringi.

In the abandoned garden squares of the school, broken glass at the edges of every wall, there is a perfect place for mats and movement. If there is no club for her to partake in. She will practice alone. It's nothing new, among men twice her age, and children who can't handle a straight punch.

Between stretches, though, eyes sit upon her. Blatant, clear, obvious. Someone who thinks they could hide with no real talent for it.

It is only when branches snap with fervent giggling that Ringi jolts up.

"If you're going to stare, you should at least join in." A little more hotheaded than she meant to be. "How stupid is it to sit around if there's not even a match?"

"Sorry!" The bush to her right wriggles. "No one tends to come out here but me. I thought it was cool. What kind of stance was that?"

She frowns at the wilting leaves. "I'm not doing karate or whatever you guys have around here." More irritated with plant life. Ringi talks like a child. "It's just for me."

"Oh, no, I'm not allowed around them! So it's not karate? If it's not, maybe you could show me how, too. Or maybe Natsuo would want to see it. She loves fighting new people."

The bush grows eyebrows too big for its size. Eyes that could be seen from the moon. And Ringi feels a wave of nausea.

"Or you ... don't want to fight?" The girl's face turns quizzical, instead of bright and excited, like she can't understand. Like she doesn't know why anyone would ever feel anything but aggressive joy. "You should try it out! Here, if you just go up to the fountain at the back of the forest, we have the absolute best arena!" She's climbing out now, dressed in a torn uniform and flower petals, bandaids and mud. Ringi's feet twitch, heels squeaking away, when the girl puts out a hand. "All the best fighters come around!"

Fighters do not run.

That's what her father would tell her.


It's weird, but Ringi doesn't pay it much attention. It isn't like she isn't weird. It isn't like this whole school isn't a freak show on display. Stairs rise up beyond the clouds, and she remembers the mural. Remembers Kei, and her concern, and inviting hands.

Everyone in this country was weird.

No one as much as bush girl though.

She's glad for the shorts of her outdated uniform, and takes off her jacket, tied tight around her waist. Ringi does not take the stairs slow. She bolts, two, and then three steps at a time, burning legs bringing her back to running down streets that forged her.

"A new challenger?"

"She fights too! But not like karate. It's so cool!"

"Wonderful," echoes ahead, past an intricate gate. "I was waiting for something interesting."

"What a coincidence," Ringi calls through, crossing the threshold. "So was I!"

Bush girl is there. Ringi's vision pounds, a dozen things to take in, but that girl is wearing a billowing dress all the same shade of red, and her eyes are bright, and there is a bandaid on her cheek. And she is disgusting as she is familiar.

"Mawatari," says the shadow, "I thought you said it was a challenger. Not a puppy."

"That's Ringi! That's her, Natsuo, she was practicing!"

Ringi's shoes squeak on marble. There are questions. But she says, "You're that girl I saw at the karate club!"

"Oh, you ... did you join my old friend Sanae's little troupe?"

"I'm looking for something more interesting than that," Ringi says. "It's no fun if you aren't fighting people who are really strong. And you seem pretty tough!"

"People say that all the time," Natsuo says, waving her hands. She's not wearing what Ringi would call ringside attire. But she's tall. She looks strong. That's enough for her.

"So this is where people come to spar?"

"If that's what you're here for, of course."

Ringi's feet slide in careful preparation, but Natsuo does not mirror her. Instead, the girl walks over. She pauses, and Ringi does not need glasses. But she wonders, as the girl's hands linger on her own chest, light burning between her fingers. She falls against Natsuo's arms, and her opponent is pulling a blade from her chest. Long and far more than anything that should fit in the folds of such a large gown. It is a sword that Natsuo bears toward Ringi.

"I guess she didn't warn you," Natsuo mocks. "But not being prepared can't be helped."

"Huh," Ringi says. "That's neat."

Natsuo is running, the first move stolen away, and Ringi wants to laugh. No one was ever so prepared to go against her.

"No one said it was going to be a fair fight." She cuts through the air.

"That's fine." And Ringi's feet slip down, Natsuo gliding over her, and it is so simple as a knee up, a sharp jab into her gut.

Natsuo slides when she hits the ground, but something stops her from rolling. There's a lot of muscle behind her. Ringi can tell that much. Her fingers shake up over her breast, and it is only then, that Ringi recognizes the rose pinned to her chest.

"So that's how it is," Natsuo says.

Purple petals tear between her fingers and she rips the flower from her lapel.

"Sounds good. I'll see you here again." She's wearing that same smile, knives and glass and poison, that makes Ringi grin back. "It won't be so easy next time."


But Natsuo has already left the arena.

And the girl is leaning over Ringi's shoulder. "Woooow. It's been a while since anyone beat Natsuo. I'm glad I brought you here!"

Ringi lifts her hand to settle upon her head. It's a second, fingers gripping her hair, before she rips the girl away. "Don't touch me."

"Anything you ask!"

It makes her pause. Almost want. But she pulls herself back, to the only thing she needed to know. "...what was Natsuo talking about?"
saccharinescorpion: natsuo is weird (this is sooo romantic)

Re: FILL: Team Kanzaki Miki/Miyahara, T

[personal profile] saccharinescorpion 2017-06-10 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
you know after i made my prompt i was kind of worried i had made the wrong character parallels, or if i should have made the prompt more general, but i'm so glad i worded it how i did now because of course /you/ would have taken this idea and spun it in the best way possible

Ringi and Kei oh my gosh, what an amazing combo. Kei is a great Wakaba. and conversely, Yuzuko is the Worst Rose Bride Ever (i can't lie this was a lot of my motivation for this prompt). and i love how you write Ringi, i have ever since Gifts For The Monster On Your Top Bunk, i'm glad you capture her blitheness while still remembering that a lot of what comes off as ditzy chipperness from her is all a big act

Natsuo tearing off her rose. amazing

and of course all the usual compliments i have about your style of writing and your sense of mood and atmosphere. in retrospect this really was a prompt for you. so thank you for writing it!!!!
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Re: FILL: Team Kanzaki Miki/Miyahara, T

[personal profile] babster 2017-06-10 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
this was so lovely and bright. so many good lines! and natsuo ripping off her rose and kei as wakaba and ringi noticing how weird everything is! just really great