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Ship: Aomine/Kagami (+Aomine&Momoi)
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Square: Denial
Word Count: 422


“It’s not,” says Aomine, frowning.

Momoi can see the crease in his forehead; he’s always been a bad liar but that’s not a giveaway sign that this is a blatant falsehood. It shows he’s worried, worried that he’s obvious or that nothing will come of this. Momoi supposes this is common, especially when it comes to someone like Aomine who masks all the things he’s not so confident in with the same veneer of oversecurity to compensate. It’s easy to fool people who want to stuff him into the box of hyperconfidence and arrogance, who see only what they want to see out of him and dislike that image (and dislike him for being something he really isn’t in the first place).

“It is,” says Momoi. “You like him, Dai-chan. It’s okay to admit it, you know?”

“I don’t,” says Aomine. “It’s not a crush.”

“Okay,” says Momoi.

She stares at him, crossing her arms over her chest. Aomine looks back at her, defiant at first, but that fades back to the same worried creasing of his face.

“Are you worried he won’t like you back?”

Aomine nods, a jerk of his head.

“He looks up to you.”

“Which is what makes this so fucking pathetic!” Aomine says. “I don’t want him to look up to me and beat me and then have me confess like some fucking…I don’t know, loser, and him find some way to let me down nicely. Or laugh in my face.”

“Kagamin wouldn’t,” says Momoi. “If he does, I’ll kick his ass, but he won’t.”

Aomine snorts at that, but Momoi’s serious. (If she doesn’t protect Aomine, who will? He’s certainly not good at letting anyone else close enough to try.)

“I just…he think’s I’m cool.”

“But he might think you’re unattainably so,” says Momoi (and God knows why Kagami would, but he’s definitely the type to pine and wish for Aomine’s happiness, not out of any desire to martyr himself but because he’s got that kind of interior). “You tell him, you seem more…on his level. You can’t wait for him to lift himself up there and realize it first.”

“It’s…” Aomine starts, trailing off.

“Tough to cede the advantage?”

Aomine shrugs, but then nods when Momoi’s look turns sharper.

“Well, if you really like him then you’re going to have to at some point,” says Momoi. “It’s a give-and-take.”

“You’ve never dated anyone,” says Aomine, but from him that means her advice is being taken very much to heart.

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