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SASO 2017: Second Team Switching Period

SASO 2017 Team Switch 2

Team Switching period is now closed.


The team switching period lasts for one week: from today (June 27) to July 3 @ 7PM EDT (Countdown).

During this time, you can move from:
  1. Team Grandstand to a Ship/Sports Team
  2. A Ship/Sports Team to Team Grandstand
  3. A Ship/Sports team to another Ship/Sports team ONLY because your teammates have vanished/you can't get in touch with them, and you'd like to move to a team that's more active.
If you want to switch from your ship/sports team to another ship/sports team for any other reason (interpersonal stress, etc.) then this is not the place to do it. Instead, please e-mail the mods at with your DW username, your team, and a brief summary of what's going on. If you don't want to do that, you can switch to Grandstand with no questions asked.

If you have teammates who have vanished and you'd like help finding them, and/or want to know if they're gone so that you can try to recruit more people in their place, please e-mail the mods at and we'll help you out.

A reminder too that if you're unhappy on your team, or have witnessed or been exposed to drama or unpleasantness related to the SASO, please come talk to the mods. We're not just here for rules checks; we're also here to help you have a good summer. It doesn't matter if it's happened on DW, twitter, etc.—we'd like to help.


To switch teams, leave a comment to this post. (All comments are screened.)

Use the following form, leaving the HTML alone and removing the text in brackets:

Problems, questions, concerns, just contact the mods.