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FILL: Team The Prince of Tennis, T

Ship: Ryoga & Akutsu
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Major Tags: tags omitted
Other Tags: tags omitted
Word Count: 426 words

Discussions of violence and death but none actually happen!


“That,” a voice said from behind Ryoga, “Is the weirdest disguise I’ve ever seen.”

Ryoga tightened his hold on his switchblade before he turned around. The large paws of the hippopotamus kigurimi effectively hid his weapons but nobody would be so foolish as to assume anyone else here was unarmed. This was a convention for serial murderers, after all, even if Ryoga privately thought that half the attendees were cops and another quarter were just wannabes.

“It’s effective though,” he said, the voice distorter built into his mask making his tones come out harsh and metallic. He faced a slim, tall person in a green Power Rangers costume. Everyone here had on a costume that covered their face and body completely. Leaving behind DNA was too much of a rookie move for the attendees. “It covers me completely, it gives me room to move and it’s not so thin that you can easily slash through it to spill blood.”

“It’s a little loose. Anyone could just grab a sleeve and pull you back,” the stranger countered.

“At which point I spin and slice over their throat Or bury a knife in their stomach, whatever’s more exposed.” Stomach wounds didn’t kill quickly, even when they penetrated a vital organ, but they’d be painful enough to distract all but the most determined pursuers.
“Doesn’t the head block your field of vision?” The stranger asked after giving a nod of acknowledgment at Ryoga’s killer instinct.

“Not at all,” Ryoga said, then corrected himself, “...Except from the top. And most people don’t look upwards anyway for ambushes.”

“True,” the Power Ranger said. “Are you wearing body armor under it?”

“That’s a very personal question to ask,” Ryoga demurred as he narrowed his eyes suspiciously behind his mask. Was the Power Ranger turning him into a mark? Later, during the Cosplay Killing Contest, would the Power Ranger come after him specifically?

“You could just say yes whether or not you are,” the Power Ranger said. He shrugged, cocking his helmeted head to a side. “I was wondering if you were one of the cops. Your costume’s dumb enough for them but they’ve all got body armor on underneath. Same brand for all of them.”

“Hey!” Ryoga protested, the voice distorter doing a poor job of demonstrating his outrage. “It is not a dumb costume. It is creative. Much more creative than wearing a cosplay of a Power Ranger. Nobody even likes that show!”

“Nobody,” the Power Ranger replied with the attitude of someone who had a winning argument, “Likes hippos either.”

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