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Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2017

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Name:Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2017
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Community description:2017 summer panfandom shipping event for all sports anime/manga fandoms!

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Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2017

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The Sports Anime Shipping Olympics (SASO) is a summer-long prompt-based shipping challenge for all sports anime and manga fandoms! (What counts as a sports anime/manga?)

Fans form teams around their favorite ships and canons, and those teams compete in prompt-based challenges to show off just how awesome their ship/fandom is. Everything from fanfiction and fanart to games, recipes, graphic design, cosplay, videos, animation, coding/programming, and voice acting are welcome, so long as it fits the prompt challenges and is created new for the SASO. If you've got any creative skill, then we want you to join!

Our goal is to help produce a ton of exciting new fanwork for our fandoms, share the love of our ships with each other, and have a lot of fun! We're not about creating drama or proving that one ship or fandom is 'better' than another. SASO always has something for you to do, but it can also scale to your amount of free time and desired involvement. Just do your best, make new friends, and have a great time!

The event begins on May 20, 2017, and ends on August 31, 2017, though team formation and fandom nominations begin earlier. For more information, check our Schedule.

The Sports Anime Shipping Olympics is hosted on Dreamwidth and you must have a DW account to play. (They're free!) To create one, click here. Please verify it and set DW private messages to "Registered Users", too.

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