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Oct. 17th, 2017 01:52 am
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seerofrage's Door

DW username: [personal profile] seerofrage
Ao3 username: [ profile] TereziMakara

You may get: Small sketches, possibly small fanmixes! o;

Please leave me: In the comments, a fandom, character/relationship, and/or a general prompt or request! Multiple requests are totally cool, I'll be sure to get at least one filled! C;
You can also leave a 'fic or treat' if you're cool with anything (I'll take a peek at your fandom interests and go from there, most likely)!

Light is on for: Those from the comm, as well as those in my circle, and anyone, really c':

Fandoms, etc.: 19 Days, The Adventure Zone, Avatar the Last Airbender, Ballroom e Youkoso, Black Butler, Bungou Stray Dogs, Cardcaptor Sakura, Cheer Boys!!, Dangan Ronpa, Diabolik Lovers, Doukyuusei, Dude That's My Ghost!, Free!, Gravity Falls, Homestuck, Kiznaiver, Long Exposure, Motorcity, Nanbaka, No.6, OFF, Orenchi no Furo Jijou, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokémon, Prince of Stride, A Redtail's Dream, RWBY, Servamp, Stand Still Stay Silent, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Tokyo Ghoul, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Undertale, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Welcome to Hell, X-Men (Evolution & Alternate Timeline movies), Yuri!!! On Ice

There are others that might not be on here; you can look at my interests on my profile or my ship list for some more o:

Other info: I won't do anything NSFW! Any character/ship is cool, and platonic/gen stuff is good, too! General/broad prompts are preferred over specific ones, and for sketches, they'll probably be little bust-and-up pieces, something small! Mixes might be 5-10 songs long, depending on how inspired I am, haha cx

Fills will be posted on or around October 31st, and I'll probably upload them on tumblr as well as here o:
(If you have one, leave your tumblr url in the comment along with your request(s) if you'd like to be @'d when I post 'em!)

Dear Creator - Holly Poly

Oct. 17th, 2017 01:01 am
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Heyo creator! :D
I want to thank you for creating for me, whether you've been assigned to me, you're pinch-hitting, or are deciding to treat! I hope we matched on a fandom or relationship you enjoy lots, and that my prompts inspire you in some way! If they don't, that's all right; feel free to do something totally different, I'm sure I'll love whatever it is you decide to create! C:

details below! )

day 4: stitches

Oct. 16th, 2017 03:23 pm
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 "Hold still, dammit. Or do you want me to poke a hole in you by accident?"

"Aren't you already doing that? Poking holes in me, I mean."

"Key words; by accident. Now shut your smart mouth and let me do my work in peace."

Tia lowers her needle, leveling a gaze onto Matt's face until he raises his left hand in surrender.

"Okay, okay! You do your thing and I'll"

Continuing to stare hawkishly at Matt, daring him to make another sudden move, Tia finally nods and gets back to work.

"..,Actually, ma'am, I've got another question."

This time, Tia has to refrain from purposefully stabbing Matt. "I'll answer it if you never call me that again. Makes me sound older than I am."

Matt opens his mouth, thinks peter of it, and abruptly changes the subject. "So, this stitching thing. How exactly does it work?"

Tia pauses for long enough to throw him an incredulous look. "You've got to be joking. Right?"

"Nuh-uh. Never sewed a thing in my life, and every time I had to visit a hospital, I was completely knocked out."

"Ugh, you weak city folk. Well if you feel up to it, watch and learn."

Half in fear and half in curiosity, Matt watches Tia continue to sew him up calmly while continuing to talk. "First of all, you've got to be able to put this into someone without wanting to scream or throw up. Once you've gotten past the first step - "

Tia waggles the needle in front of Matt once more. " - once you've gotten past that, do it again. And again. And again."

Matt's eyes follow the path of the needle in and out of his skin - watches the black thread tighten against his own still-red flesh and doesn't know if he wants to faint or throw up. Possibly both."

He isn't aware of what comes out of his mouth, but it must be something snarky because the next thing he knows, Tia has one eyebrow raised and looks like she's about to hand the needle over to Matt.

"You wanna try it yourself, or you wanna hush up for just a few more minutes?"

Grinning weakly, Matt mimes locking up his mouth and throwing away the keys.

Tia nods and returns with a grin of her own.

"That's what I thought."

Day 2: Hemorrhaging

Oct. 12th, 2017 02:56 pm
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"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my - shit, Em, why didn't you come find me sooner?"

Em blinks. "Should I have, Doctor Ann?"

"For God's sake, yes! And how many times have I told you to just call me Ann?"

As Ann rushes around the lab, gathering first-aid kits and various medical equipment, Em takes a moment to re-examine her arms. They were torn up, certainly; multiple cuts run up and down them, deep enough to expose the metal framework inside her. And red liquid - didn't humans call it blood? - freely flows from all of them, dripping down her arms and creating a small lake on the white tiled floor.

But it didn't hurt, although Em did admit that she was feelingly slightly dizzy. That could just be from exhaustion, though...right?

"No, it's from blood loss," Ann interjects, and oh, did I say that out loud? Em wonders absentmindedly. "You may have the strength and endurance of an android, but you do have human systems. Meaning, you have a mostly human body, and I could just transplant your brain into another one if this one gets too damaged, but that takes time and money. Both of which I, unfortunately, don't have much of."

Ann stops talking for long enough to shoo Em onto a lab table, dump supplies onto a nearby chair, and throw a few paper towels onto the pool of blood on the floor.

"Now, do you mind telling me where on earth you got yourself injured so badly?"

"There was...a little boy," Em mumbles, watching in fascination as Ann expertly ties gauze over her wounds. "I was walking back, and he was being attacked, and I...defended him."

"With your own body?" The tone is harsh, but Ann can't help the fond smile that makes its way onto her face. "Do I need to program self-preservation into you for you to understand?"

"Self...preservation? What's that?"

"Something that you never knew to do, that's for sure. But that's not important right now."

Ann takes off her gloves and pulls out a list from the back pocket of her jeans, waving it in front of Em's face. "Right now, can I trust you to get a delivery for me across town without injuring yourself too much?"

"Of course, Ann! I would be glad to!"

Em's eyes light up and she takes the offered paper, almost tripping over her own blood in her haste to exit the lab.

Swallowing another laugh, Ann crosses the room to shut the door behind Em.

"Please be safe," she murmurs. "Emily."

Day 1: Bite

Oct. 12th, 2017 08:35 am
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steeples fingers. so many of my short drabbles involve my OCs, so here's some background (without spoiling anything):
  • Horatio has people in his dreams that he can talk to
  • Evin, Lind, and Camille are those people (non-human, but oh well)
  • and yes. Horatio and Evin are a thing.


Horatio opens his eyes with a gasp, panic shortening his breaths and quickening his heartbeat.

The adrenaline fades when he gets a better look at his surroundings, only to be replaced by confusion. He's asleep, that's for sure, but everything is different. The usual woods in his dreams are gone - so is the beach, now that he thinks about it - that a grave marker in the distance?

"Camile?" Horatio calls out, not liking how small and terrified his voice sounds. "Lind? Evin?"

"Horatio. You're awake."

Face immediately brightening, Horatio turns around with a smile already on his face. "Evin! You're here, thank God. What's going on? Where is...everyone..."

He trails off, mouth hanging open, as he takes in the whole of Evin's appearance. Long white hair draped over his shoulders, instead of the usual ponytail; eyes that were darker than Horatio remembered; and a dark purple cloak covering every ince of exposed skin, to top it all off.

"There is no 'everyone,' there's only you and me." Evin tilts his head, looking at Horatio curiously. "Why do you look at me like that? Aren't I your friend?"

Horatio shakes his head vehemently, even as his expression falters slightly when Evin takes a step forward. "You're're not my friend. You're not the Evin I know. Your aura's darker than his."

"Mmm. Then would you care to explain the memories I have of us being friends?" Evin continues striding forward, stopping only when his chest touches Horatio's. "Would you care to explain the memories I have of us doing...this?"

And then he leans in all the way, capturing Horatio's lips with his, and oh no, this is all wrong, the real Evin would never be so rough, but hell it feels too good to stop now.

Just when Horatio thinks it can't get any worse (better? who knows? not him, that's for sure), Evin bites down on his lip. Hard.

It takes every ounce of self-control for Horatio to not let out a moan, and -

He wakes up, mouth open, blankets on the floor, a suspicious tightness in the bottom of his stomach, and his sister's eyes on him.

"Uh. You okay?" Faith asks, toothbrush still dangling from her mouth in shock. "You seemed a little...bothered there."

"Yeah, I'm...I'm good."

Horatio forces himself to smile, trying not to think about just how awkward his next meeting with Evin would be. "Just a little nightmare."


Oct. 10th, 2017 06:57 pm
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Got my assignment, seems fairly harmless, for a canon I've not yet written but feels like I have. By some lucky coincidence, I have a copy of said canon here. Will commence to read forthwith. As for what I'll write, I can't possibly comment.

yuletide letter 2017

Oct. 9th, 2017 11:04 am
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hi, if you're reading this chances are you've got me for yuletide! so first off, thank you very much, and i hope my requests aren't too much or too difficult.

look pls im begging u hak/soo-won relationship study or just hak and soo-won im rly not bothered. what i'm basically asking for is hak and soo-won without yona in the equation, or being the focus of the relationship. THERE'S BURIED GOLD HERE I SWEAR.

i'm also up to date with the manga, so don't worry about spoilers!

i'm rly just looking for character/relationship study fics, particularly of phos, cinnabar and antarcticite. please don't feel like you have to do all three of them, or stick to just three of them. bortz and dia's relationship is also something i find rather fascinating, so feel free to go with that as well. i'm up to date with the manga, so don't worry about spoilers!

kiku character studies? please? o(-( /prayer emojis actually i'm p okay w anything as long as kiku is heavily involved i suppose

but just in general i'll take this as well, applies across all of my requests
  • hanakotoba/flower language
    epistolary formats, so letters etc. (you could do encyclopedia entries for houseki, if you're so inclined)
    AUs, but specifically low key mafia, or just very slow slice of life things as well.
    time travel stories

things i'd really prefer not to see:
  • A/B/O
    generally anything you'd feel would require and R-18 rating i suppose

i'm not opposed to small amounts of porn or violence and gore, just, probably not very much i suppose. canon typical violence is acceptable.

please don't feel too pressured by my requests. (i know they're all character study requests basically dflkhglk) they are simply requests in the end, and i hope that you enjoy creating either way, thank you very much for reading all this and for trying. please do have fun with this! i do hope we'll become friends if we aren't already! also if you wanna inquire more about anything, you can drop me an anon message on tumblr.

Dear Author (Yuletide 2017)

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:45 pm
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Status: Mostly Complete (10/11/2017)

Hello Author! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort into writing my Yuletide fic this year! (Also for reading this letter… which may get a little bit long). 
(Also, I apologize for the lack of information in optional details… I may have forgotten about sign-ups until the day they closed…)
This letter certainly doesn’t cover everything I like, and don’t feel forced to exactly follow any of my prompts or try to fit everything in!
General Themes I Like:

Platonic Relationships – I love friendship. I’m always a sucker for platonic cuddling, hair ruffling, and just people being protective/supportive of each other. 

Families of Choice – This is pretty much my favorite trope of all time. People choosing to be each other’s families and just platonically loving each other is my favorite thing in the entire world. 

Trust/Communication – I really love this theme. People talking out their issues and trusting each other with their entire being, just gives me the all the feels. 
AUs/Tropes I Like:

Soulmate AUs – I’m a sucker for a good soulmate AU. I especially love the one where what you write on your skin also appears on your soulmate’s skin and soulmate identifying marks. (I also love, love Platonic Soulmate AUs, which are a lot less prevalent in fic)

Famous/Not Famous AUs – I really love when one person is famous/rich and the other isn’t and they have to navigate their relationship amongst this.

Breakfast Club AU – I feel like I’ve read every Breakfast Club AU in every fandom that I’m in (and even a couple in fandoms I’m not in). I love this for the same reason I love “families of choice” theme – a bunch of misfit kids finding family in each other. 
I feel like most of these are pretty self-explanatory:  
  • Rape/Non-con
  • Incest
  • Character Death
  • PWP/Explicit Sex
  • Unhappy Endings (Feel free to include some angst, but please, please let the fic end happily). 
Royal Tutor: 
I don’t think I have to repeat this, but I really, really don’t want incest between the brothers. I’d also like to request that none of them be in a romantic/sexual relationship with Heine. (I’d also prefer that Bruno doesn’t call Heine “Master”).
Out of all of my requests, this is the fandom that I would most want to have a mostly platonic fic. I really just want a fic where the brothers are supportive/protective of each other, preferably with lots of family feels and/or fluff. 
Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note:
This was a show I never expected to watch, but then ended up binging in one night (The 10 minute episodes really help with that). 
The show as always been more about the relationship between the characters, rather than them solving the mysteries. I’d love to see a high school or college AU of the show. One of my favorite parts of the show is how supportive the boys are of Aya (and the reactions of her classmates that she somehow knows these really popular guys). I really love how all their strengths complement each other and how much of a team they are. 
Fune wo Amu: 
I’ve been in love with this dictionary anime since it came out last year.
I’d really love a fic that focuses on the (platonic) relationship between Nishioka and Majime. I also really love the relationship between them and the entire dictionary-making team. I especially love how all of them found a place that they belong.  

Yuletide Letter

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:14 pm
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Placeholder for now!

dear yuletide 2017

Oct. 9th, 2017 06:02 am
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Hey! This is my first Yuletide, so hopefully I'm doing this whole letter thing correctly. Thank you for clicking the link, first of all, and for reading, but of course don't feel bound to writing any of my ideas. If we matched here, somehow, I'm already really interested in seeing your take on these characters and dynamics.

LIKES: non-linear narratives, magical realism, getting together, pining, eventually resolved sexual tension, slow burn, the opposite of slow burn (getting together too soon and dealing with the aftermath), enemies to lovers (to enemies), partners in crime, reunions, what-if scenarios, emotionally fraught dynamics, loyalty and betrayal both.

kinks: foreplay (oral sex, fingering, rimming, etc), non-penetrative sex, rough sex, clothed sex, not-on-a-bed sex, playful humiliation, edging and orgasm denial, overstimulation, restraints (whether literal or verbal.)

AUs: movie or show settings (pacific rim, inception, pushing daisies, your name, etc), spies/assassins/heist, time travel/time loop, reincarnation, immortality, royalty, orchestra/band/musicians, superpowers, artist/muse, angels and demons. The usual fare of high school/coffee shop/etc. AUs are fine too as long as it fits the dynamic!

DISLIKES: non-con, kinks focusing on age differences, sadstuck (non-canonical character death, amnesia, terminal illness, etc), smut of underage characters, love triangles, hurt/comfort, actually unrequited love, stories without conflict, pregnancy/kidfic, crossovers, first person POV.


Ryo Asuka, Akira Fudo

What I like about it: I truly never anticipated this descent into hell, but this forty-year-old manga just reeled me in with promises of gore and unintentionally bad art, and left me a hollow shell of a human being at the end of it. If you're reading this because you offered it, I don't doubt it did something similar to you. There's a lot of things to love about it, despite obviously being a product of its times, but its main draw for me is the relationships between Satan and our titular Devilman, hence my requested characters. I love their friendship, as manufactured as it might have been with false memories—the way Akira, however reluctant in the beginning, follows along Ryo's plan so he wouldn't be alone, and the way he was the only one Ryo could turn to. I love the way this friendship transforms along with Akira after he's possessed, and all the good and bad (mostly bad) that comes with it. Most of all, though, I love that the driving force of the entire series, the reason everything was set into motion, the tragedy that couldn't be avoided, is how Ryo, or Satan, fell in love with a human boy and subconsciously decided to save him, and him alone, from the apocalypse, disrupting his former plans and ruining everyone's lives in the process. How do you beat that kind of world-ending love, I always say. 

Prompts: I don't know if you've consumed the side material/sequels/spinoffs (I highly recommend it for the full experience!), but really what I loved best were the ones that explored the in-betweens and the could-have-beens. For prequel type things, how did they become friends? When did Ryo start to fall for Akira, and what was it about Akira that made him realize it? What did Akira think of Ryo initially, and how did it escalate to him putting so much blind faith in Ryo? And what about all those years between the extinction of humanity and the final battle? I would love your take on their interactions within that period of time, when all of their truths have been laid out and all that's left are the lingering feelings of both hate and love. Basically, anything we didn't see in canon is fair game, and if you want to play with post-canon (the ending of Devilman Lady especially) or alternate canon (the timeloop of the Amon manga), that's good too.



Lin Xue Ya, Shang Bu Huan, Sha Wu Sheng

What I like about it: I fell in love with this series within five minutes; I just saw the first scene and was so impressed I had to keep watching. To this day I don't know how it managed to pull off those fight scenes, or make me forget that the puppets aren't really emoting with their faces, and all the questions just add to its charm. I love its quest format, with the mains just gathering allies and tricking you into thinking they're gonna be a found family, and then promptly abandoning that for something much fresher. I love how many of its characters are just irredeemably evil, how there equally as many characters who are wholeheartedly noble, and how there are those who reside in the grayer areas of morality. I love Shang, our weary protagonist, and how he's often roped into doing good despite pretending he doesn't have the time. I love Wu Sheng, who's as honorable as a murderous assassin can be, and the hints of loneliness that suggest he's not alone of his own volition. I love Lin, if that's even his real name, with his smoke and mirrors and his motivations for doing what he does. Lastly, I love the dynamics between all of these characters, separately or all together.

Prompts: If you want to go the Lin/Shang route, the show I think is tightly written enough that what happens afterwards is most interesting. Shang's stuck with Lin, unfortunately, so what becomes of that? How long does Lin tail him before he realizes, or before they start traveling together? What shenanigans do they get up to with both of them, essentially, targeting villains to steal from them? You truly can't go wrong with either of their POVs here—how Lin, king of repressing his feelings, rationalizes his developing emotions will be interesting, and so will Shang's dreaded realization that he kind of really likes the guy who only brings him trouble wherever he goes. If you develop them into something like a relationship, scenes of Lin trying to rile up Shang with his eternal patience are A+.

Alternately, Lin/Wu Sheng is the more painful side of the equation. I don't know if you've heard of the novel where Wu Sheng's backstory is explored, but their relationship pre-show is essentially the closest of friends, until they weren't. I'm not picky here! Whether or not you want to expand on the novel or make up your own backstory would be great. I'd love some insight into Wu Sheng's thought process, and how extreme love turned into extreme hate (still with love thrown in? You decide.) On Lin's part, did he ever think of Wu Sheng as a friend too, or has he always been a target? Did he struggle with finally turning on him? How did he really feel about Wu Sheng dying right in front of him? Also, concerning that line about meeting again in the next life, I'd love a reincarnation AU, or even a modern one, where maybe they'd finally get a happy ending (or maybe things will happen the same way again.)

And about Shang/Wu Sheng... that scene with them sitting across from each other was pretty much foreplay. Have at it, if you like.


Kagari Atsuko, Sucy Manbavaran

What I like about it: This show has a knack for charming most who come across it, and I was no exception. Slice of life isn't generally my genre, but I loved how this brought something new to the table on that front (even if a plot did develop later on.) It just knows how to present moral lessons in a way that isn't preachy, and simply highlights the fact that people are all different and #valid for it. I love Akko as a protagonist! She's your typical shounen protag, with equal parts idiocy and enthusiasm, only she's a girl, this time, and it's great. I love how she's endearing, but not always easy to swallow, because of how much the show emphasizes that she's an incredibly flawed girl who is just trying her damn best. And don't get me wrong, I love all of her dynamics in the show, but what I'm leaning towards, and the one that I think needs more love, is her friendship with Sucy. Sucy's episode in the first half of the series remains my favorite (and the bit about killing off the parts of yourself that you need to? Really solid advice), and how she seems to have made it her life goal to torment Akko is also my favorite.

Prompts: I would really love any sort of sweet falling in love fic for these two, no matter how rocky the waters might be to get there. Sucy acts like that kid pulling their crush's pigtails in middle school, and in the dream episode we get hints of it, so how and why and when did she take a liking to Akko (despite her very unique way of showing it?) How does Akko feel about this sort of incessant attention? Situations where they're forced to reveal and/or confront feelings would be nice, and some angst would be, too, as long as it's happy in the end. What-If scenarios are good for them—what if one of them had to leave school for one reason or another? What if Akko found out about Sucy's feelings while she was in Sucy's head? What if that kiss happened? What if they met each other's families? What if they'd met before Luna Nova? If you want to zoom ahead into the future to where they're older, it would be lovely to see how their dynamic might change and how it stayed the same.


And I think that's it! Thank you for reading to the end. I hope it helped, somehow, but honestly just go wild if you have other things in mind. I'm looking forward to whatever you write <3 

(no subject)

Oct. 8th, 2017 05:37 pm
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 I put this on Tumblr but I'll put it here too:

Me whenever someone says Dazai’s true character was his Mafia character: Kay but then why did Oda even think that Dazai could succeed on the side of saving people, given that Oda knew him really well. Also Dazai was an emo teenager at that age and half the stuff he said he’d probably cringe at now. Darker =\= true character. I imagine Dazai put on a lot of masks back then, too, and either way it’s a really bleak look at a series about redemption to think that one of the characters who’s tried to become a good man hasn’t changed a bit and his true nature is to always be a hopeless man who craves death and violence.

yuletide 2017 dear author letter

Oct. 8th, 2017 04:34 pm
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Thank you so much for writing for me. I am sure I will love what you come up with, but here are some general fic likes and dislikes, if you want guidance.

-getting together fic
-character focused fic (I like a good plot, of course, but I’m all about character motivation exploration). Mostly this manifests in shipfic, but even in general, how characters relate to each other, and how they interact with each other, in relation to how they feel about themselves, is always what I want to read about. This is especially useful for characters who overthink things and get lost in their own heads, for better or for worse.
-happy, or at least hopeful, endings (though with Rakugo, this might not be the happiest ship, so feel free to make this one dark)
-familial dynamics and senses of responsibility
-consensual rough sex- BUT IF YOU DON’T LIKE WRITING THIS KIND OF THING THAT IS TOTALLY FINE. I also like sweet, careful, thoughtful sex. Also you can fade to black or focus on other things that are not sexual at all if you’re not into writing sex scenes. *thumbs up* if you are ok with writing this stuff, I am always ready.

- As far as sex stuff goes, I am pretty much down for anything. Kikuhiko/Yotarou is probably the only ship I want kinky stuff for (general Yotarou enjoying being bossed around and praised, but also things in the vein of biting, breathplay, orgasm denial, etc.) but I’m flexible, so if you feel like writing kink with one of the other pairings, feel free. Masturbation/fantasizing is a thing i am into a lot, too, if you feel like writing that for any pairing.

-If you DO want to write sex (or pre-sex or physical intimacy in general), plotless porn is great, but I really like sex that says something. Sex as thanks, sex as apology, sex as confession, sex as goodbye, etc. I like physical contact of any sort as a way to communicate what words can’t.

-character death
-illness fic
-other sex stuff I am not into is just werewolf stuff like knotting or a/b/o dynamics, master/slave stuff, daddy kink, or slurs

And my fandom specific prompts again, for good measure

1)Fandom: 昭和元禄落語心中 | Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Characters: Kikuhiko | Yuurakutei Yakumo, Yotarou (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu)

This was the relationship that canon left me wanting more of. I love how quickly and fiercely dedicated Yotarou is to his master, and Kikuhiko's cool, belabored affection for him.

I would love to see more of their complicated emotional relationship, however you'd like to show it. I would be into an exploration of Yotarou's feelings toward Kikuhiko (respect teetering toward adoration, and some complicated romantic feelings also).

I'd also be interested in it from Kikuhiko's end--what is it like to know he has this power over Yotarou? How does it feel to be wanted again after so long? Would he feel bad about taking advantage of Yotarou's interest or not? What do the similarities between Yotarou and Sukeroku do to him? What about the differences?

I'd be interested in a snapshot of their relationship at any point in their knowing each other. If you feel like taking it to E rated territory, I would definitely be cool with that! Yotarou seems pretty eager to please, and Kikuhiko is a pretty frosty, distant dom in my mind, but he does have a soft spot for Yotarou, and some decent fucked up feelings about his past with Sukeroku, so that can be many kinds of complicated.

2) Fandom: Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith
Characters: Robbie Brees, Austin Szerba, Shannon Collins

I loved this book so much. I loved Austin’s emotional honesty, his bluntness, and his desire to understand himself and explore what he wanted. I love Robbie’s unwavering dedication to and affection for Austin, no matter what Austin does, but how he’ll still call him out when he’s being selfish. I'm interested in any combo of these 3 characters as a focus.

I’d love anything that explored their relationships post-apocalypse: Them in the shelter, or, for Robbie and Austin alone, them on one of their ventures out into the rest of the world postcanon would be really cool.

I’d enjoy relationship negotiation stuff-- how do they (either the twosome or threesome) make it work (and I want them to make it work)? Austin is clearly conflicted about his feelings for Robbie and Shannon, and Robbie and Shannon don’t seem sexually interested in each other, just Austin. How do they work through that?

I'd be into a nice angst/fluff combo- i mean, their situation is dire, but them comforting each other, or talking about how fucked they are while being physically affectionate, would be great.

You can feel free to get as sexy as you want with them, too.

If you keep it just Austin/Robbie, please be kind to Shannon. I don’t want them bashing her or complaining about her too much (though discussing their relationship in regards to her is fine, as long as you keep in mind that they all are friends/important to each other).

In general I don’t like 1st person POV, but since the canon is 1st person, I would be fine with it here, if you wanted to do that. I’m also good with other POV options, though.

3) Fandom: Lucky - Britney Spears (Music Video)
Characters: Lucky (Lucky - Britney Spears) Singer (Lucky - Britney Spears)

I am extremely into selfcest. It is such a good narrative vessel for introspection and self evaluation and makes for some weird and poignant intimacy. This music video was a formative thing for me back in the day, too.

I would LOVE anything with Lucky/Britney. You can go with whatever method of getting them together that you want (time travel/split selves/dreams/parallel universes/whatever) or go with Lucky not actually being able to see Britney, if you want to be cruel.

Does Britney help Lucky unwind and find what's missing in her life (herself)? Do they swap lives so Lucky can have a break? Hurt/comfort? Whatever you want to go with would be good. I just like the idea of them understanding each other's problems and finding solace in each other, or trying to, anyway.

If you want to take this to a sex place, I will absolutely not mind. I don't have specific prompts for that. Follow your heart.

4) Fandom: At Swim Two Boys - Jamie O'Neill
Characters: Doyler Doyle, Jim Mack

I have loved these two for like 13 years, and I still get sad when I think about their tragic end in the book. They get so little time together to be happy! I want more!

You can give them an alternate ending, or just give me another scene of the two of them being happy together (or bittersweet is fine, though hopefully mostly on the sweet end). I’d also be down for an AU of them, putting them in another situation where things are less dire and they can find a way to be together (meeting on a swim team? or still at the 40 foot, but without war screwing everything up? idk, put them anywhere you want).

Don’t worry about trying to match the writing style of the canon. I mean, go for it if you want! But don’t be afraid of writing it just because of that.

Just, anything with them able to have more time together, either with domesticity/fluff or feelingsy smut. I don’t mind Macmurrough being involved, either, if you want him to be, but if you make it a modern AU, I’d rather you leave him out, sex-wise.

Happy Yuletide!

yuletide! 2017!

Oct. 8th, 2017 09:48 am
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hello! thank you for writing for me! i'm gonna be upfront with you: this set of fandoms is a transparent attempt to trick someone into writing me fic about girls, but hopefully if you've matched on these characters you are also on board with this!

i've compiled some prompts below but i'm really fairly easy to please so if you have your own ideas or it takes you in a different direction, by all means go for it.

general likes
i'm a big big fan of humor, and also domesticity, people being good to each other, found family vibes, hurt/comfort, structural/format shenanigans (epistolary, non-linear, structural parallels, etc), settings that feel lived-in. i prefer characters who know each other's quirks and rough edges and history over meet-cutes/love-at-first-sight. i do also love intricate plots but i totally get that there's time/space constraints and would be 100% happy with something slice-of-life too!

general dislikes
porn without plot, darkfic. i'm not against unhappy/ambiguous endings but i think none of these fandoms lend themselves particularly well to it.

their story )

cuckoo song )

you could make a life )

yuletide exchange 2017

Oct. 8th, 2017 07:51 pm
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Hi there!

This is AO3 user intimacies. I'm super excited for this exchange, and I hope you are, too! What's most important to me is that you, dear gifter, have fun with whatever you choose to create–if you had fun writing it, then I'll have fun reading it. 

So, I'm just going to outline some general likes/dislikes to bounce off from if you'd like, as well as my list of requests for ease of reference. I'm totally fine with NSFW stuff too, if that's the path you wanna follow (and if you don't wanna, that's super cool too)! The only thing I ask is that you please respect my 'dislikes/do not wants' list, and I look forward to seeing what you create C:

Thanks for reading, & have a lovely day 

[SFW] likes:
  • experimental or unconventional writing style or structure
  • ambiguous or open relationships and endings
  • the idea of distance, physical or otherwise
  • dreams
  • light imagery, flower allusions/language
  • found family & caretaking
  • power dynamics/loyalty
  • POV outsider......also somewhat partial to POV first person, honestly.
  • [if applicable to fandom] social media
  • curtain fic! the in-betweens, the slice of life, the everyday before The Days
  • magical realism, temporal shenanigans

[SFW] dislikes:
  • major character death that isn't canonical
  • characters outright saying "i love you"
  • angst for the sake of angst or unexplained/unjustified angst  (unresolved or unhappy endings are fine, however. I enjoy having my heart broken on the regular, why do I lack self-preservation instincts, etc etc)
  • jealousy/infidelity that isn't canonical and/or is used as a plot device
  • on the subject of AU's: love 'em, but not very fond of coffeeshop, cafe, or highschool/college AUs (unless they're actually working/studying in these places, which....wouldn't be an AU, actually.)

requests, per fandom:

(gen or shippy or anything in between is fine, unless otherwise specified!)

1. Dorohedoro

Noi, Shin

I'm honestly so drawn to Noi and Shin's relationship, and how they're so important to each other, they'd take a bullet for the other without flinching–but at the same time, constantly let the other walk into danger because they understand and trust and know what makes the other person tick that well? Any prompts I can think of are mainly canon-verse, but honestly, I'd be super interested at what an AU might make of their dynamic, so it's all up to you!

2. Night World - L.J. Smith

Ash Redfern, Blaise Harman*

I love....emotionally repressed characters that can't help letting their feelings bleed through anyway (if not in the healthiest ways). Something that explores their characters, or delves into–or deliberately walks around–things they won't acknowledge to themselves would be really lovely! 

* Please no romance between Ash and Blaise, please! Including only one or both of them in a gift is cool either way, though.

3. Chang Ge Xing | Song of the Long March
Ashina Sun, Mujin

Ashina and Mujin are a leader-and-second dynamic I'm very fond of! The way Mujin defers to Ashina without pause on the battlefield, but Ashina leaving everything else up to however Mujin says is....a lot. So is the fact that he's The Ideal Right Hand Man in public, but more of an exasperated-but-fond brother in private. They've grown up together, and even before their troops or superiors, they're loyal to each other :")

Honestly, I'd be eternally grateful for any content of the two of them whatsoever, gen or romo or somewhere in between. That said, I also don't mind if you wanted to include Chang Ge into the mix, considering Ashina's truly unsubtle pining, lol. Absolutely not required, though!!! Just trying to cover my bases. So long as the focus is still on Ashina or Mujin (or both), anything goes.

(no subject)

Oct. 7th, 2017 10:27 pm
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Stole this questionnaire off [personal profile] chagrined.

This somehow turned into fic and music video recs. )


Recently I was listening to Stars’ album Set Yourself On Fire and I remembered: oh, this is why I fell in love with music, listening to the strings and brass of “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” resonate sadness and jubilance. It’s not about living it up at shows, it’s not about finding new bands; it’s about how one song can make you feel like you’re dying and reborn again.

Stolen from legionseagle

Oct. 7th, 2017 08:59 pm
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Have you ever meme:

Cut for length )

Yuletide Letter 2017

Oct. 4th, 2017 05:50 pm
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(no subject)

Oct. 4th, 2017 11:41 am
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 *forgets account exists* 

*remembers again*
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