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SASO 2017 Icebreaker: Truth or Dare!

IB - Truth/Dare

How about a friendly warm-up before the real games begin? Join us for a sports anime-themed game of truth or dare! If you’ve only ever played truth or dare in a room full of sleep-deprived people at a sleepover or a party, you might be wondering, “How is that gonna work?” Read below to find out.

  1. [personal profile] referees will make two top-level comments to this post: one will contain the word TRUTH, and the other will contain the word DARE.
  2. If you would like to receive questions, reply to the TRUTH comment with your name. If you’d like to receive dares, reply to the DARE comment with your name. You can (and totally should!) reply to both comments.
  3. Your fellow anime fans will then reply to your comment with your name with either a question if it’s in the TRUTH thread, or a dare if it’s in the DARE thread. While this is happening, you’ll do the same!
  4. We encourage everyone participating to leave questions and dares for at least three (3) other distinct participants.
  5. All questions and dares must adhere to the SASO code of conduct, must be appropriate for all ages, and are not allowed to require that a participant reveals personal information.
  6. Dares should be able to be completed in no more than 24 hours.
  7. You are not obligated to answer every question or do every dare. We do hope you’ll complete all the ones you feel comfortable doing!

Having trouble coming up with questions and dares? Here are some examples to get you started:

Question examples:
  • How well do you think you and your favorite sports anime character would get along?
  • If you could challenge a sports anime character at something, who would you challenge and what would the challenge be?
  • You are now a character in the universe of your favorite sports anime. What kind of role do you play/what kind of character are you?
  • Which sports anime character do you rarely talk about but you secretly love? Why?
  • If you could cast characters in a sports anime you like into a different series (non-sports anime included), how would you cast them? Why?

Dare examples:
  • Write a haiku/limerick about a sports anime character you love
  • Draw a quick doodle of a sports anime character with your non-dominant hand and see if others can guess who it is
  • Take a stab at singing your favorite sports anime opening/ending
  • Take a screencap of your favorite out-of-context moment in a sports anime and post it without context
  • If you own any sports anime merchandise, take a picture of your collection. If you don’t, take a picture of the most sports anime thing in your house

Have fun! (This round ends on May 11.)

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