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Main Round 1: Boundaries


Welcome to SASO's third year! For our first round we'd like you to think about the things that separate us, whether visible or invisible, and the way they're navigated by those who face them. Overcome your limits, define some borders, and create a main round entry that will wow everyone!

Deadline: 26 June @ 7PM EDT. (Countdown.) Late entries earn your team participation points but are disqualified from final vote.

Posting Community: [community profile] saso2017_r1 (will be opened one week before the round closes).

(Please read all of these links!)
  1. Your entry must be a brand new creation by the members of your team. Click here for more info.
  2. Keep your entries anonymous. Don't make us penalize you. (Why is the anon policy important?)
  3. Remember to adhere to the Main Round Limitations or you may get disqualified from final vote.
  4. If you have any questions, just ask.

Submission Format:

Include this entry header at the top of your entry post.

TITLE: --The title of the work--
SERIES: --The work's home canon--
SHIP: --The name of your team's ship--
RATING: --A rating for the work, from G, T, M, or E--
CHARACTERS: --Characters that appear in the work--
SIDE PAIRINGS: --Other ships that appear in the work--
MAJOR TAGS: --Here you will list any of the Major Content Tags that apply to your work. If none apply, state NONE. If you do not wish to tag certain elements of the work to keep from spoiling your work, you must put the phrase TAGS OMITTED in this section.--
ADDITIONAL TAGS: --If your work contains other elements you feel should be noted, feel free to list them here. You may also use additional tags to help summarize your work or entice readers. As with Major Tags above, you can also choose to say TAGS OMITTED or NONE.--
SUMMARY: --A brief summary of the work.--
WORK COUNT: --An overview of your work: word count, art count, length of audio/video files, etc. This allows participants to gauge how much time they will have to devote to your entry.--
SCRIPT: --Games, written entries that span multiple webpages, voice acting, music, video, etc. must include a link to a single-page full script or the entry will not be eligible for that round's final vote. If your entry uses images embedded in a game, video, or otherwise hard-to-access format, please include a list of the image's filenames at the end of your script.--
NOTES: --Anonymous author/artist notes, glossaries, etc. go here. Otherwise, write "None."--

After the information block, the work itself should be posted underneath a cut.

If you're using HTML formatting, here's a text box for your copy-and-pasting convenience: