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Bonus Round 2: Images

Bonus Round 2: Images

Back by popular demand, this round uses official canon artwork as fodder for speculation and extrapolation.
Please read the rules carefully before posting!

This round is CLOSED as of 7PM on June 23 EDT. Late fills may be posted, but they will not receive points.

  • Submit prompts in the form of a canon screencap from one of our nominated fandoms along with a ship. Screencaps can be from the anime or manga, as well as any other kind of offshoot media, e.g. official art, drama CD covers, light novel illustrations, magazine covers, photos from stage plays, and/or caps from games.
    • Doujinshi, fan-made games or any other fan-created work should not be prompted, even if you receive permission. Only prompt official, canon artwork.
    • Keep your prompt concise. Don't prompt a whole manga chapter, for example.
    • Your prompt MUST include some kind of relationship. Platonic relationships are indicated by an "&" between the names (e.g., Abe & Tajima). Non-platonic relationships use "/" (e.g., Abe/Tajima). Please don't say "Any pairing," either!
    • Upload the cap somewhere (imgur works well) and post here with the images themselves or a link to them. Including a text-only summary of the image is encouraged.
  • Fill prompts by leaving a responding comment to the prompt with your newly-created work inspired by the cap.
    • Fills can be directly connected to the cap, e.g. panel redraws or writing fic that fleshes out the moment that was capped or that fleshes out what happened directly before/after, but fills can also be more indirectly linked. As long as the work is somehow inspired by the cap, it counts.
    • Fills that are too long to fit in a single comment should have the rest of the fill placed as replies to the original fill comment. The subjects of these extra comments should be something like "part 2 of X" or "continued."
  • Remember to follow the general bonus round rules, outlined here.

Bonus round shenanigans all happen in the comments below. Brand-new works only, please.

Required Work Minimums:
  • 400 words (prose)
  • 400px by 400px (art)
  • 14 lines (poetry)
There is no max work cap.

Format your comment in one of the following ways:

  • Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team you belong to, including Grandstand or Sports Teams
  • Place the prompt's relationship in the first bolded line of the comment. Including the canon isn't required, but it's nice.
  • Below that, place applicable major content tags (when applicable; otherwise write "no tags" or "none")
  • Visual example
  • Replace [YOUR SHIP] with the name of the team you belong to
  • Replace RATING with the rating of your fill (G - E)
  • Place applicable major content tags and word count before your fill (when applicable)
  • NSFW FILLS: Please cross-link these fills and use clear tags in your comment. Written/text fills should be hosted at AO3 ONLY as a new, unchaptered work. Art/visual fills can be hosted anywhere. You may include a small safe-for-work preview of the fill in your comment.
  • To place an image in your comment, use this code: <img src="LINK TO YOUR IMAGE" alt="DESCRIPTION OF YOUR IMAGE"/>
  • Visual example
  • Replace RATING with the rating of your fill, G - E, as explained in the rules
  • Place applicable major content tags and word count before the fill, where applicable
  • NSFW FILLS: Please cross-link these fills and use clear tags in your comment. Written/text fills should be hosted at AO3 ONLY as a new, unchaptered work. Art/visual fills can be hosted anywhere. You may include a small safe-for-work preview of your work in your comment.
  • To place an image in your comment, use this code: <img src="LINK TO YOUR IMAGE" />
  • Visual example

Posts not using this format will be understood to be unofficial discussion posts, regardless of what they contain. They, like all comments in this community, are subject to the code of conduct.

These numbers apply to your team as a whole, not each individual teammate. Make as many prompts/fills as you want!

For prompts: 5 points each (maximum of 50 prompt points per team per round)

For fills:

First 3 fills by any member of your team: 20 points each
Fills 4-10: 10 points each
Fills 11-20: 5 points each
Fills 21+: 2 points each

All scored content must be created new for this round.

If you're hunting through the prompts looking for what to fill, a good trick is to view top-level comments only.

Have a question? Check The FAQ first. If you still need help, feel free to contact the mods. Happy fanworking!
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character death (in a dream)
850 words

He was breaking away from the front of the pack, his hair whipping behind him in the wind. They were coming into the final stretch of the second day of the Interhigh, and he felt great. Tadokoro was somewhere behind him, but still poised to make a solid finish, and Kinjou was up ahead, fighting for the lead. In fact, he was probably in the middle of the final sprint for the goal.

He had nothing else riding on him for the rest of the day. He had battled Toudou on the mountain stage earlier, and they'd be facing one another again tomorrow, but for now, all he had to do was ride.

He let himself go, not worrying too much about pace or form, just doing what felt natural. It was moments like these that reminded him why he rode, when the weather was nice, and there was no one relying on him, and he could just enjoy the view, watching the scenery fly past without worrying too much about the road. He liked riding with Toudou too, of course, but this was a different type of enjoyment.

He rounded another corner…and braked so abruptly he nearly lost control of his bike.

"Kinjou!" he yelled, jumping off before his bike had even fully stopped. His captain lay bloodied and still on the side of the road, his battered bike listing precariously against the guardrail.

"Kinjou, can you hear me?" he asked as he knelt down beside him. "What happened?"

There was no reply. He had to get help. He dug out his phone to call, but there was no reception up in the mountain. He looked back down the road, but no other riders were in sight.

"Kinjou, please say something," he begged, cradling Kinjou's head in his lap, heedless of the blood on his hands.

He wasn't sure how long he sat there before he finally noticed his captain wasn't breathing.


He woke with a start, drenched in sweat. With shaking hands, he picked up his phone.

To: Kinjou Shingo
Kinjou, are you awake?

To: Makishima Yuusuke
I am now. Nightmare?

To: Kinjou Shingo
The same one as always.

His phone rang, casting a pale glow on the room. He flipped it open without even looking at the number; there was only one person who would be calling at this hour.

"Yo, Kinjou," he said when the line connected.

"What happened was not your fault," Kinjou said, not for the first time.

"I passed you," Makishima said bitterly. "That is my fault." Kinjou's accident may not have been his fault, and there may have been nothing he could have done to prevent it, but that didn't change the fact that he had left Kinjou behind. It was simple math: Kinjou had been in front of him; Kinjou had finished behind him; therefore, he had to have passed Kinjou at some point after the accident.

That was the image that kept coming back to haunt him at night. What if Kinjou hadn't been able to get back on his bike? What if no one else had noticed Kinjou lying on the side of the road? What sort of teammate was he that he hadn't even noticed when he passed his own captain?

"Makishima" - Kinjou's voice cut through the anxious spiral in his head - "stop thinking."

"I abandoned you."

"You did no such thing. You and Tadokoro were both given tasks at the start of the day, no?"

"Yes," Makishima replied, thinking back on the orders the third-years had given each of them before the start of the stage.

"And you both accomplished them admirably."

"I still should have—"

"What if I didn't want to be seen?" Kinjou interrupted.

Makishima sucked in a sharp breath.

"Exactly," Kinjou said. "I knew I could finish the stage on my own. I also knew that both of you would slow down and assist in an instant if you saw, sacrificing your positions for my sake. It was bad enough I was already going to have a poor finish; there was no need to turn that into two or three."

"Even so, I can't stop seeing it, Kinjou," Makishima said quietly. "You limping across the finish line with a broken bike and so clearly in pain. And all I kept thinking, all I keep thinking, is that if you had been hurt any worse, you wouldn't have been able to get back on that bike. I'm terrified of something happening to you."

"I'm fine, Makishima. Remember that: what happened at the Interhigh was terrible, but it wasn't permanent."

Makishima sighed, "I'll try," he said eventually.

"That's all we can ask. Do you think you can go back to sleep now?"

"I think so. Sorry for waking you."

"Not a problem. You can call anytime; I mean it." Kinjou said firmly.

"Good night," Makishima said as he ended the call to Kinjou, at least until the next time he woke up from a nightmare and needed someone to reassure him.
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[personal profile] mother_herbivore 2016-06-23 05:36 pm (UTC)(link)

i missed the "in a dream" part of the character death tag at first and had to get up and do that stress walk around the house that only comes from reading fic aksjdhdgk

I LOVE IT THOUGH i love kinjou's firm reassurance and i got a little choked up at makishima's "I'm terrified of something happening to you" cuz i just. clenches fist. i love it

thank you ;w;
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[personal profile] yrindor 2016-06-23 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm glad you liked it! Sorry I scared you with the warning; I'm familiar with that fic-induced stress walk though. I love Kinjou as the somewhat blunt/firm reassuring type.

Thanks for prompting.