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SASO 2017 Icebreaker: Voice/Text Meme

IB - Voice/Text Meme

Interested in being a part of SASO, but don’t know anyone else who might be participating? Feel like making some new friends who love sports anime just as much as you do? If your answer to either of those questions was “yes,” then we’ve got a meme for you to play in!

To participate, answer any or all of the questions below, either by typing them out into a comment to this post, or by recording your answer and uploading it onto a website like Vocaroo or SoundCloud and then pasting it into a comment to this post. You’re free to answer questions in any way you like, however we ask that you keep your answers appropriate for all ages.

  1. What should we call you?
  2. What got you into sports anime?
  3. What do you love about your favorite sports anime?
  4. Which sports anime moment got you right in the feels?
  5. Have you found a relatable favorite in a sports anime? Who?
  6. What series do you find it difficult/easy to make content for? Why?
  7. Similarly, what series do you like to consume content from? Why?
  8. Lastly, let your fellow SASOers know where they can find you if they want to chat with you!

Once you’ve left a comment with your answers, go check out and reply to your fellow anime fans! Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone who gets just as emotional over that one episode of Haikyuu as you do? We sure hope you do, and we hope you’ll stay tuned throughout the next few weeks for more icebreaker games! (This round ends on May 5.)

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[personal profile] coyoteclaw11 2017-04-30 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
What should we call you?
I generally go by Coyote!

What got you into sports anime?
Free! was my first sports anime. You know when you see an anime's coming out and you're pretty sure it's gonna be so ridiculously bad it'll be funny (at least for an episode or two)? Well, I saw Free! and thought hah an anime about half naked boys splashing around in a pool *snort* thta'll probably just be ridiculously flat and fanservicey. Why not. And then I saw it and I was just so??? Wow. W O W After that, I was more open to checking out other sports anime (and ended finding I really liked them....
though not as much as Free! >u>

What do you love about your favorite sports anime?
God I just?? Well in no particular other than what's the easiest to articulate, Free! is an amazingly beautiful anime. The scenery? Beautiful. The characters? Beautiful. That sparkle in Haru's eyes when he sees something he really likes? REALLY BEAUTIFUL. The next would be the relatability? Haruka's my age and so I could just kind of see my life in the show (though I'm not a swimmer. I don't do sports at all lol just more. The overall feeling??). In that way, seeing the characters face and tackle different challenges in their life sort of made me feel like I could do the same? Next on the list would be the character relationships and interactions. Character interaction is always my main interest in any media, and for me, Free! just hit all the right notes in what I wanna see. We got to see all different kinds of friendship and each character was important to the others in different ways that I feel was very realistic.

Which sports anime moment got you right in the feels?
*describes the entirety of Free! season 1* jkjk haha Seriously though, mmm... I know Rin's "I'll never swim with you again" had my heart stop and left me speechless while Splash Free played joyfully in the background. Also in season 2 when Haru just stopped swimming during the race??? Or when he punched the locker?!?!?!?! But yeah no that s1 scene just. Wow. "This means I'll never swim with you again. Never."

Have you found a relatable favorite in a sports anime? Who?
Oh my god Haruka Nanase is like... me?? I love him like so much. A lot of things I've heard him criticized for as a character are things I just... really relate to. Like he's lazy? Kind of stubborn? Pretty socially awkward? He only ever really has the best intentions tho. He's kind of easily annoyed, and tends to find other people & relationships kind of troublesome, but he also cares for his friends. He's an artist? He's constantly told how talented he is and pushed towards going professional, but it's like the one thing he has. One thing that means the world to him and makes him happy, and he's terrified of losing everything it means for him if he's forced to do it. He also ends up doing said thing professionally because in the end he realizes that is who he is and it is his life, and he'd be far more miserable not doing it. He's also the swoopy haired anime boy I've always wanted to be, so there's that. But yeah, he just means... so much to me as a character. I just kind of wish some people didn't treat him like he's some boring character w/ no personality just because he's more reserved. His feelings and motivations are just as strong and important as any other character's.

What series do you find it difficult/easy to make content for? Why?
W O W I WONDER??? Haha it's Free! obviously. I make it sound like I've never seen another sports anime in my entire life, but I'm just that into Free!. I spent a good few months where I'd draw absolutely nothing but Haru. I'd play drawing games on iscribble (where the challenge is to draw based on a topic within a time limit), and I'd just be like "How do I make this about Haru???" I also specialize in swoopy haired anime boys, so art-wise that's right up my alley.

Oh heck wait I didn't read the whole question. What do I find it hard to make content for? Mmm I don't really draw buff guys or spiky hair much, so any characters with those characteristics present a challenge for me. I also have a difficult time drawing for YowaPeda. I liked watching the show a lot, but I didn't really fall in love with the characters enough to really want to draw them and such.

Similarly, what series do you like to consume content from? Why?
Well y'all already know I'm in absolute love with Haru so Free! is definitely top of the list here. "Oh no I hate seeing art of my fictional boyfriend" c'mon. Free!'s also the only sports anime I've read a noteable amount of fanfic for. Oh heck Yuri on Ice would be on the list now wouldn't it??? Love me some Viktuuri art. Not sure about the fic because I started reading when the series was ongoing and haven't really read since.
I appreciate good Haikyuu!! content though! For reference, on Tumblr, I have 1,164 pages of posts in my Free! tag; 185 pages of yuri!!! on ice (which came out 6 months ago); 187 pages of Haikyuu!!, and like 3 pages of YowaPeda >.>;

Lastly, let your fellow SASOers know where they can find you if they want to chat with you!
[ profile] dirkxcaliborn You can also hmu on Discord if that's your thing! I'm Coyoteclaw11#3439
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Re: o/

[personal profile] arranjar 2017-05-01 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
Your Free!lings resonated with me LOL I totally agree that Haru's not a boring character at all, I find him really nicely written and also relatable in a lot of ways.
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Re: o/

[personal profile] reebeegee 2017-05-03 10:31 pm (UTC)(link)
If you want to read an amazing viktuuri fic that is a beautiful gift from the yoi gods you should read fanboy. But it's not finished yet. It is just. A thing. Of beauty.
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Re: o/

[personal profile] coyoteclaw11 2017-05-04 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
I'll have to check it out :O (but if it ends up dropped, I'll hold you personally accountable =o=)
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Re: o/

[personal profile] reebeegee 2017-05-04 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
i'll probably be so distraught that you'll have to hold it against my dead body tbh :/
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Re: o/

[personal profile] nobetterpicture 2017-05-04 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
gently holds your hand

everything you said about Free I completely understand. and agree. alkjshdflkasjfd 10/10 would read and cry and agree again with you FOREVER

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Re: o/

[personal profile] coyoteclaw11 2017-05-04 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
*clasps hand*

Always ready to cry about Free! lmao