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SASO 2017 Icebreaker: Voice/Text Meme

IB - Voice/Text Meme

Interested in being a part of SASO, but don’t know anyone else who might be participating? Feel like making some new friends who love sports anime just as much as you do? If your answer to either of those questions was “yes,” then we’ve got a meme for you to play in!

To participate, answer any or all of the questions below, either by typing them out into a comment to this post, or by recording your answer and uploading it onto a website like Vocaroo or SoundCloud and then pasting it into a comment to this post. You’re free to answer questions in any way you like, however we ask that you keep your answers appropriate for all ages.

  1. What should we call you?
  2. What got you into sports anime?
  3. What do you love about your favorite sports anime?
  4. Which sports anime moment got you right in the feels?
  5. Have you found a relatable favorite in a sports anime? Who?
  6. What series do you find it difficult/easy to make content for? Why?
  7. Similarly, what series do you like to consume content from? Why?
  8. Lastly, let your fellow SASOers know where they can find you if they want to chat with you!

Once you’ve left a comment with your answers, go check out and reply to your fellow anime fans! Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone who gets just as emotional over that one episode of Haikyuu as you do? We sure hope you do, and we hope you’ll stay tuned throughout the next few weeks for more icebreaker games! (This round ends on May 5.)